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Top 10 Funniest Deleted Scenes From Comedies

Top 10 Funniest Deleted Scenes From Comedies

The term “Cutting Your Babies” has been a hard job in the entertainment sphere since the early 90s. The process represents how tough it is to choose which scene is the best and which wins the game to get into the film.

However, sometimes directors make mistakes by discarding comedy gems from their movies that could have entertained the audience more in a really better way.

And today, we will rank the top ten funniest deleted scenes in comedies that you would love to take a look at! Read onwards.

List Of The Funniest Discarded Scenes In Comedies

Below we have jotted down some best-deleted scenes from comedies. Take a look.

#1: Shockingly, Regina’s Hilarious Redemption Didn’t Make It To Mean Girls

“Mean Girls” has always been the favorite teen drama among the American audience for the balance it maintains in terms of comedy, dark humor, and grown-up scenes. But after discovering the scene that we have attached below, you can simply estimate how much the series could get better if the editors kept these settings included.

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#2: Remember “Step Brothers”? Have A Look At Its Funny Deleted Present Scene Now

In the early 90s season, Adam McKay and Will Ferrell flicks were the actual gold mines that entertained millions of people internationally. Well! The main reason why their films grabbed attention was simply the humor both actors showed off in every scene. But still, somehow, the editing team discarded their “Each Present” scene, which is now attracting their fans again via YouTube. Have a look:

#3: We Are Still Confused Why “Trainwreck” Ending Didn’t Happen This Way

Trainwreck is another film from the early 90s season, which was all about humor. The best thing about why this flick gathered fame was the double dates happening throughout the movie. But unfortunately, the deleted ending is way better than the one audience had to experience back then.

Click on the video below and watch how remarkable the last scene was as compared to the added setting in the movie:

#4: Here Comes The Glory Of The Early American Movie Industry “Anchorman”

Before diving into the discarded scene, we would love to appreciate how amazing the whole movie was. Whether the audience wanted to experience drama, comedy, or dark humor, the actors always filled their requirements with exceptional entertaining skills and looks.

Anyways, talking about the scene – It was all-four casters driving on the streets when Ron Burgundy showed up with witty humor and told the other guys to “Not Ignore Him.”

#5: Take A Look At This “Scary Movie” Deleted Treadmill Gag Scene

From time to time, the Scary Movie franchise has brought the best entertainment projects to the industry. BUT! The first part is unarguably the best as everything, including costumes, was well-designed and imposing.

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Anyways, in 2017, a deleted scene went public in which Carmen Electra took a cardio break while running from Ghostface. The clip will turn out more interesting when the masked guy performs the same thing and fails miserably. Have a look:

#6: Imagine How “Blades Of Glory” Would Have Been If This Scene Had Been Included

We agree this scene sounds a bit bad in terms of “Being In The Film,” but as far as we are talking about the best-deleted scenes from COMEDIES, this typical fashion of these buddies (Will Ferrell/Jon Heder) could literally amaze the audience. Just take a look at how they both could treat us with a terrible song but a committed vocal:

#7: How Can We Forget Adding “Austin Powers” to The Henchman’s Family Discarded Scene?

“Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery” was a whole bundle of joy. And for those who don’t know, the film was about a henchman flattened by Austin – a guy who might sound mysterious for a moment, but the second time around, he is an ordinary sweet man who will never let you know what’s going on.

Below we have attached its deleted scene. Take a look:

#8: What We Do In The Shadows Got Something Special To Serve

“What We Do In The Shadows” has always been known for having a wide range of comedy scenes, for which we can understand why the team editors ended up discarding the milestone. In the scene, the ancient vampire is teaching a human why not to date old people while being an oldie himself.

#9: Here Arrives The Funny Movie Pitch By Charlie In “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”

“It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” scene when Charlie shows off his movie pitch to Mac is indeed the best-deleted scene from a comedy film, which hits harder when Mac’s response goes from “are you talking about yourself?” to “Uhhggg.” Check out the full video below:

#10: Paul Rudd’s “I Love You, Man” Deleted Scene

Last but not least, here comes one of the best comedies on the list, where Paul Rudd is hardly trying to make new friends in “I Love You, Man.” Check out this most satisfactory scene of a comedy set by clicking on the video below!

Summing Up!

So, these were the top ten funniest deleted scenes in comedies (ranked) that should have been part of the listed masterpieces. We hope that the scenes we assembled entertained you guys well!

Which of these deleted scenes from comedies is the most hilarious? We’d love to hear what you think in the comments.