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10 Best Jimmy Neutron Characters of All Time [updated 2023]

10 Best Jimmy Neutron Characters of All Time [updated 2023]

The Jimmy Neutron characters franchise was originally created by director/writer/animator/composer/voice actor John A Davis but did not become popular until Nickelodeon created the film Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (2001). The Nickelodeon entertainment channel has been one of the most loveable cartoon networks in the world since it was first launched on April 1, 1979. The media franchise produces many entertainment cartoon series that both children and adults love to watch. 

The 2001 movie spawned a TV series that lasted over a decade until 2013, various video games, and even a theme park in Florida; Jimmy Neutron’s Nicktoon Blast (2003 – 2011). 

Below we will review the charming cast of characters that started it all.

FilmJimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (2001)
TV SeriesThe Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius, Planet Sheen
TV SpecialsThe Jimmy Timmy Power Hour (2004–2006)
Video GamesJimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, Vs. Jimmy Negatron, Jet Fusion, Attack of the Twonkies
Best Known ForNicktoon Blast

List of Jimmy Neutron Characters (December 2023)

1- Jimmy Neutron

Jimmy Neutron

James Isaac Neutron is a 10-year-old boy genius who is famous in his town for his extremely high IQ level of 210. Well, sometimes he faces bullies because of his short height and big head. But apart from his short height and big head, he has fair skin, blue eyes, and an amazing sense of humor. Jimmy is only committed to science, technology, and his crush Cindy Vortex. His catchphrase “Brain blast!” is used whenever he finds a solution to a problem (usually caused by himself).

2- Sheen Estevez

Sheen Estevez

Ramón Juarrea “Sheen” Estevez is the second most popular character and best friend of Jimmy. He is known for his hyperactive short attention span and obsession with the fictional superhero “Ultralord.” Later, he becomes the boyfriend of Libby Folfax.

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3- Carl Wheezer

Carl Wheezer December 2023

Carlton Ulysses Wheezer is another of Jimmy’s close friends. He is allergic to everything (even things that are incapable of triggering allergic reactions). He is passionate about llamas and Jimmy’s Mom, Judy.

4- Cindy Vortex

Cindy Vortex

Cindy Vortex is the blond-haired, green-eyed, tai-chi-practicing cutie who is Jimmy’s female replica. If anyone can play both the arch-rival AND love interest of Jimmy Neutron, she can. She is also best friends with Libby Folfax.

5- Libby Folfax

Libby Folfax

Libby Folfax was probably the sassiest among the Jimmy Neutron characters. Initially, she despised Jimmy’s gang but slowly grew to love them and even became the romantic interest of Sheen Estevez later in the series. She is a dancer that loves funk music, EMO rock, and boy bands.

6- Goddard


In the entertainment series ‘Jimmy Neutron,’ Jimmy portrays the role of a loner boy who feels misunderstood even after having a lot of friends. What’s a genius to do when he feels like no one understands him? Create a perfect four-legged robot friend, of course! That’s why one night, he decided to invent Goddard. Goddard is a loyal robot dog that accompanies Jimmy everywhere – he is even programmed to locate Jimmy when called via phone.

7- Hugh Neutron

Hugh Neutron

Hugh Beaumont Neutron is Jimmy’s clueless but good-natured father. He works at an automotive assembly plant. He cares for his family like a father should although sometimes he acts like an idiot and ruins everything. He is named after the late American actor Hugh Beaumont (1910 – 1982) who played Ward Cleaver in Leave It to Beaver.

8- Judy Neutron

Judy Neutron

One thing is for sure, Jimmy’s smart genes have come from one of his parents, his mother, Judy Neutron. The homemaker and baker is a supermom who always loves to be involved in her son’s inventions. She is famous for her smart humor, cute personality, and 1950s bangs.

9- Bolbi Stroganovsky

Bolbi Stroganovsky

Bolbi is not considered one of the main characters of Jimmy Neutron, but still, we decided to list this adorable personality on our list because of the audience ratings. He is famous as a foreign-exchange student who does not understand English. Because what is more endearing than a foreign-exchange student with a limited understanding of English? 

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10- Miss Fowl

Miss Fowl December 2023

Jimmy Neutron’s teacher Miss Winfred Fowl is one of the most hateable and loveable personalities at the same time. She is notorious for sounding like a chicken squawking when she talks. What a fitting name for this character!

Jimmy NeutronThe Main Hero
Sheen EstevezJimmy Neutron's closest best friend
Carl WheezerJimmy’s Kind Friend
Cindy VortexGirlfriend
Libby FolfaxCindy's best friend
GoddardJimmy’s Hi-tech Dog
Hugh NeutronJimmy’s Father
Judy NeutronJimmy’s Mother
Bolbi Strogonovskysupporting character from The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron
Miss FowlJimmy’s Teacher

Who were the voice actors behind the Jimmy Neutron characters?

CharacterVoiced by
Jimmy NeutronDebi Derryberry
Sheen EstevezJeffrey Garcia
Carl WheezerRob Paulsen
Cindy VortexCarolyn Lawrence
Libby FolfaxCrystal Scales
GoddardFrank Welker
Hugh NeutronMark DeCarlo
Judy NeutronMegan Cavanagh
Bolbi StroganovskyPhil LaMarr
Miss FowlAndrea Martin

The bottom line!

We’ve discussed all the ‘need-to-knows’ on the mega-popular Jimmy Neutron characters. No doubt, Jimmy Neutron is one of the best cartoon series of Nickelodeon which spawned several franchises because of its popularity – arguably just as popular (if not more) than the top 30 cute Anime Boys of all time. Would it be too unreasonable to expect a reboot in the future? 

Frequently Asked Questions About Jimmy Neutron Cast

Q. Why was Jimmy Neutron Canceled?

A. The production costs could no longer be justified by the viewership.

Q. Which Jimmy Neutron character are you?

A. Jimmy Neutron Characters are so relatable to real life. If you think you are hyperactive with ADD, Sheen will surely be the best for you. However, if you are a music nerd, Libby probably suits you better.

Q. Is Jimmy Neutron Streaming on Netflix?

A. Yes, of course! Jimmy Neutron - Boy Genius (2001) is available on Netflix

Q. Who is Jimmy Neutron’s girlfriend?

A. Yes! Cynthia "Cindy" Aurora Vortex, also known as Cindy Aurora Vortex, is Jimmy Neutron's appealing and lovely girlfriend.

Q. Does Jimmy Neutron marry Cindy?

A. Cindy Aurora Vortex is Jimmy Neutron's appealing and lovely girlfriend. There's no episode where we see that they both get married.

Q. What is Jimmy Neutrons IQ?

A. Currently, Jimmy Neutron declares that his IQ is 210. The max likely IQ is 200.

Q. Who were Jimmy Neutron friends?

A. Carl Wheezer, Cindy Vortex, Danny Phantom, Goddard, Bolbi, and Sheen are Jimmy Neutron's best friends.

Q: Who did the voice of Jimmy Neutron?

A: Jimmy Neutron voice is played by the famous voice actor Debi Derryberry.

Q: What is Jimmy Neutron Brain Blast?

A: "Brain blast!" was one of Jimmy's catchphrases - exclaimed whenever he found a solution to a problem.

Q: What is the name of the Jimmy Neutron game?

A: Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (2001). Jimmy Neutron vs. Jimmy Negatron (2002). The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius: Jet Fusion (2003). The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius: Attack of the Twonkies (2004)

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