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Celebrity Photographer Revived His Past In A Photoshoot Series Entitled “Now & Then.”

Celebrity Photographer Revived His Past In A Photoshoot Series Entitled “Now & Then.”

A well-known celebrity photographer and media personality named Doug Inglish started a series called “Now & Then.” In the series, he has featured 14 young newbie models from the industry and then photographed them over 10-20+ years to recreate his old nostalgic pictures. And below, we are going to share all of them accordingly. Read onwards!

Doug Inglish  Takes Photos Of Male Models Decades Apart [Series Of 14 Photos]

#1: The Hanging Man

Here comes the first picture from the series “The Hanging Man.” In this picture, the photographer recreated one of his pictures from the 80s with the help of his mates and editing team, which made the shot almost the same as it was in his past. 

1 1 December 2023

2: The Nicolas Nixon Inspired Photoshoot

In this picture, the artist recreated his picture while keeping it under the influence of the legendary American photographer – Nicolas Nixon. Have a look:

2 1 December 2023

#3: The Recreation Of The Picture He Once Took From Pentax 67

In this shot, the photographer recreated the picture that he once took from his “Favorite” camera, Pentax 67. In the before picture, he is simply standing in a white blazer with a bit of shaggy hair, and the after shows us a grown-up man with a bit more bold personality and facial features. 

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3 1 December 2023

#4: The Half-Pant Down 

Here, Doug Inglish has recreated a half-pant-down picture from his past with the help of the famous model and media personality – Jacob Bryan. This is how it looks:

4 1 December 2023

#5: The PinPoint Posture 

This image is titled the “PinPoint Posture” for its nostalgic vibes that we can even feel in the recreation. In the afterimage, the guy sitting is a model from Inglish agency, and his name is Jerreth Ludwig.

5 1 December 2023

#6: The Filler Recreation 

Doug made this recreation with the help of the renowned American-based actor, television personality, and model Trent Garret. It’s a filler recreation whose vibe is quite similar to the picture the photographer once took from Pentax 67.

6 1 December 2023

#7: The Picture He Snapped After A Decade Or Two

Inglish hired an aged model for this recreation in which he wanted to show the same clothing and the same location but at different times. Take a look:

7 1 December 2023

#8: The Challenging Part

This recreation with Christopher Folz was held at the same apartment. It’s titled “The Challenging Part” for arranging every aspect according to the previous photo. 

8 1 December 2023

#9: The Side Aesthetic 

This side aesthetic was photographed under the inspiration of Inglish’s picture that he snapped in the mid-90s. He recreated this with the help of a guy working in his agency (name unknown).

9 1 December 2023

#10: The Classic Leaning Pose 

So here is a recreation of Doug’s classic leaning pose that he recreated in the series “Now & Then.” In this picture, he is casually sitting on the floor in a classic outfit, which compliments the image’s colors quite well.  

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10 1 December 2023

#11: The Culture Art Recreation

Here, Doug has recreated one of his old pics in which he dressed in a bit of South traditional style. Well! This now-and-then recreation is really something that can give us all the “Chill” vibes.

11 1 December 2023

#12: The Summer Side Up

In the recreation photoshoot, Inglish napped himself in the same pose he presented years ago. It’s amazingly imposing and impressive at the same time. Scroll down and take a look:

12 1 December 2023

#13: The Passage Of Time 

Here the artist is simply sharing his remarks on the passage of time in the form of recreating this masterpiece, where a model is standing in the outfit in the same location.

13 1 December 2023

#14: The Camera Head-On

Last but not least, here comes the Camera Head-On posture, where Doug Inglish recreated an 80s picture into a brand new classic using the help of Anthony Gallo. 

14 1 December 2023

Summing Up!

The recreation of these 14 listed pictures is impressive yet imposing. Moreover, after releasing the series, the photographer – Doug Inglish became quite famous among American and British audiences, which helped him grab international fandom instantly. 

What are your thoughts on these recreated ‘now & then’ photos by Doug Inglish taken decades apart? Share with us in the comments.