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Who is Marcella Samora? – All About Selena’s Mother

Who is Marcella Samora? – All About Selena’s Mother

Many people tend to stay strong – no matter what the situation. However, there exist a few people who defeat the harsh circumstances. And thrive as a rising star always. Such people know the ups and downs of the battle of life, conflicts of the time, and two-faced people’s lies. No doubt, no one can hurt them or use them. In these powerful and motivated people, Marcella Samora comes in the lead.

Marcella Samora is an American singer, songwriter, model, actress, and fashion designer Selena Quintanilla-Pérez. She is also famous as the wife of Abraham Quintanilla Jr. – who is also a songwriter and producer. And also as Selena Quintanilla mom.

Recently, we have discussed Tammy Slaton, whose biography was a bit emotional. Alike, today, we will discuss Marcella Samora whose biography is emotional as well as influential. She is Selena Quintanilla mom who not only faced difficulties as a mother but also in her early life. The good news is you can effortlessly explore the facts of Marcella Samora, early life and education, career, love and affairs, tragedy, hobbies, profession, net worth, FAQs. So, read on to the bottom line and know everything you need to know about Selena’s mother.

Marcella Samora

A Quick Check At The Early Days

As mentioned above, Marcella Samora is a singer, songwriter, model, and fashion designer who took her first breath in the United States of America back on July 17, 1944. Currently, she is 76 years old and is underneath the astrological sign, Cancer. Samora has spent most of her life in America and holds American nationality. Correspondingly, her ethnicity is Mexican-American and Cherokee Indian. If we talk about her parents, then – there’s such no information about them.

Nevertheless, her dad was originally from Amarillo, Texas, while her mom was a Colorado native. That’s all we and you know about her parents now. And she disbursed a meaningful part of her early life in Washington. Correspondingly, information about her other family members like her siblings, cousins, and any other relatives is also not available until now. Besides, she is mainly famous because of her late daughter, Selena Quintanilla. So, it is lovely to not know about her brood.

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Marcella Samora Early Life

Marcella SamoraWiki/Bio
Full NameMarcella Samora
Net Worth $5 million dollars (approx.)
Birth DateJuly 17, 1944
Age78 years
Birth PlaceWashington DC, United States
ProfessionSocial Activist
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBrown
Lucky Number6
Lucky StoneMoonstone
Lucky ColorSilver
SpouseAbraham Quintanilla Jr. (m. 1963)
Famous AsMother Of Selena Quintanilla-Pérez
DaughterSelena Quintanilla-Perez (Died) and Suzette Quintanilla
SonAbraham Isaac Quintanilla
FatherMarcella’s father was from Amarillo, Texas
MotherMarcella’s mother was from Colorado
ResidesWashington DC
EducationMaster of Arts in Journalism at New York University
Marital StatusMarried
Weight70 kg
Last Updated2023

Age, Height, Weight, And Zodiac Sign

Do you want to know how old Marcella Quintanilla is? Well, Marcella Samora will be 77 years old, her weight and height are not available on the internet right now. However, her zodiac sign is Cancer.

A Glimpse at Marcella Samora Career

So, it is time to delve deeper into Marcella Samora’s career and professional life. Well, no doubt, she has kept her profile pretty low. That’s the reason very little information related to her personal life and profile is available to the masses and the globe. Likewise, she is only famous because of her late daughter and her hubby. Even, her occupation as well as the works she acts in are also not available. Possibly she wants to hold her life as confidential as possible and enjoys living a normal life. – Source

Talking about Marcella Samora’s husband, Abraham Quintanilla is an American singer-songwriter. Also, he is a record producer. Abraham is the daddy of singer Selena and executively created a biographical film about her life in the year 1997. Edward James Olmos displayed him. Correspondingly, in the year 1957, he saw the execution of a company made up of his alumni classmates at a high school dance and went out to them communicating his desire to join. And, the lead singer was leaving the group so, at that moment, they let Quintanilla course with them. Ultimately, he became a fellow of the group. It was how his singing occupation began. Besides, Abraham even examined his daughter’s music passion and helped her a lot.

A Tragic Story From Selena Quintanilla Mom Profession

Samora was a homemaker and a social worker. She handles The Selena Foundation, which was created by her and her family to satisfy every sort of need or deprivation. Following her daughter’s death, Selena Quintanilla’s parents were destroyed. Still, she held accomplished a lot to get justice for her daughter’s murder. She eventually got triumphs in getting justice when Yolanda – the murderer of Selena was given life detention. After the tragic death of her daughter, Samora worked hard to keep her heritage alive. Her more genuine victory was the battle for justice for her late killed daughter. It had made her win the title of a powerful woman.

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Marcella Samora’s Daughter Died At A Very Young Age! What was the reason behind it?

Marcella and Abraham’s young daughter, Selena, was murdered back in, 1995. The singer was just in her 20s when people found out that this strong vocalist is dead. Selena was murdered by her fan club’s former president, Yolanda Saldivar. According to the official news, he murdered Selena because of a disagreement that they faced in their business dealings. Selena was talented from day one. Also, she was following in her father’s footsteps to be a better musician. That’s why there were great job opportunities for her in the music industry. Everything was going just fine before she met Yolanda Saldivar.

When they had that argument between themselves, some harsh words from Selena heated him. And in that heated environment, Yolanda shoots Selena. After this incident, Selena’s mother, Marcella, was disappeared for months. She also said, “Selena is passed away, but I am still trying to keep her alive by promoting and listening to the music she made.”

Marcella Samora with Daughter Selena Quintanilla

What’s Happening In Marcella Samora Life Right Now?

Many people are flooding the internet asking whether Marcella Samora is dead or alive. And fortunately, the answer is yes she is alive and in really good health. Also, people are curious to know that Marcella has signed a drama, which is completely a rumor. Marcella is not going to take a part in the film industry because she is already done with scandals and headlines.

Net worth Insights

The estimated net worth of Marcella Samora is around $500,000 UD. Marcella does not have any special source of income, but still, this woman has a great amount of money in her bank. If we put a light on organizations, maybe those are the places from where she earns that much. Also, Marcella has respected children that will stand with her, whenever she needs them.

Social Media Profiles

PlatformProfile Links
YoutubeWatch Marcella Samora on YouTube

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A Quick Check into Profile:

Q: Who is Marcella Samora?

A: Marcella Samora is a famous American Social Activist.

Q: When was Marcella Samora born?

A: Marcella Samora was born on July 17, 1944, in the United States of America.

Q: What is Marcella Samora’s ethnicity?

A: She is of white ethnicity.

Q: What is Marcella Samora’s height?

A: She stands at the height of 5 feet and 6 inches.

Q: Where does Marcella Samora live?

A: Marcella Samora lives in Washingto DC.


Marcella Samora is the strongest mother alive on the earth right now. Even the tribute goes to all Selena’s family now. However, Samora has faced many ups and downs and incidents that can easily break a woman’s heart and hope. But, this woman stayed strong, and now she is an inspiration for many women out there.