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Top 10 Richest & Educated Rappers With College Degrees

Top 10 Richest & Educated Rappers With College Degrees

Richest and Educated Rappers: Do you think education has any link with music? Or do you consider the musicians and singers less educated or uneducated? If so then you are at the wrong thought because we know some educated rappers who earned a lot of fame without compromising their education.

Education is the basic thing for polishing the skills of a person. Here are mentioned top most educated rappers with a college degree.

List of 10 Most Educated Rappers Who Went To College And Earned Degrees (Updated 2024)

1) Tracey Lee

(Howard University & SULC)

Net Worth Approximately: $1 Million – $5 Million


Tracey Lee Net Worth

A famous American hip-hopper, music director, and rapper Tracey Lee was born on 22 October 1970. He is been famous for his song “The Theme (its Party Time), which was a hit of its time(1997). Tracey graduated from Howard University in Communication Sciences and received his doctorate in Juris from Southern University Law Center. He not only studied law but practiced it along with his music career.

2) David Banner

(Southern University & UMES)

Net Worth Approximately: $12 Million


David Banner’s Net Worth

David Banner’s real-life name is Lavell William Crump who born on 11 April 1974. He is a famous American rapper, music director, philanthropist, and activist by profession. David Banner did his bachelor’s degree from Southern University and did his master’s in Education from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore.

3) Ludacris

(Georgia State University)

Net Worth Approximately: $50 Million


Ludacris Net Worth

Born on 11 September 1977, Ludacris is leading his career as an American rapper and actor. In 1995 he graduated from Banneker High School, Georgia. Then his love for music brings him to Georgia State University where he studied music management from 1998 to 1999

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4) Sean “Diddy” Combs

(Howard University)

Net Worth Approximately: $740 Million


Sean Combs Net Worth

Also known as Puff Daddy, Diddy, Puffy, or P.Diddy is a multi-talented American artist working as a songwriter, record producer, singer, actor, record executive, and rapper. He was born on 4 November 1969, graduated in 1987 from Roman Catholic Academy namely Mount Saint Michael Academy. He studied business at Howard University but left the studies for some reason then he returned to the university for doing a Doctorate in humanities in 2014.

5) Lil’ Wayne

(University of Houston & University of Phoenix)

Net Worth Approximately: $150 Million

Lil’ Wayne Net Worth

Lil’ Wayne’s Net Worth

Lil Wayne is the professional name of Dwayne Michael Carter Jr, who was born on 27 September 1982. He is an American rapper who writes his songs on his own and equally talented as an actor. Carter was doing honors from McMain Magnet School but to make his career in music he left the school at the age of 14.

6) Kanye West

(Chicago State University)

Net Worth Approximately: $1 billion

Kanye West Net Worth

Kanye West Net Worth

He’s not only an American singer, rapper, and songwriter but also a fashion designer. This multi-talented man was born on 8 June 1977. After completing his graduation from high school in Chicago he attended the American Academy of Art through a scholarship in 1997. Then he went to Chicago State University for studying English but left it because he thinks it was an obstacle in his career.

Kayne West has recently got the most number of nominees at BET awards 2022 which will air on Oct 9, 2022.

7) Common

(Florida A&M University)

Net Worth Approximately: $45 million

Common Net Worth

Common Net Worth

Common is the professional name, his original name is Lonnie Corant Jaman Shuka Rashid Lynn. He is an American rapper, writer, actor, and activist. Lynn studied at Florida A&M University on a scholarship for two years. His major was business administration.

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8) Talib Kweli

(New York University)

Net Worth Approximately: $4 Million

Talib Kweli Net Worth

Talib Kweli’s Net Worth

Talib Kweli was born on 3 October 1975, famous as an American rapper. He earned his primary education in a boarding school name Cheshire Academy in Connecticut. Then he studied experimental theater at New York University.

9) Rick Ross

(Albany State University)

Net Worth Approximately: $45 million

Rick Ross Net Worth

Rick Ross Net Worth

Rick Ross is the stage name while his real name is William Leonard Roberts ll. He is an American rapper who writes his songs and also is record executive. He did his graduation from Miami Carol City Senior High School. Then on a football scholarship, he went to historically black college Albany State University.

10) Flavor Flav

(Adelphi University)

Net Worth Approximately: $2 million

Flavor Flav Net Worth

Flavor Flav Net Worth

His real name is William Jinathan Drayton Jr and was born on 16 March 1959. He is famous as an American rapper but he also showed his talent as an actor and a reality television personality. He founded Public Enemy which is a hip-hop group of which he is a member also. He joined culinary school and then graduated from Adelphi University on Lon Island.

The World’s Richest Rappers in 2024 (Updated Net Worth List)

RappersNet WorthEducation
Tracey Lee$1 Million - 5 Million‣ Graduation in Communication Sciences, Howard University
‣ Doctorate in Juris, Southern University Law Center
David Banner$12 Million‣ Business Major, Bachelor’s degree, Southern University
‣ Masters in Education, University of Maryland Eastern Shore.
Ludacris$30 Million‣ Graduation, Banneker High School, Georgia
‣ Music Management, Georgia State University
Sean “Diddy” Combs$900 Million‣ Graduation, Mount Saint Michael Academy
‣ Business, Howard University
‣ Doctorate in humanities, Howard University
Lil Wayne$150 million‣ Psychology, University of Houston & University of Phoenix (Online Classes)
Kanye West$6.6 billion‣ Graduation, High School Chicago
‣ American Academy of Art
Common$45 Million‣ Business Administration, Florida A&M university
Talib Kweli$4 Million‣ Primary education, Cheshire Academy Connecticut.
‣ Experimental theater, New York University.
Rick Ross$45 million‣ Graduation Miami Carol City Senior High School.
‣ historically black college Albany State University.
Flavor Flav$2 Million‣ Culinary Arts Graduation, Adelphi University on Lon Island

So, who’s your favorite rapper from this educated rapper list mentioned above? Leave a comment below.

John Meunier

Wednesday 27th of July 2022

No one raps better than Lil Wayne Most successful musician of all Music Genres in the World Tracey Lee is the Number One tho. . .

John Mori

Thursday 5th of November 2020

I really don't have any idea why whenever some rapper comes in to my mind I have an image of some illiterate person with shaggy looks but i am really surprised to find that these rappers are really educated and that too from well know universities.