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30 Best ‘Thank You Coronavirus Helpers’ Videos on YouTube

30 Best ‘Thank You Coronavirus Helpers’ Videos on YouTube

The coronavirus is an abrupt infection that served as a stark reminder that, no matter how big the world is or how far aside a city, town, or region may be, we’re all a lot more interconnected and united than we realize. While this is a sobering (and somewhat frightening) realization, it has also demonstrated that it is in this interconnectedness and interconnectedness that we find our most profound strengths. The way normal citizens and the world’s richest companies have battled with the backlash and come up with each other to sustain each other has been inspiring.

We owe a tremendous amount of gratitude to the medical personnel fighting this deadly virus on the front lines. And there have been so many wonderful examples of individuals and organizations expressing their support for these warriors that it has been difficult to narrow this down to a shortlist.

Thank you to all coronavirus helpers – Youtube Videos You Must Watch

During the corona-virus global epidemic, there has been an overwhelming emotional response for medical professionals and other critical warriors. From London to Barcelona, Spain, to New York, people take to the streets to support front-line workers.

However, people also express their heartfelt gratitude through video messages of thanks that touch viewers’ hearts. Whether it’s praising hospital workers from afar or showing support for farmworkers who keep the world fed, the YouTube generation is making sure their messages are heard and felt.

Here are some of the most touching video tributes to vital personnel — the unsung heroes of the COVID-19 emergency.

1. Surprise serenade

When two neighbors saddle up to a violin and a cello for an incredible performance of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” in front of the shocked medical worker’s house, a Massachusetts nurse is overcome with emotion — and you will be, too.

2. Fake TV doctors salute real-world doctors

Former “House” actress Olivia Wilde and other broadcasting docs congratulated medical personnel fighting the coronavirus emergency in real life in a video orchestrated by her. Among those taking part are “Scrubs” stars Zach Braff and Donald Faison, “Gray’s Anatomy” star Patrick Dempsey, and “Doogie Howser, MD” star Neil Patrick Harris

3. Caravan of thanks

Residents in the vicinity of Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington, DC, applauded, honked car horns, and otherwise took to the streets on April 10 to honor first responders, restaurant workers, and medical center staff. “That was so incredible,” a masked hospital worker says in the video. “It was the most emotional thing I’ve ever had.”

4. Senior salute

Seniors at a Kentucky nursing home send a message of optimism to those much younger than them who are fighting COVID-19. They claim to have survived the Great Depression, world wars, and other calamities, and they offer a unified message for the younger generation’s battle: “You will win.”

5. Big thanks

Nicole Kidman, the daughter of a nurse, lends her public backing to front-line workers in “Big Little Lies.” “I’ve spent my entire life watching nurses at work.” When I was a little girl, I used to stay out at the hospital,” says Kidman, 52, a global ambassador for Swisse, a health and wellness company. “It’s important for me to appreciate all of you for your bravery and selflessness in what you’re doing, especially at this time.” We know who you are, and we adore you. Thank you very much.”

6. You better believe

Even if you’re not a Journey fan, the sight and sound of New York-Presbyterian Queens Hospital employees blasting the rock band’s hit song “Don’t Stop Believin'” as recoverable coronavirus patients are discharged from the Flushing facility will leave you speechless.

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7. Thank U Frontline

During the nearly five-minute video, singer-songwriter Chris Mann borrows the music from Alanis Morissette’s “Thank U” and offers new lyrics of gratitude to indispensable workers as images of first emergency personnel, grocery clerks, and truck drivers, janitors, mail carriers, and others flash by. “How about we take this time to salute the front line?” he sings. “How about preferring others who are unable to stay in their homes?”

8. Cue applause

The New York Police Department members started to gather outside the Hospital for Special Surgery on April 9 to applaud the “heroes” inside the Upper East Side facility. “We are deeply saluted for this outpouring of love,” the hospital says through this visual message.

9. Saluting their own

Two workers at New Jersey’s RWJBarnabas Health Community Medical Center were infected with COVID-19, but they survived — and they were greeted with a hearty “clap” as they were discharged.

We are grateful to all health professionals who give of themselves so selflessly to others. You are true heroes who deserve to be recognized. Adore and blessings to everyone. Stay safe, and please know that we’re thinking of you.

10. We will get you home

Nick Brown, 38, a Cleveland Clinic patient, was one of Ohio’s first COVID-19 cases. When his condition worsened, he was placed on a ventilator, but hospital staff rallied around him, leaving messages on his room’s glass door, like one that read, “We will get you home.” Brown lavishes aims and praises on his protection in the video clip. “I don’t think I’ve ever met such selfless people.” “I saw God’s love shining through these people,” says the husband and father of two daughters. “I feel, I’ve been given a second life.”

11. Hooray for helpers

Massachusetts filmmaker Michael Gilbert created this highlight reel of news stories depicting “random acts of corona kindness” and “neighbor helping neighbor.” The video encourages viewers to “look for the helpers” and includes footage of the New England Patriots distributing 300,000 N95 masks to medical personnel and a sentimental sendoff for a patient who was praised by medical personnel as she was being discharged from a hospital.

12. A whole new ballgame

Pete Alonso, first baseman for the New York Mets, sends a surprise message to five front-line first responders, thanking them “for keeping anyone and everyone healthy and protecting everybody.” The video has been viewed over 107,000 times since it was posted on Major League Baseball’s social media accounts on March 25. On April 3, Alonso also tweeted to fans, saying, “Can’t wait to hear all of you cheer your lungs out! “Shake that stadium!”

13. Kids’ message

Adorable youngsters sing a chorus of praise for the “awesome” people working in the trenches. The time messages of support start happening in their living area, backyards, bedrooms, and on a bouncy outdoor castle in one case.

14. Boston strong

In this touching message, more than hundreds of survivors of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing offer a tag-team message of thanks and support. Marc Fucarile, who lost his right leg and was admitted to hospital for 100 days, and Jeff Bauman, who lost a leg and was pictured by Jake Gyllenhaal in the 2017 film “Stronger” about his recovery, are among the presenters.

15. Heroic Hurrah

The University of Chicago Medicine uses a 212-minute video to thank people from all over the country for their letters and artwork, including children’s drawings. The messages from California, Washington State, Nebraska, and other states encourage medical professionals to “stay strong” and “stay safe,” with plenty of thanks to spare. “Thank you for putting yourself in harm’s way to save others and the public,” one message says. “This is what being a hero entails.”

16. Lizzo’s Gratitude Video

Lizzo surprised hospital staff with meals and heartwarming videos, saying thank them for combating the coronavirus from the front lines.

We wanted to thank everyone on the front lines who keep our friends and family safe and comfortable in your care! You are truly a blessing from God.

17. Sweet Reminders Can Be Noticed at Morristown Medical Center

Sweet Reminders Indeed is observed at Morristown Medical Center. There are sweet messages written all over Morristown Medical Center in Morristown, N.J., for hospital workers arriving and leaving work, thanking doctors, nurses, and staff for everything they do.

18. Boris Johnson’s Thanks to NHS

Making his return from the hospital for coronavirus cure, U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson expressed heartfelt gratitude to the National Health Service and specifically thanked two of his nurses.

Thank you so much to all of the front-line workers for everything you’re doing at that time of need. You are a true inspiration to me and, I am sure, to several other med students who aspire to be like you. You risk your health just for the sake of your society, and you are valued more than you realize! Keep yourself safe.

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19. Extreme Gratitude on the Part of the Patient in Wuhan China

In Wuhan, China, a recoverable COVID-19 patient knelt to applaud her medical team for keeping her alive. All of you are angels. God bless everyone and thank you for everything you’re doing. We are desperately hoping for everyone.

20. Europeans Rejoice

New Yorkers aren’t the ones who express their appreciation vociferously. Residents in many European cities fell in line, clapping and applauding their front-line and vital workers. Thank you for putting in so much effort during this pandemic. I appreciate that you are putting your health at risk to help our community. I’ll be staying at home to do my part. I wish you relax and calm amid the storm.

21. Google Expresses Appreciation

Google created a video based on what people are looking for to salute and assist healthcare workers.

Thank you and all the other caregivers for your service on the front lines during these difficult times! God bless you all.

22. Children Express Their Emotions through Song

SOS from the Kids composed and performed a touching song in honor of essential workers. You have my full support and heartfelt gratitude for everything you do. We are extremely thankful for all of the sacrifices you and your kin have made.

23. Unsung Heroes: A Tribute

Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear scrubs. We are here to help you. Thank you for being available to us. We are extremely grateful for your assistance. We know how fortunate we are to have you. Salute you for everything that you do for our world.

24. Thank you, Nurses, Healthcare Workers | Covid Warriors – Atlas MedStaff

Thank you, angels, for your efforts. You’ve been dealt a bad hand and put through a grueling test. You remain strong and true to your loving touch. You are greatly appreciated for all that you make Light and love. You stay committed to serving every day. You are among the best and bravest. Your selfless service to the larger community is assisting us all in getting through these difficult times. Your unwavering efforts are not unnoticed.

25. A Thank You to all Essential Workers – Altasciences

Altasciences appreciates the many people who are working diligently for a better tomorrow during these uncertain times. We want to express our gratitude to those who provide safety. Who protects us who ensure access to food and essential supplies who contribute to the discovery of treatments or cures. THANK YOU SO MUCH? We have hope for the future because of you. We know there is a light at the end of the tunnel because of you.

26. Thank you to the COVID-19 Health Care Heroes

The dedicated healthcare workers are there for all of us. We can be there for them. We are convinced that the kindest souls are those who go about their everyday affairs while the world spins like a maddening dreidel.

27. Free COVID Warriors Thank You signs go national

Signs made by the Kernersville print shop to thank essential workers on the front line of COVID-19 are popping up all over the country.

Our legends are those who put their lives in danger every day to safeguard our planet and make a better world to live in.

28. Thank you for not giving up Covid Warriors

We’re shining a spotlight on the Covid Warriors who provide healthcare despite the challenging circumstances in the wake of battling the Coronavirus disease. #Healthcare workers of the Yashoda family are on the front lines, and amidst this crisis, our Care team works hard to ensure that all patients recover faster. We express our gratitude to the real heroes for making a difference and their sacrifices during this #pandemic. Thank you for everything that you do every day.

29. Coronavirus warriors (Covid-19 real hero/fighters) poster drawing with oil pastel

In this video, I show you “Coronavirus warriors (covid-19 real hero/fighters) poster drawing with oil pastel.

Heroes are those who, despite the power of the situation, act with real noble motivations and behave in a manner that does not denigrate others when they could easily do so.

30. Thank You Healthcare Workers- Steinberg Law Firm

As the world steps back, you step forward. Thank you to all the healthcare workers serving on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. You protect us. Let us protect you.

When we express our gratitude, we must remember that the highest form of gratitude is not to say the words but to live for them.

Conclusion – Some Gratitude from us for our heroes

You are our SUPERHERO! Thank you for the hours and hours and selfless sacrifice you make every day for our community’s safety and health. We hope and pray for your protection and the protection of your colleagues, patients, and families at home. Maintain your faith, and you might even find otherworldly strength and power to get through this crisis.

Frequently Asked Questions about Coronavirus

Q. What is coronavirus?

A. COVID-19 is an awful life-threatening disease - mainly an infection transmitted by covid patients that cause short breath problem and is contagious. COVID-19 now has spread all over the world, including the USA. Coronavirus when first infected no one was aware of this disease scientists started to research and study the facts resulting from this virus.

Q. What are the Symptoms of covid-19?

A. The symptoms of coronavirus quite resemble other seasons' respiratory viruses” such as "the flu." Fever, muscle aches, cough, short breathing, tastelessness, and lack of smell are the most usual.

Q. How Is Coronavirus transfers?

A. This horrible virus spreads in the same way that other respiratory viruses do: when any person breaths in and if there is any corona infected person or virus in the air around breathed out in the form of liquid transfers into another person through his/her inhaling. You have to maintain a distance of at least six to seven feet from corona infected patient. You can also contract the germs if you touch that place where the corona patient has exhaled or thrown his infected saliva.

Q. What is quarantine?

A. Restriction of healthy people's activities for a period determined by competent medical authorities

Q. How can I be protected from coronavirus?

A. You can protect yourself from the coronavirus by being vaccinated and following precautions from doctors.

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