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Who is Tristan Hemsworth? Meet Chris Hemsworth Son

Who is Tristan Hemsworth? Meet Chris Hemsworth Son

Tristan Hemsworth is a 7-year-old boy famous for his connection with a celebrity family. His father’s name is Chris Hemsworth, an actor from Australia. And his mother’s name is Elsa Pataky, an actress from Spain. As mentioned, Tristan belongs to a celebrity family, so he would also be a part of the social media spotlight. Many people are curious about this child’s megastar life insights. And if you are one of them, you should read this post to the final line because, here, we will tell you everything about Tristan Hemsworth age, height, weight, net worth, and many other things. So read on to know more.

Tristan Hemsworth

Who Is Tristan Hemsworth? Cousins And Grandparents

Tristan Hemsworth took his first breath on March 18, 2014, in Los Angeles, California. Tristan Hemsworth’s nationality is American, and his ethnicity and religion are unknown.

In addition, he is a blue-eyed boy with blonde hair color naturally, and his zodiac sign is Pisces. However, as mentioned above, his father’s name is Chris Hemsworth, an actor from Australia. And his mother’s name is Elsa Pataky, an actress from Spain. Also, he has two siblings, Sasha Hemsworth (Tristan Hemsworth Twin) and India Rose Hemsworth (9 yrs old). Moreover, his other family relatives, such as his uncles Luke Hemsworth, who is married to Samantha Hemsworth, and Liam Hemsworth, who was recently married to American singer Miley Cyrus are also famous personalities in this Hollywood industry.

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His uncle Liam is a famous personality who has worked in many TV shows and dramas such as The Expendables 2, The Hunger Games, The Last Song, Westworld, and Hickok.

Tristan Hemsworth’s grandparents, Craig Hemsworth and Leonie Hemsworth, are under the social media spotlight for their live-in relationship and young-looking personality.

Tristan Hemsworth Cousins

Tristan Hemsworth GrandparentsTristan Hemsworth Parents

Tristan HemsworthWiki/Info
Full NameTristan Hemsworth
Father's nameChris Hemsworth
Mother's NameElsa Pataky
SiblingsSasha Hemsworth (Twin), India Rose Hemsworth (9 yrs old)
BirthdateMarch 18, 2014
Age9 years
Weight18 Kgs
Height3 feet 7 inches
Birth placeLos Angeles, California
Net Worth$5 Million
Eye colorBlue
Hair ColorBlonde
Zodiac signPisces
Info Updated2024

Career Insights

As mentioned above, Tristan is famous for being one of the celebrity family members. So there isn’t anything to say about his career. But if we look at his parents’ career, his father joined the film industry in the early 2000s, and on the other hand, his mother was a model, and later she joined the film industry (in 2005).

Net Worth Insights

As of reports, Tristan parents share their net worth with their children. It means we will estimate Tristan’s net worth by his parents’ net worth. So the estimated Tristan Hemsworth net worth is $5 to $10 million. And the estimation of Tristan’s parents’ net worth comes from the film industry in which they are working right now.

Personal Life Insights

Tristan is only an 8-year-old boy, so we don’t think that he is dating anyone – at this moment. Also, there isn’t any information regarding the official statement of this cute little boy about his relationship status.

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Popularity On Google

Wrap Up!

Tristan is a cool-minded kid who got famous because of his mom and dad. But, we must include that people are also curious about his life and personality because of his crazy interests and hobbies. This little boy is obsessed with swimming pools and car racing shows. Also, he loves to spend most of his time playing video games. Well, there is no information about his educational background. But according to some rumors, Tristan is assumed to be acquiring his education from a reputed educational institution. However, it would be best to keep scrolling to know Tristan’s current age, height, weight, and personality traits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Old Is Tristan Hemsworth?

A: Tristan Hemsworth age is eight years only as of 2022.

Q: How Tall Is Tristan Hemsworth?

A: Tristan Hemsworth height is 3 feet 7 feet.

Q: What’s Tristan Hemsworth Weight?

A: Tristan Hemsworth weighs 18 Kg.

Q: Is Tristan Hemsworth Married?

A: No, Tristan Hemsworth isn't married.

Q: Is Tristan Hemsworth A Transgender?

A: No, Tritan Hemsworth isn't transgender.


Tuesday 21st of June 2022

I searched for his uncle (the Hunger Game movie character) but found this adorable cute guy! Well, btw the information you guys gave about his family was amazing ❤️


Sunday 20th of March 2022

I am just amazed how these questions are posted, regarding and 8 year old child married Identity,. The Hemsworth Family have adorable children