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What Is Kathy Hilton’s Net Worth? Let’s Get Into It

What Is Kathy Hilton’s Net Worth? Let’s Get Into It

Kathy Hilton is an actress, fashion designer, and philanthropist from America with an estimated net worth of $350 million, which she shares with her husband – Rick Hilton. She is recognized for purchasing expensive mansions, cars, and jewelry from well-known brands and in-person shops. Also, she has two vanities in her California mansion, where she keeps her purchased fashion-related items secured. Read on to know more about Kathy Hilton’s net worth and assets.

Kathy Hilton’s Net Worth is Thumping $350 Million

It’s not a surprise that this talented yet passionate woman has an estimated net worth of $350 million. She has worked hard since her childhood. And as of now, she is still struggling to stand more companies that can help people around the world in terms of money, food, clothes, and many more.

Kathy Hilton net worth

Photographs of a talented yet passionate woman from US “Kathy Hilton”

Kathy Hilton’s Net Worth By Year:

According to, Kathy Hilton’s net worth is estimated to be around $350 million as of 2024, making her the highest-grossing actress in the US. Her income sources include her acting and modeling career, businesses, investments, assets from her husband, and real estate properties. Well, here is a breakdown of her net worth during the previous years –

  • Net Worth in 2022- $350 Million
  • Net Worth in 2020- $330 Million
  • Net Worth in 2019- $300 Million
  • Net Worth in 2018- $270 Million
  • Net Worth in 2017- $250 Million
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A Flash At Kathy’s Career

Kathy started her career before exchanging wedding knots with her now husband – Rick Hilton. She started appearing in small productions, including “Bewitched,” “The Rockford Files,” “Nanny and the Professor,” and “Happy Days.” Later, she also made her appearance in “The Dark” and “On the Air Live with Captain Midnight.”

Kathy Hilton Career

Pictures of Kathy Hilton from Her Famous Series “Bewitched, Happy Days and The Rockford Files”

She Met Rick Hilton At 15 And Gained Immense Fame

Kathy Hilton enrolled at a private school near her hometown, where she met the legendary pop artist and dancer – Michael Jackson. They both shared a strong bond until he died in 2009. Later, Kathy met the famous businessman Rick Hilton when she was only 15. They fell in love on their third meeting, after which she decided to retire from her acting career. She exchanged wedding knots with him five years later in 1979.

Kathy Hilton Relationship

Rick Gifted Her An Expensive Antique Store After Their Marriage

In the first month of Kathy’s married life, her better half gifted her a million dollars antique store, “The Staircase,” on Sunset Plaza in Los Angeles. Later, the couple started working together, and currently, they are managing a real estate brokerage firm based in Beverly Hills, California.

Major Highlights From Kathy Hilton’s Career

  • She was under ten when she started her friendship with Michael Jackson.
  • She began her career as an actress at the age of 9.
  • Kathy fell in love when she was 15 – the time when she retired from her successful acting career for her now husband, Rick Hilton.
  • Rick gifted her a million-dollar antique shop in the first month of their marriage.
  • Kathy, alongside Rick, is currently running a real estate brokerage firm.
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This Is How Kathy Likes Spending Her Millions:

Mainly, Kathy loves spending her money on mansions. She spent around $3.385 million on a luxury mansion in the Hamptons in 1999. Kathy later rented that mansion for $300,000-$400,000 per season. In 2016, she spent $9 million on a three-story mansion in Bel-Air and sold it for $55 million in 2021.

End Words!
Kathy Hilton’s net worth is around $350 million that she is currently earning from her fashion and acting career. Well! She is an independent woman who has been working and improving herself since childhood. And she is currently considered the best and highest-grossing actress, fashion designer, and philanthropist in the United States.

Kathy Hilton Actress

Photographs of the highest-grossing actress, fashion designer, and philanthropist in the United States “Kathy Hilton”

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