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Who is Denki Kaminari? All About Stun Gun Hero

Who is Denki Kaminari? All About Stun Gun Hero

A Chargebolt Denki Kaminari is the protagonist in My Hero Academia, a Japanese movie back in 2014. Furthermore, he was a protagonist in an anime movie back in 2016. Denki is best known for his appearances in animated movies named Two heroes and Heroes Rising.

Denki Kaminari

Denki rose into prominence and acquired media heap from his brilliant performance as a sharp, quirk-minded character in My Heroes Academia. Additionally, viewers got attracted by Denki Kaminari fanart which is also the reason for his fame.

Early Life

Denki Kaminari survived on June 29 somewhere in Saitama Prefecture. As of now, his age is 16 years old. However, there is no information about Denki’s father. Well! We didn’t have any information related to Denki Kaminari mom either. But, it’s amazing to know that he is a class A-1 student at U. A High School.

Real NameKaminari Denki
Known AsDenki Kaminari
BirthdayJune 29th
BirthplaceSaitama Prefecture

Physical Appearance

Denki Kaminari height is 5 ft (1.52 m) and 6 inches (ca. 15 cm). Squealing about Denki’s personality traits, he holds white ethnicity and has a golden pair of eyes. Furthermore, he has light black streaks of bolt-shaped hair. These things made Denki Kaminari cute and a dashing man. Denki has a scar of injury on his forehead that is the result of Mr. Compress’s attack.

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Height5 feet 6 inches
Weight112 lbs
Hair ColorBlonde
Eyes ColorGold

Denki Kaminari Fanart & Achievements

Denki Kaminari has made his name in the world due to his brilliant and enthusiastic performance. Denki movies and animated shows are Heroes Rising and Two Heroes. The Denki Kaminari fanart is also adored by millions of people. Furthermore, Denki rose into prominence and got the spotlight from his protagonist and energetic role in the Japanese movie My Hero Mania back in 2014.

Denki Kaminari Fanart

Denki Kaminari Fanart

Denki Kaminari Fanart

Denki Kaminari Fanart

Denki Kaminari Fanart

It is also a fun fact to know that Denki holds such a great aptitude and abilities to shine like a pro. From power to smartness, he is good at performing in almost every sphere. Below, is a rough estimate of his capabilities.

Power3/5 C
Speed3/5 C
Technique4/5 B
Intelligence1/5 E
Cooperativeness5/5 A

Personal Life 

Denki is one of the cutest Anime Boys of all time. He is named as a flirty student toward every girl in his school. He is a smooth talker to traps the girls, but his schemes didn’t work at all. Currently, according to some rumors, the information about Denki Kaminari is still under review.

Personal Life of Denki Kaminari

Some Lesser Known Facts

  • Denki has a quirk suit that allows him to blast electricity all over the world. Furthermore, he has a double-edged sword that helps him launch attacks on even those who are standing close to him.
  • Denki’s friends got slain in a blast due to his lack of confidence and combat power control. Additionally, this made him a disorganized character among others.
  • To get better control of swords and quirk, Denki moved toward the UA’s department girl Mei Hatsume. Furthermore, Mei helps Denki make gadgets and control combat powers.
  • The bustling character Denki is a flirty guy who never hesitates to interact with cute girls. Furthermore, this aspect helps him earn stunning stats in Ultra Analysis
  • Denki Kaminari is among one those students who suffer from low academic performance. Furthermore, they perform poorly in front of bright students like Tenya Lida. Additionally, he also requires help from brilliant academic students.
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Final Thoughts

Denki Kaminari has become the king of people’s hearts due to his brilliant performance in the animated series. Furthermore, he pursued his acting career and earned a lot of fame. His quirk, sharp-minded and energetic character is the reason that people got attracted to this character. Denki Kaminari fanart is also admired by millions of people. Furthermore, we can also keep you updated about Denki Kaminari to see what types of movies he is working on now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Denki Kaminari have any crush?

A. Denki Kaminari has a secret crush on the musical mastery girl Kyoka. Additionally, Denki and Kyoka are generous friends and they both are paired together in Unforeseen Simulation and Battle Trial.

Q: What is the age of Denki Kaminari?

A. Denki Kaminari's birthday is June 29 somewhere in Saitama Prefecture. So, Denki Kaminari's age is 16 years. Denki celebrates his birthday every time on 29 June with his family members.

Q. What is the name by which Denki calls Bakugo?

A. Denki Kaminari is known for his best humorous character. Additionally, he calls Bakugo “Kacchan” as a joke or to tease him. This thing amplifies that Denki is a powerful and fearless boy.

Q. Does Denki suffer from ADHD?

A. Denki Kaminari got his energy from electricity, which helps make him an incredible and smart celebrity. Additionally, by using electricity and other powers, Denki suffers from ADHD which leads to his poor academic performance.

Q. Is there any fight scene between Bakugo and Denki?

A. In the Japanese movie, My hero Academia Denki and Bakugo have fought each other twice. Furthermore, in this combat, Bakugo got the victory against Denki.

Jamie Harlow

Wednesday 29th of June 2022

Denki Kaminari is one of my favourite and cutest characters. In short, he's human Pikachu! Anyway nice information