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What is Microsoft’s Net Worth? Here’s What We Know

What is Microsoft’s Net Worth? Here’s What We Know

Microsoft was founded back in 1975 in the Albuquerque garage. Founders of Microsoft (Bill Gates and Paul Allen) wanted to create useful software that could work on any computer, like Altair 8800. The word MICROSOFT is derived from two words (Microprocessors and Software). Just like other successful companies, Microsoft’s growth was also extremely fast and furious. Back in the 1980s, the company signed a deal with big computer-providing companies and became the largest software-making company, worldwide. Now, the Microsoft company is facing the daily battle with the Apple and Sony Company.

However, if you want to know more about Microsoft and its competitors, read on. In this post, we are here to tell you how much is Microsoft’s net worth, Microsoft’s net worth vs apple, sony vs Microsoft’s net worth, and other things that you all wanted to know about Microsoft. So, read this post carefully till the bottom line hits you up.

Let’s Put A Flash on Microsoft History

Microsoft is a company that is based on Science, Technology & Engineering. Currently, it is the largest company that has 180000+ employees and 100+ headquarters. The founders that build this fantastic software are Bill Gates and Paul Allen. The SEO is Satya Nadella, and the current chairperson is John W. Thompson.

Microsoft History

Back in the 1970s, when people around the globe were using typewriters, two childhood friends, Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded Microsoft Software (On April 4, 1975). They made a company that makes computer software and other computer accessories. And in 1979, the company became one of the most successful tech companies.

Below we will discuss the net worth of Microsoft and other details that you all are curious to know. Have a look.

Microsoft Reaches $2 Trillion

As per the reports of April 25, 2019, the Microsoft company reached $1 trillion net worth in the market. Also, this success made up a record of the most earning software company worldwide. And, according to today’s reports net worth of Microsoft is $2.44 trillion. – source

Net Worth Of Microsoft Is Approximately $456.132 Billion

If we have a look at the net worth of Microsoft including the company shares, the approximate net worth is going to be around $456.132 Billion. Maybe many of you are unaware that the shareholders of Microsoft are countless. So, it can be possible that the net worth including shareholders is above $456.132 Billion. But still, the official company report says $456.132 Billion, which is quite unbillable.

Now let’s compare Microsoft’s net worth with others well known in the Science, Technology & Engineering field.

Legal NameMicrosoft Corporation
Company TypeFor-Profit
Net Worth$2 Trillion Market Value
Source: Forbes
Area servedUnited States of America and world
Products of CompanyScience, Technology & Engineering · Computers (Brand) · Company
Headquarters RegionsRedmond, Washington, United States
Founded Date4 April 1975
FoundersBill Gates, Paul Allen
Number of Employees180000+
CEOSatya Nadella (Feb 4, 2014–)
FoundedAlbuquerque, New Mexico, United States
ChairpersonJohn W. Thompson
SubsidiariesGitHub, Nuance Communications, MORE
Last Updated2022

The List Of Companies Owned By Microsoft

Calendar YearPress ReleaseCompany
2021July 12, 2021RiskIQ
2021June 2, 2021ReFirm Labs
2021April 29, 2021Kinvolk
2021April 12, 2021Nuance Communications, Inc
2021March 16, 2021The Marsden Group
2020September 21, 2020ZeniMax Media
2020July 7, 2020Orions Systems
2020June 22, 2020CyberX
2020June 18, 2020ADRM Software
2020May 19, 2020Softomotive
2020May 14, 2020Metaswitch Networks
2020April 15, 2020npm
2019October 21, 2019Mover
2019September 18, 2019Semmle
2019September 4, 2019Movere
2019August 19, 2019jClarity
2019August 5, 2019PromoteIQ
2019July 29, 2019BlueTalon
2019June 17, 2019Pull Panda
2019June 9, 2019Double Fine Productions
2019May 28, 2019Drawbridge
2019May 23, 2019Dependabot
2019April 18, 2019Express Logic
2019February 4, 2019DataSense
2019January 24, 2019Citus Data
2018November 30, 2018Spectrum
2018November 19, 2018FSLogix
2018November 14, 2018XOXCO
2018November 10, 2018Obsidian
2018November 10, 2018Inxile
2018October 8, 2018Glint
2018September 13, 2018Lobe
2018June 20, 2018Bonsai
2018June 18, 2018Flipgrid
2018June 10, 2018Ninja Theory
2018June 10, 2018Playground Games
2018June 10, 2018Undead Labs
2018June 10, 2018Compulsion Games
2018June 04, 2018GitHub
2018May 20, 2018Semantic Machines
2018January 29, 2018PlayFab
2018January 3, 2018Avere Systems
2017October 3, 2017AltSpaceVR
2017August 15, 2017Cycle Computing
2017June 29, 2017Cloudyn
2017June 8, 2017Hexadite
2017April 18, 2017Intentional Software
2017April 10, 2017Deis
2017January 17, 2017Simplygon
2017January 13, 2017Maluuba
2016August 22, 2016Genee
2016August 11, 2016Beam
2016June 28, 2016Code Connect
2016June 16, 2016Wand Labs
2016June 13, 2016LinkedIn
2016May 3, 2016Solair
2016February 24, 2016Xamarin
2016February 3, 2016SwiftKey
2016January 19, 2016MinecraftEdu
2016January 13, 2016Event Zero
2015December 21, 2015Talko
2015December 12, 2015Metanautix
2015November 9, 2015Secure Islands
2015November 5, 2015Mobile Data Labs
2015October 2, 2015Havok
2015September 28, 2015Adxstudio Inc
2015September 11, 2015Double Labs
2015September 8, 2015Adallom
2015September 3, 2015VoloMetrix
2015August 3, 2015Incent Games Inc
2015July 16, 2015FieldOne Systems LLC
2015June 10, 2015BlueStripe
2015June 2, 20156Wunderkinder
2015April 14, 2015Datazen Software
2015February 11, 2015Sunrise
2015January 23, 2015Revolution Analytics
2015January 20, 2015Equivio
2014December 11, 2014HockeyApp
2014December 1, 2014Acompli
2014November 13, 2014Aorato
2014September 15, 2014Mojang
2014July 11, 2014InMage
2014July 2, 2014SyntaxTree
2014May 28, 2014Capptain
2014May 1, 2014GreenButton
2014January 7, 2014Parature
2013October 23, 2013Apiphany
2013June 3, 2013InRelease
2013March 7, 2013NetBreeze
2013March 4, 2013MetricsHub
2013February 2, 2013Pando Networks
2012December 28, 2012R2 Studios
2012October 16, 2012StorSimple Inc.
2012October 15, 2012MarketingPilot
2012October 4, 2012PhoneFactor Inc.
2012July 9, 2012Perceptive Pixel Inc.
2012June 25, 2012Yammer Inc.
2011November 22, 2011VideoSurf Inc.
2011June 7, 2011Prodiance
2011May 10, 2011Skype
2010November 26, 2010Canesta, Inc.
2010October 6, 2010AVIcode
2010February 2, 2010Sentillion
2009December 11, 2009Opalis Software
2009December 10, 2009Sentillion
2009November 11, 2009Teamprise
2009September 22, 2009LS Retail and To Increase
2009September 21, 2009Interactive Super Computing
2009May 7, 2009BigPark Inc.
2008August 29, 2008Greenfield Online Inc.
2008July 24, 2008DATAllegro Inc.
2008July 14, 2008Zoomix
2008July 1, 2008Powerset
2008June 27, 2008MobiComp
2008June 17, 2008Navic Networks
2008April 9, 2008Farecast
2008March 20, 2008Komoku
2008March 14, 2008Rapt Inc.
2008March 12, 2008Kidaro
2008March 6, 2008Credentica
2008February 27, 2008YaData
2008February 11, 2008Danger Inc.
2008February 7, 2008Caligari Corporation
2008January 21, 2008Calista Technologies
2008January 8, 2008Fast Search & Transfer ASA
2007December 12, 2007Multimap
2007October 29, 2007Global Care Solutions
2007August 30, 2007Parlano
2007July 26, 2007AdECN, Inc.
2007May 18, 2007aQuantive, Inc.
2007May 3, 2007ScreenTonic
2007March 14, 2007Tellme Networks, Inc.
2007February 26, 2007Medstory Inc.
2006October 12, 2006Colloquis
2006July 26, 2006Azyxxi
2006July 18, 2006Winternals
2006July 17, 2006Softricity
2006May 18, 2006Whale Communications
2006May 4, 2006Massive Inc.
2006April 6, 2006Lionhead Studios
2006April 3, 2006ProClarity Corp
2006March 7, 2006Apptimum Inc.
2006March 7, 2006Onfolio Inc.
2006February 13, 2006Motion Bridge
2005September 19, 2005Alacris Inc.
2005November 3, 2005FolderShare
2005November 3, AG
2005August 30, 2005Teleo Inc.
2005July 20, 2005FrontBridge Technologies
2005March 10, 2005Groove Networks Inc.
2005February 8, 2005Sybari Software Inc.
2004December 16, 2004GIANT Company Software
2004April 26, 2004ActiveViews
2003April 30, 2003PlaceWare
2003February 19, 2003Connectix
2002October 22, 2002Vicinity
2002September 24, 2002Rare
2002Sept. 10, 2002XDegrees
2002May 7, 2002Navision
2001May 3, 2001Ensemble Studios
2001April 30, 2001NCompass Labs
2001Jan. 12, 2001Design Intelligence
2000December 21, 2000Great Plains Software
2000December 5, 2000Digital Anvil
2000Oct. 26, 2000WebAppoint
2000September 18, 2000Pacific Microsonics Inc.
2000September 13, 2000MongoMusic
2000July 12, 2000NetGames USA
2000June 19, 2000Bungie Software
2000June 12, 2000Driveoff.Com
2000February 29, 2000Peach Networks
1999Oct. 29, 1999Entropic
1999Sept. 17, 1999Softway Systems
1999Sept. 15, 1999Visio
1999July 21, 1999STNC
1999July 7, 1999ZOOMIT
1999July 1, 1999Sendit
1999June 14, 1999OmniBrowse
1999June 7, 1999ShadowFactor
1999April 26, 1999Jump Networks
1999April 19, 1999Access Software
1999March 4, 1999CompareNet
1998Nov. 5, 1998LinkExchange
1998August 25, 1998Valence Research
1998April 28, 1998The MESA Group
1998April 9, 1998Firefly Network
1998Feb. 23, 1998Flash Communications
1997Dec. 31, 1997Hotmail
1997Aug. 5, 1997VXtreme
1997June 30, 1997LinkAge Software
1997June 13, 1997Cooper & Peters
1997May 7, 1997Dimension X
1997April 6, 1997WebTV Networks
1997March 3, 1997Intersé
1996Dec. 10, 1996NetCarta
1996Nov. 20, 1996ResNova Software
1996Oct. 29, 1996OLAP technology from Panorama Software
1996June 17, 1996Electric Gravity Inc.
1996June 11, 1996eShop Inc.
1996April 15, 1996EXOS Inc.
1996April 8, 1996aha! software
1996March 12, 1996Colusa and Aspect
1996Jan. 16, 1996Vermeer Technologies Inc.
1995Dec. 12, 1995Bruce Artwick Organization Ltd.
1995Nov. 6, 1995Interoperability Technology, Expertise from Netwise Inc.
1995Oct. 16, 1995The Blue Ribbon SoundWorks, Ltd.
1995July 31, 1995Dare to Dream Entertainment
1995July 10, 1995SNMP Technology From Network Managers
1995Feb. 23, 1995RenderMorphics, Ltd.
1994Nov. 15, 1994One Tree Software
1994Nov. 1, 1994NextBase
1994Sept. 27, 1994Altamira
1994June 28, 1994SOFTIMAGE
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Microsoft Net Worth vs Apple

Well, one thing is clear that Microsoft is still the largest software holding company you will ever see in your whole life. And if we compare Microsoft’s net worth vs Apple, it’s for sure that Microsoft is the game-winner. The estimated Apple net worth is $752. So, it’s clear who’s the winner.

Sony vs Microsoft Net Worth

Sony’s net worth is around $60 billion and Microsoft’s net worth is $456.132 Billion. And Sony will take a long time to reach this position, where Microsoft is standing right now. Also, if Sony reaches the goal in a year, Microsoft will be earning double the current amount.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Microsoft have more money than Sony now?

A: No, Microsoft is still winning the game from both Sony and Apple.

Q: What year did Microsoft start making money?

A: Back in 1979, Microsoft started to take off when it comes to earning money.

Q: Is Microsoft worth $1 trillion?

A: No, Microsoft net worth (2022) is $2 trillion.

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So in this post, we covered almost everything that you all wanted to know about the net worth of Microsoft. We told you about the net worth of Microsoft, Microsoft’s net worth vs apple, sony vs Microsoft’s net worth, and other things that you all wanted to know about Microsoft.

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