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The Life of Shem Davies: From Young Fatherhood to Young Grandfather

The Life of Shem Davies: From Young Fatherhood to Young Grandfather

Shem Davies is a British media personality who first grabbed the media attention for stepping into the world of fatherhood at the age of 14 only. He went to jail when his daughter was two years old for murdering a guy who stopped him from stealing. And after years, in 2014, his own daughter walked in the same shoes when she turned 13 and got pregnant with her boyfriend, who was the same age. This made Shem the youngest Britain grandfather (at the age of 27 – source) and her former partner the youngest grandmother – who was at the time settled with another man and was living a blissful life with two other children. 

Famous forBeing a father at the age of 14 and a grandfather at 27
PartnerName undisclosed
KidOne daughter
Current statusN/A

In this post, we will be jotting down some interesting facts to know about Shem Davies’s life. Make sure to stay with us until the end!

Shem Davies First Made It To The Headlines When He Held His Daughter At The Age Of 14

Shem Davies was quite young when he became a father to a daughter at the age of fourteen only. It was hard for him, and he even ran away at first, but later decided to take responsibility. He came back and provided a living for his daughter for two good years, but unfortunately, he had to part ways again. 

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He Lost Connection With His Daughter For The Second Time When He Got Sentenced To Jail 

After murdering the person who stopped him from stealing, Shem got sentenced to jail, making him a prominent topic in town once again. This was hard for both his daughter and former girlfriend who later got married to a new man and had two more kids with him. 

He Took The Media Attention By Storm Once Again In 2014

Davies took over the world of social media and news by storm again when his daughter became pregnant at the age of 13 with her boyfriend, who was the same age. She made the news public on her FaceBook account, and when she was 5 months pregnant Shem begged him to abort the baby, as he thought her daughter will go through the same thing. 

But with time, he understood that by emotionally supporting his kid, he could provide her with the living his parents didn’t when he became a father. And following that, he accepted and later became extremely happy for being a young grandparent.

Summing Up!

Shem Davies is still quite popular in the British Empire for making it to the list of young parents and grandparents at such a young age. There isn’t any information about his personal or professional life, but it is said that he is quite satisfied to become a young grandfather, as he could teach his grandkid all the stuff that an old man can never perform. 

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