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All About Stacie Zabka, Wife of William Zabka

All About Stacie Zabka, Wife of William Zabka

Stacie Zabka is a successful businesswoman and celebrity partner from New York, United States. She captured the attention of the paparazzi when she married the famous Hollywood actor, director, and writer William Zabka. Since then, she has become a very loving personality in the media world. William Zabka played an antagonist in the 1986 hit film, “Karate kid.”

Stacie Zabka

A Check Into Stacie Zabka’s Early Life:

Stacie Zabka aka Stacie Lynn Doss was born on May 17, 1974 in the USA. She has Latin Ethnicity and belongs to a Christian family. She went to a renowned school and graduated from a well-known business school in the United States.

She is a career-oriented independent person and knows how to keep a work-life balance very well. Stacie is blond and has lovely green eyes. Her height is 5.3 feet, and she has a slim, attractive body.

Stacie ZabkaWiki/Bio
Full Real NameStacie Lynn Doss
NicknameStacie Zabka
Net Worth$100,000
ProfessionHousewife/ Businesswoman
Stacie Zabka Age48 years old
Birth PlaceThe United States of America
EducationGraduate from College
Weight53 kg (116 lbs)
Height5′ 4″ (163 cm)
Eyes ColorBlue
Hair ColorBlonde
Face ShapeOval
Body TypeHourglass
Body Statistics34-26-36
Sun SignAquarius
Marital statusMarried
Spouse NameWilliam Zabka
Children2 sons
Julia and Daniel
Last Updated2023

She is a career-oriented person and runs her own successful business:

Despite being a wife of a famous star, she never stood back and maintained individuality and a personality of her own. She is an independent lady who is running her own business means she has financial independence.

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Stacie accumulated a net worth of around a hundred thousand dollars, showing her venture is running successfully. It is still unclear what kind of business she is engaged in, but some people report that she is a financial analyst and doing very well in her professional life.

In the 2000’s she met Williams for the first time:

Stacie Zabka and William Zabka met with each other in the early 2000s. In 1982 William Zabka had already started his acting career and appeared in two blockbuster films, The Karate Kid and its sequel, The Karate kid part II. Whereas Stacie was busy handling her business. The duo met and started seeing each other. Afterward, both decided to spend the future together and became husband and wife in holy matrimony.

In 2008, Stacie and William tied the knot and walked down the aisle in a private event:

After dating for a couple of years, the couple got married in 2008. They exchanged vows in a private event, to which only close families and friends were invited. Even though they wanted to keep their special moments private, it did not stop the media from knowing that superstar William Zabka had married Stacie. Once the news went out, Stacie got media attention which was pretty awkward for her as she was not used to this limelight. She became the subject of interest among paparazzi and newspapers. Although they belonged to two different worlds, they managed to keep their marriage successful, as we haven’t heard of any controversies from them. The couple had attended multiple red carpet and promo events together and always seemed contained and happy with each other.

Stacie is a loving daughter-in-law of a famous producer and director of motion pictures, Stan Zabka and Nancy Zabka, a production assistant and producer. Both are popular names in the Hollywood industry. Additionally, her brother-in-law Guy Zabka is a famous songwriter. Her in-laws appreciate her efforts and contribution to their family.

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They have two children together:

As we stated earlier, Stacie and William are private individuals who don’t want to share their life secrets with the media. However, it is assumed from William’s Instagram post that Stacie gave birth to two children. A sure thing about their family is they are living a peaceful life in New York.

Stacie Zabka Husband

6 Fun Facts About Stacie Zabka – A Quick Check On Stacie Zabka

Below, we have listed six exciting facts about Stacie Zabka. Have a look

  • Stacie Zabka hasn’t had an interest in social media.
  • Her favorite food is Italian.
  • She loves to spend her time with her cats.
  • She has three cats and one dog, whose name is Pandel.
  • Stacie hates Chinese food. Especially Souvlaki.
  • Stacie Zabka’s age is 48 years as of 2022.

Stacie Zabka Net Worth: How Rich She Is?

She has accumulated a substantial amount of money through her business endeavors on her own, irrespective of her spouse. The estimated value of Stacie Zabka’s net worth is $100,000. Stacie and her husband have extremely prosperous lives. They live in mansions worth millions and make the most of parenting over there.

Stacie’s Social Media profiles:

Stacie wants to stay away from media buzz and doesn’t want to flaunt her life with the public. Thus she has no social media accounts or profile. Unlike her, William has accounts on multiple social media platforms and shares his life actively. He has a vast following on Instagram, with 952k followers, and on Twitter, with 137k followers. We see Stacie’s life via her husband’s posts and stories.

PlatformProfile Links
YoutubeWatch Stacie Zabka Videos on YouTube

Stacie’s Popularity On Google Trends

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How Old Is Stacie Zabka?

A: Stacie Zabka age (estimated) is 48 years old as of 2023.

Q: How Tall Is Stacie Zabka?

A: Stacie Zabka has a decent height limit that is 5 feet 6 inches.

Q: Is Stacie Zabka Married?

A: Yes, Stacie Zabka is married.

Q: How Many Kids Does Stacie Zabka Have?

A: Stacie Zabka has two kids.

Q: Is Stacie Zabka Lesbian?

A: No, Stacie Zabka isn't lesbian.

Wrapping Up:

Stacie Zabka is the wife of a celebrity. She is married to William Zabka, the most well-known actor in Hollywood, and they have two sons. In 2008, Stacie and William exchanged vows to become husband and wife. However, she feels likely hiding her marital life. She runs her own business and is a devoted wife and mother. Stacie is incredibly dedicated to her family and has an enjoyable and luxurious lifestyle.

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