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Sean Stewart: The 11-Year-Old Father Who Made Headlines, Where Is He Now?

Sean Stewart: The 11-Year-Old Father Who Made Headlines, Where Is He Now?

Sean Stewart is a British former media personality who grabbed international fame for being an 11-year-old father. He had a son with his 15-year-old girlfriend and rose to massive stardom in less than a week after the news of his fatherhood got public. 

Famous forBeing a father at the age of 11
PartnerAmma Webster (now former girlfriend)
KidOne son named Ben
Current statusUnknown

Well! After a few years of becoming a parent, the relationship between Sean Stewart and Emma Webster started falling apart as a couple, and they decided to part ways. Emma moved on and married another man and had children, while Sean was a bit broken and got involved in the robbery, for which he had to complete a 7-month jail sentence. 

To know where Sean Stewart is now, whether he is married or not, and what he does for a living, make sure to give this post a complete read till the end!

Sean Stewart Was Enrolling At School When He Found Out About Emma’s Pregnancy

Sean Stewart (just a month after turning 12) found out that he was about to step into the world of fatherhood after a few weeks of Emma’s pregnancy. He was enrolling at a high school at that moment, and it was a working day, for which he had to take a day off from his school to be present in the hospital. 

After A While, The Couple Called It Quits 

Sean Stewart and Emma Webster called it quits after a while of being parents to their kid – Ben. Emma married another man and currently lives in a 200,000 house with her new man, Ben, and other children. Sean stayed single for a long time after their breakup and stated: “I hope to stay close friends with Emma for as long as possible.” 

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Months After Parting Ways, Sean Got Involved In Robbery And Even Got Sentenced To Jail

According to DailyMail.Com, Sean was once sentenced to a 7-month jail sentence after he got accused of robbery. Afterward, he changed several addresses in St Leonards and Hastings areas of Sussex, and later on, he ghosted everyone and went missing. 

His mother found and married another man, and as for her, she doesn’t know where her son is. Also, after interviewing her former girlfriend, the answers were the same, as she also stated that she hadn’t “seen or heard from Sean for the past 3-4 years.” 

Wrapping Up!

Sean Stewart is now completely away from the media limelight. No one knows whether he is alive or not, even the ones who once shared a strong bond with him (his mother, former girlfriend, and son) lastly stated that they haven’t seen him for a long time. Anyway, we hope that this post was informative and helpful for you all. Thanks for reading!

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