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Tom Hanks Called ‘The Da Vinci Code’ Movies “Nonsense”!

Tom Hanks Called ‘The Da Vinci Code’ Movies “Nonsense”!

Tom Hanks has worked in the Da Vinci Code franchise as Robert Langdon for straight 10 years or maybe more. The thriller film started back in 2006, and as of now, it has many seasons, and each season has Hanks as one of the lead characters. But for some unknown reason, in the last few seasons, Tom isn’t a part of this franchise, and that’s why fans asked him to share remarks on what’s happening. And if you are also one of those, start reading this post until the bottom line hits you up!

Tom Hanks Called 'The Da Vinci Code' Movies

Tom Hank’s movie “The Da Vinci Code”

Here’s What Tom Hanks Said About The Da Vinci Code Movies:

Tom Hanks is one of the famous actors and filmmakers in our entertainment industry who has appeared in countless movies, shows, and dramas. And reportedly, he has never appeared in any drama series or franchise except Da Vinci Code. But recently, Tom shared his negative remarks on the Da Vinci Code franchise and called it a “Hooey.”

He said, “these movies are cash grabs.” Well, nobody knows why after working in The Da Vinci Code movies for a long time, Hanks shared such negative remarks. But after listening to his statements, fans realize why he isn’t a part of the drama franchise anymore.

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An Old ‘The Da Vinci Code’ Interview’ With Tom Hanks

Many people are shocked to see the negative side of their favorite film star, and on the other hand, many people believe Hank’s words and have shared the same thoughts about the franchise.

Tom Hanks has got the social media attention by storm by sharing negative remarks on the franchise in which he has worked for more than a decade. And as we said above, many people are hating on him for his statements, and many fans believe in his words. Well, what do you guys think about it? – Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.