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Game of Thrones Cast Net Worth in 2022: Who’s The Richest?

Game of Thrones Cast Net Worth in 2022: Who’s The Richest?

Game of Thrones ruled our hearts and tv screens for over a decade. An iconic and most followed tv series of our times ended on a controversial note. Millions of GOT fans were disappointed with Khaleesi’s death and the self-exile of John Snow to Westeros. Winter is over, and so is their watch, but our love for the game of throne cast has not ended. What is our favorite game of thrones stars up to these days, and are they living their usual lavish lives? Let’s dive into the actual lifestyles and earnings of Straks, Targarians, and Lannisters.

Here’s The Net Worth of The ‘Game of Thrones’ Main Cast

Below you will discover who is the richest cast member of Game Of Thrones. Read on!

1. Kit Harington Net Worth

Kit Harrington Net Worth

Kit Harrington Net Worth

Jon Snow was one of the most loved characters of Game of Thrones. Kit Harrington did complete justice to the writer’s narrative and gave a stellar performance. He won the admiration of both GOT devotees and fellow actors in the film fraternity. Outside the showbiz domain, Kit leads a simple life. Kit Harrington is a descendant of the British Royal Family, but his parents are not wealthy. He and his wife, Rose Leslie (also his co-star in GOT), recently had a baby boy. They rarely made appearances on awards or social gatherings. Yet both the actors have successful acting careers.

Kit Harington made a lot of money through his Jon Snow avatar. He was among the highest-earning GOT stars. Kit received 1.1$ million per episode in the earlier seasons and raised his salary to 1.2$ million in the last two seasons.

By this estimation, Kit Harrington’s net worth is 134 million. In the first six seasons of GOT, Kit made an equal amount as his co-stars, but he gained more in the last two seasons. At that time, many media houses reported the show’s female stars weren’t satisfied and objected to Kit’s higher earnings. But, Sophie Turner, aka Sansa Stark, denied rumors of any discriminatory issues.

2. Maisie Williams Net Worth

Maisie Williams Net Worth

Maisie Williams Net Worth

Arya Stark’s reported net worth is 6$ million. Arya was given the status of a hero in the final season of Game of Thrones. After all, she gets to kill the night king, who seemed like a leviathan in stature to Arya’s miniature self. Maise was one of the youngest cast members of the famous series. When Maise joined the show, she was with minimal experience out of the entire cast. Interestingly, with her acting and powerful portrayal of tomboy Arya Stark, Maise’s popularity rose higher with every season. In 2012, Arya was reported to be the fastest-rising name for baby girl’s in the US.

Maise belongs to a middle-class household. When she joined GOT, her only aim was to earn enough money to buy a laptop. In an interview with Guardian Magazine 2016, Maise shared, “I was obsessed with laptops and asked my stepdad would I be able to buy one with my salary? He looked at me and said, it will buy you many.” That was true because this little girl of age 12 got 175,000 $ per episode.

Maisie Williams net worth is 6$ million. Although Maise was not aiming for millions, she made enough millions over the decade-long show to buy herself a financially secure future. She will appear in a limited series named Pixel for FX in 2022. She also owns a multimedia social networking app, “Daisie app,” and does a ton of commercial, promotional work to keep her bank account full.

3. Emila Clarke Net Worth

Emila Clarke Net Worth April 2024

Alongside other cast members, Emila Clarke signed the contract for GOT on a minimal salary. Of course, at the start of the show, not even the producers could imagine the immense success GOT was able to win. Emilia Clarke, aka Khaleesi, became the queen of hearts and a feminist protagonist who was seen as a powerful role model. The famous quote “don’t be a queen, be a Khaleesi” is enough to prove the impact of Clarke’s brilliant performance. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Emilia’s fame was instant. She did hit movies like “Me Before You,” “Solo: A Star Wars Movie,” and “ Terminator Genisys” during the time GOT was still airing.

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Emila earned 1.2 million per episode in the last two seasons of GOT. From season 1 to six, Emilia’s salary was around 300,000 $ million per episode. Clarke did many ad campaigns and still has many endorsement deals at her hand right now. She did endorsements for famous brands like Dior, Gabbana, Dolce, and others. She is the face of the Clinique cosmeceuticals brand as of 2020. Emilia Clarke has a net worth of 13 million. She will appear in the upcoming 2022 movie “The Amazing Maurice.”

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4. Peter Dinklage Net Worth

Peter Dinklage Net Worth

Peter Dinklage Net Worth

Peter Dinklage won many awards for his role Tyrion Lannister. He has a Golden Globe Award, a Screen Actor Guild Award, four PrimeTime Emmy Awards, and an Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for his GOT work. Because Peter Dinklage was already a well-established actor when he joined the cast of GOT, Dinklage earned more than others from the start. He made a whopping amount of 500,000 $ per episode and renegotiated it every season.

Dinklage is a critically acclaimed actor who has starred in tons of movies and still has plenty of work on his plate. He is going to appear in the upcoming animated film Hitpig. Peter Dinklage’s estimated net worth is 15$ million.

He is a married man who lives a good personal life. Dinklage’s wife, Erica Schmidt, is a theatre director, and both have two children together. Their first child, a daughter, was born in 2011, and the second child came into the world in 2017.

5. Rose Leslie Net Worth

Rose Leslie Net Worth

Rose Leslie Net Worth

Although, Game of Thrones fans did not get to see a happy ending in the show, which resulted in an outpouring of negative feelings and millions signing a petition against the producers. In contrast, Rose Leslie and Kit Harrington experienced the sweetest and endearing love story on and off-screen. Jon Snow and Yigrette fell in love on the show, and offstage there were fireworks between them. They were one the most talked-about celebrity costar couples during the show and made headlines on top entertainment magazines like Forbes.

Yigrette, aka Rose Leslie, appeared on only three seasons and her salary for her tenure on the show is unknown. However, Leslie is a successful actress with many roles contributing to her wide fame. She starred in sought-after shows like Downton Abbey, Gwen Dawson, The Good Fight, and Now is Good. Rose Leslie’s net worth is 4$ million.

Rose Leslie and Kit Harrington are happily married since 2018. Their first child, a boy, was born in February 2022. The new parents often come to the spotlight running errands around London. They live in a 15th-century Tudor farmhouse in London.

6. Sansa Stark aka Sophie Turner Net Worth

Sansa Stark - Sophie Turner Net Worth

Sansa Stark – Sophie Turner Net Worth

Sophie Turner’s innocence reflects in her soft countenance. Sophie is among those well-known celebrities who look like Disney characters. She resembles Princess Merida of the animated movie Brave because of her beautiful red locks. The Queen in the North, Sansa Stark, deserves an exclusive mention and slot in our write-up as she had in the show. We have had a love-hate relationship with her. Throughout all seasons of GOT, Sansa’s character evolved gradually. From a witchy and selfish sister and teenage girl to a mature and sensible queen, Sansa’s strength was commendable. Our very own Sophie Turner did full justice to her role and turned out to be a deserving queen. In reel and real-life both, Sophie Turner is a winner. She married Joe Jonas right after the show and is now a mother to a baby boy.

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Sophie Turner had a good relationship with all costars, especially Maise Williams, whom she calls her best friend. Despite their contrasting heights and physical appearances, Sophie and Maise are the same age. Sophie Turner was one of the highest-paid game of thrones cast members. Her net worth is 6$ million.

The Villains:

Besides the main leads, the rest of the Game of Thrones cast also made millions. Without the powerful acting of Lena Headey, who played Cersei Lannister on the show, we wouldn’t have taken Daenerys as a hero. The absolute worst character who committed incest with his sister, Jaime Lannister, was a constant member throughout the show, making us cringe with his actions. Also, who can forget the satanic role of “Littlefinger” making us all feel like punching him every time his face appeared on the screen. Then there was Theon, who came to his senses by the end of season eight and saved himself some grace by protecting Sansa. Though, how can we ignore his participation in making the show’s plot exciting and suspenseful? Together these all characters worked to bring a soul and feel to GOT, making it a celebrated masterpiece.

The Supporters:

Daenerys’s best friend and the sexiest slave on GOT, Missandei, made us all cry when she was beheaded. Her love interest on the show “Grey Worm” stood by our favorite Khaleesi till the end and never questioned her intentions and won our hearts. Ever wondered how things would have changed if Daenerys had accepted Jorah Mormont’s proposal? Maybe it would have changed the entire show’s plot. And, everyone’s beloved Brinnie of Tarth was a significant character who changed loyalties and intentions in the course of the whole show, eventually garnering audiences’ respect. FYI; Gigantic Gwendoline Christie played the Brienne of Tarth role.

Nevertheless, Missadei (Nathalie Emmanuel), Grey Worm (Jacob Anderson), Jorah Mormont (Ian Glen) might have had sad endings, but their net worth paid off.

List of other Game of Thrones Cast with their Net Worth

  1. Nathalie Emmanuel Net Worth(1.1 $ million)
  2. Gwendoline Christie Net Worth ( 3$ million)
  3. Ian Glenn Net Worth (3$ million)
  4. Jacob Anderson Net Worth (3$ million)
  5. Alfie Alan Net Worth (6$ million)
  6. Aiden Glinn Net Worth (84 million)
  7. Lena Headey Net Worth (9$ million)
  8. Nikolaj Coster Waldou Net Worth(16$ million)


Game of the Thrones set a precedent for Fantasy Show directors and writers to come in the future. The grandeur and magnificence of the Game of Thrones storyline and presentation are unforgeable. From 2011 to 2019, Game of Thrones was the only show that took the spotlight and left the fans wanting more seasons.

GOT consecutively won the PrimeTime Emmy Award for The Outstanding Tv Drama in 2015, 2016, 2018, and 2019. The cast members of GOT received a standing ovation from the audiences in the 2019 Emmy Awards. It is not every time we see such overwhelming responses from the film fraternity and audiences at once. With heavy hearts and teary eyes, we said goodbye to Game of Throne from screens but not from our memories.

The Game Of Thrones financial earnings broke all the records for a tv series of its scale. HBO made a whopping 3.1 billion from the Game of Thrones. Only to bring George R.R Martin to write the show, HBO spent 1460, 600, 000. The visual effects, locations, production designs, filming, music, and language invention were beyond majestic and pricey. All these factors carried GOT to heights of success.

From season 1, HBO gained 180$ million, and that kept increasing till the final seasons, which made 300$ million.

It does not go without saying, GOT attracted viewership from every nook and corner of the world and made everyone related to it rich. However, HBO became the richest of all among the GOT family.

Who is your favorite cast member from Game Of Thrones? Share your ideal’s name in the comment box below!