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The Order Season Review, Season’s Plot, Trailer, Release Date, and More

The Order Season Review, Season’s Plot, Trailer, Release Date, and More

The Order series is a Supernatural TV drama and horror series. Season pursues Jack Morton’s story, a college student who discovers dark magic arts. This Series consists of Season 1 & Season 2, each of ten (10) episodes. This story surrounds Jack Morton, who went out to punish his mother’s death, spoiled into magic with the assistance of Alyssa, who is a tour guide at Belgrave University.

The Order Season (April 2024)

The Order season cast is worth watching and entertaining the storyline is awesome among love and hate, life and revenge. Now, let’s put a flash on The Order season 3 release date, past season’s recaps, and more.

CreatorDennis Heaton
Released SeasonsSeasons 1 & 2
Release DateMarch 7, 2019
March 7, 2019Netflix
GenresDrama, Horror fiction, Supernatural fiction

Review of The Order Season 1

The story started with Jack. The latter enters Belgrave University where he strides into the World of dark magic. He takes revenge against those people who killed his mother. Jack enters the secret society, which is known as The Order, and he discovers that there is a constant war between the Magical Dark Arts and Werewolves users.

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No.TitleOriginal release date
1"Hell Week, Part 1"March 7, 2019
2"Hell Week, Part 2"March 7, 2019
3Part 1 Introduction To EthicsMarch 7, 2019
4Part 2 Introduction To EthicsMarch 7, 2019
5"Homecoming, Part 1"March 7, 2019
6"Homecoming, Part 2"March 7, 2019
7"Undeclared, Part 1"March 7, 2019
8"Undeclared, Part 2"March 7, 2019
9"Finals, Part 1"March 7, 2019
10"Finals, Part 2"March 7, 2019

Review of The Order Season 2

The Order Season 2 is full of a journey at the Hermetic Order of the blue rose. The Order Season 2 consists of 10 episodes. The trailer of Season 2 was released on 15 June 2020. However, The Order season 3 release date is not aired yet.

No.TitleOriginal release date
11"Free Radicals, Part 1"June 18, 2020
12"Free Radicals, Part 2"June 18, 2020
13"Fear Itself, Part 1"June 18, 2020
14"Fear Itself, Part 2"June 18, 2020
15"The Commons, Part 1"June 18, 2020
16"The Commons, Part 2"June 18, 2020
17"Spring Outbreak, Part 1"June 18, 2020
18"Spring Outbreak, Part 2"June 18, 2020
19Part 1 New World OrderJune 18, 2020
20"New World Order Part 2"June 18, 2020


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The Order Seasons 3 Trailer & Release Date

The Order season trailer for season 3 is not launched. It looks like season 3 will not be released due to the cancellation of Netflix after two seasons. Well, you can grab an idea of the plot by watching the trailer of The Order season 2.

Final Thoughts

The Order is an American Supernatural Drama series. Netflix has canceled the 3rd season of The Order horror drama series and they are not sure about the final season. It seems that there is no chance of this drama. The main reason for cancellation by Netflix is unknown yet, but it is estimated that due to refusal of viewership, the authority acquires the following step. Well, everybody is excited about the Season 3 of The Order series. Just like Cruel Summer Season 2, we can only hope that The Order season 3 brings more suspense and mysteries than the first two seasons.

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Order Season

Q. Will there be the 3rd season of the Order?

A. Netflix already announced about the Order season 3 that The Order would not be back for season 3.

Q. Why is Order Season 3 canceled?

A. Real facts behind the cancellation of Season 3 of The Order are still unknown but it seems that it is because of the down of viewership numbers not meeting the outlook as Netflix hopes.

Q. When Will the Order new season come out?

A. As of March 2022, for a new season, there is no schedule. It seems that it may be on a break for next season. We will update as soon as there is an announcement about The Order Season 3.

Q. Is the Order a Horror Show?

A. The Order series is full of dark magic, horror drama TV series which is created by Dennis Heaton and is written by Shelley Eriksen, jeJennicaarper, Heaton, Rachel Langer, and JasonFiliatrault. On March 7, 2019, The Order season premiered on Netflix.

Eulogia Suarez

Wednesday 27th of July 2022

Best series ever. Wanna give it a 10 on 10 rating... Waiting for next season.