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Who is DripReport? Everything You Need To Know

Who is DripReport? Everything You Need To Know

DripReport is one of the rising artists, who earned fame in only one night after releasing his solo DripReport Skechers.

The song Skechers got famous on TikTok. On the TikTok application, there are twenty million-plus videos, and we are counting more. Also, many famous TikTok stars, actors, and actresses made TikToks on this song, which helped DripReport to earn fame very quickly. However, if you want to know about who is DripReport, net worth, family, and more, you are standing in the right place right now.

In our last post, we shared the biography of the worldwide famous Edward Holcroft. And in this post, we are here to share everything that you all wanted to know about DripReport. Here you will discover his age and many other things that are close to him. Let’s start.


What’s DripReport’s Real Name?

The worldwide famous artist DripReport is currently keeping his life extremely private. There is no news about his real name, date of birth, or any other thing that should be in the public eye. However, we respect his decision to stay private.

All About DripReport

Real NameNot Known
ProfessionMusic Artist
Net Worth$100k
Famous ForSkechers song
Career began2019
PlatformsYouTube, SoundCloud, and Spotify
Indian versions of songs Lil Nas X and XXXTentacion
Last Updated2024
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DripReport Instagram has 100k plus followers. On his feed, he usually uploads remixes of English to Hindi songs. You can also follow him via clicking on DripReport’s Instagram.


DripReport is an Indian artist who got overnight fame after releasing his solo song called Skechers (as we mentioned above). However, DripReport’s birthplace is India. And his nationality is also Indian. But, currently, his hometown is in the USA.

Career Highlights

Since 2019, DripReport is covering and posting many remixes on his Instagram profile. However, his first video that went viral was Panini by Lil Nas x in Hindi version. And after a year, in 2020, he released his Skechers. Since then, DripReport is worldwide famous. Also, currently, he is working on his next cover, whose name is unknown.


As we mentioned in the above-written post, Skechers was the first solo by DripReport. Also, he earned overnight fame on TikTok with over twenty million plus TikToks. And, the song’s official music video has 61 million-plus views on YouTube. Also, this song has 100 million-plus streams on the Spotify application. Skechers have also climbed on the #1 billboard many times in a row.

DripReport has also done a Skechers song challenge. In that challenge, fans around the globe have to make a cool video on this track and share it with a hashtag. After that, DripReport will feature you on his Instagram profile. Under one video, DripReports said, “So grateful for the ongoing success of our first iconic original track. We came so far the past year turning into a whole family. I’m happy I can make you guys smile and have fun during these tough times. Stay positive and stay safe! It only gets better from here!”

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Net Worth Insights

According to the official January 2024 reports, the estimated DripReport net worth is around $1000. The estimation of his net worth comes from the music platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, And Instagram.

Educational Insights

DripReports’ educational background is also still unknown.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who Is DripReport Girlfriend?

A: The name of DripReport's girlfriend is still unknown.

Q: Does DripReport Have Any Kids?

A: Reports about DripReport are also unknown.

Q: How Many Followers Does DripReport Have On His Instagram?

A: DripReport has more than 100k followers on its Instagram.

Q: What’s DripReport Skechers Lyrics?

A: If you want to know the lyrics of this song, you can get it on youtube or any site. Just type DripReport Skechers Lyrics in the search bar.

Q: What’s DripReport Date Of Birth?

A: DripReport date of birth is still under investigation.

Social Media Profiles

PlatformProfile Links
InstagramFollow DripReport on Instagram
YoutubeWatch DripReport Videos on YouTube
TwitterFollow DripReport on Twitter
FacebookFollow DripReport on Facebook
TikTokFollow DripReport on Tiktok
IMDbFind DripReport on IMDb
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SpotifyDripReport on Spotify
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Wrap Up!

Indeed, DripReport is one of the talented artists that should have worldwide attention on the go. However, if you are also one of his die heart fans, you must know how bad it feels when you try to find an authentic site to find the right information about him, but can’t get the right information.

We know how bad it feels, that’s why today’s biography was about DripReport. In this biography, we have told you almost everything that you all wanted to know about DripReport. Here we have told you about the DripReport family, net worth, and many other things that are close to him. We hope that we have covered every point about him. Also, we hope that you all have read this biography attentively until now.

Sara T.

Friday 16th of December 2022

Dripreport is so good! I wish I can make a song with him. In that new song that was released a couple days ago. I am black, Indian, Yemen (arab), and Ethiopian (African) Honestly, I have been listening to Dripreport for years. He went from being the meme, to being the dream!

Cobb T.

Thursday 28th of July 2022

I love DripReport, he's so talented!