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Who is Jared Padalecki? Meet Genevieve Padalecki’s Husband

Who is Jared Padalecki? Meet Genevieve Padalecki’s Husband

Do you all remember Sam Winchester from ‘Supernatural’? Many of you are still big fans of him and many of you are unaware of who he is, right? Well, before getting into Jared Padalecki’s biography or any other information about Sam from ‘Supernatural’, we would like to inform you a little about who Jared Padalecki (sam) is and some additional details about him. In our previous post, we discussed Sanaa Saleh’s Biography. Alike, there is another amazing personality’s bio to reveal.


Jared is an underrated artist/actor but also one of the most dashing, handsome, and tall heightened men that you will ever see in your life. Jared started taking his acting classes back when he was only 12.

There are not many serials that have been on the screen of this talented man. And, ‘Supernatural’ was his first show that got popular back in 2009. ‘Supernatural’ was a masterpiece. However, this drama was the main reason for his popularity. Also, just because of this project we still can not forget him.

Padalecki was born July 19, 1982, in San Antonio, Texas. And now Jared Padalecki age is 39 years old. He was raised by his parents, Gerald and Sherri Padalecki -Jared Tristan Padalecki. If you are thinking that his name sounds like foreign lineage, you are thinking right. His parents both have different kinds of accents and languages. So that’s why his accent is a little different. His acting skills were not only the reason behind his success. He also has a great skill set in education and sports. In 1998 Jared graduated from James Madison High School. He studied engineering but when he was in his 20s, he decided to settle in Los Angeles and start his acting career. And that was the point from where Padalecki’s career took off. Now Jared Padalecki house is located in Austin, Texas

Jared Padalecki

How tall is Jared Padalecki?

Have you ever been lost in your thoughts while watching ‘Supernatural’ thinking about how tall is Jared Padalecki? Well, we know that you all must have done it already. For this reason, we have measured his height just to let you know he is tall in real life as well. His height is 6’5! Also, along with a tall height, he has the best abbs.

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His Wife

It is time to talk about Jared Padalecki’s wife. Well! Let’s begin talking about that cute incident that happened back in 2009. When Jared attends the shooting of his drama ‘Supernatural’. In which he was cast as an evil duty man. That was not only a shooting set for him because that was a place where he met his soulmate, Genevieve Cortese. Isn’t it cute? Well! It is. However, that couple was the most adorable couple that got cast in that drama. And the most notable thing is that their roles were negative but still people liked them more than the actual hero and heroine.

The love was one-sided from Jared’s side. In an interview, he said “I was very excited to meet her. Meanwhile, I think she was like, ‘Who is this long-haired A-hole who thinks he can come to talk to me while I’m reading a book?’ . . . I interrupted her while she was reading a book and I think she got kind of fussy about it.” – Source.

Nowadays, they are living a happy life together with their children. Jared Padalecki kids are two boys and one girl.

Jared Padalecki Wife

Jared PadaleckiWiki/Bio
Birth NameJared Tristan Padalecki
NicknamesJ-Rod, Moose, Jare
Net Worth$13 Million
Date of BirthJuly 19, 1982
Age41 years
BirthplaceSan Antonio, Texas, U.S
Zodiac SignCancer
Eye ColorHazel
Hair ColorDark Brown
FatherGerald Padalecki (Tax Accountant)
MotherSherri Padalecki (Teacher)
SiblingsJeff Padalecki (Older Brother), Megan Padalecki (Younger Sister)
Spouse NameGenevieve Cortese (m. 2010)
Children NameThomas Colton and Austin Shepherd (Sons), Odette Elliott (Daughter)
Relationships HistoryAlexis Bledel (2000–2002)
Sandra McCoy (2005–2008)
Genevieve Cortese (2009)
First Film A Little Inside (1999)
First TV ShowGilmore Girls (2000)
Distinctive FeaturesTall Stature
Triangular Nose
Height6’ 4”
Weight 91 kg
Chest Size45 inches
Waist Size34 inches
Biceps Size15 inches
Shoe Size12 (US)
Marital StatusMarried
Last Updated2024

What is Jared Padalecki net worth?

Jared Padalecki net worth is around $13 million. He is earning from his acting career. But, the main platform for getting that much amount of money is the business that he started years ago.

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Jared Padalecki NetWorth

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki Are Friends In Real Life

In the drama, ‘Supernatural’ Jensen and Jared were cast as brothers and now in real life, they both are best friends. Just to be honest, the ‘Supernatural’ was a shooting set where many strangers turned into friends.

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki Are Friends In Real Life

Why was Jared Padalecki arrested?

Back in 2009, Jared and his friend visited a bar after shooting ‘Supernatural’ where Jared got into a fight for some reason. After that fight, Jared decided to keep the reason under the covers because at that time he wasn’t able to handle scandals and headlines.

According to his friend they were roughly fighting with each other when he arrived. He said: I got away first, then I turned around and saw three or four guys teaming up on Jared. I was like, ‘Oh, man!’ I ran back in and I was fly-kicking at some kid, hit another guy, grabbed Jared’s shirt — of course, I ripped his favorite shirt — and I was yelling ‘C’mon, let’s get out of here!'”

Ѕоmе Іntеrеѕtіng Fасtѕ You Should Know

  • In his early life, Jared was pretty caring in every context of his personal life. He always put effort into making his family happy.
  • Јаrеd іѕ loyal to his wife. He got nеvеr bееn caught in an love аffаіr wіth аnу girl аftеr mаrrіаgе.
  • Не іѕ а versatile and a graceful man аnd hаѕ bесоmе ѕuссеѕѕful іn іnvоlvіng hіmѕеlf іn multiple buѕіnеѕѕеѕ.
  • Jared Padalecki’s Social Media Profiles
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Frequently Asked Question

Q: What is Jared Padalecki height?

A: His height is 6’5! Also, along with a tall height, he has the best abbs.

Q: What is the current Jared Padalecki age?

A: Padalecki was born July 19, 1982, in San Antonio, Texas. And now Jared Padalecki is 40 years old.

Q: Is Jared Padalecki Gay?

A: No, he is not a Gay. Rather, he is a pure and realistic man that has a straight sexual orientation.

Q: What Awards Has Jared Padalecki Achieved?

A: Раdаlесkі hаѕ wоn tons of аwаrdѕ аnd hаѕ bееn nоmіnаtеd fоr hіѕ amazing реrfоrmаnсе іn thе fіlmѕ. Не wоn thе ‘Веѕt Маlе Реrfоrmаnсе іn Ѕсіеnсе Fісtіоn Теlеvіѕіоn Еріѕоdе.’ Аt thе Соnѕtеllаtіоn Аwаrdѕ - Recently.


So in this post, we have discussed each and everything you were willing to know about Jared Padalecki’s wife, kids, personal life, and career. We have told you about his wife, career, net worth, kids, and many other details about him for which you guys were very anxious to know.

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Jared is so attractive. I like his acting. Supernatural will always be my favourite series.