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Who Is Aespa Ningning? Untold facts about her age, net worth, real name, and more

Who Is Aespa Ningning? Untold facts about her age, net worth, real name, and more

Aespa Ningning is a talented singer from China known for her voice in the popular K-pop group Aespa. Before Aespa, she was part of a team called SM Rookies, starting in 2016. Apart from that, she did other things that helped her grab fame, including being on a show called “My SMT” and singing for a cartoon named “Shining Star.”​​

Net Worth$1.5 Million
Age21 years
Source of WealthCareer as a singer

Ningning Real Name Is Ning Yizhuo

Ningning was born as Ning Yizhuo on October 23, 2002, in Harbin, China. Her Korean name is Jeo Ye Tak, and she is also known by the English name Vivian Ning. She’s a Libra by zodiac sign and is currently 21 years old. Her height is 161 cm (5’3″), and she weighs around 43 kg (94 lbs). 

Ningning’s love for singing began in her childhood. To support her passion, her parents moved from Northeast China to Changsha, Hunan. She attended the High School Affiliated with Harbin Normal University and also studied at the Contemporary Conservatory of Music (CMA) in Beijing. 

Birth nameNing Yizhuo
Known asNingning / Jeo Ye Tak
Date of birth23 October 2002
Age21 years
BirthplaceHarbin, China
Famous AsMusic Artist
EducationUniversity Graduate
Zodiac signSagittarius
Father’s nameN/A
Mother’s nameN/A
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She Came Under The Media Limelight In 2020 As A Member of the K Pop Group Aespa

In 2020, Ningning and her group Aespa made a big splash with their song “Black Mamba”. This song was a huge hit and got lots of views really fast. After that, they released more songs like “Next Level” and an album called “Savage”, which lots of people loved. And with time, the group even won big awards for their music​​.

Pictures of Ningning Aespa

Pictures of Ningning Aespa

Aespa kept doing great, releasing more music and even performing at big events like Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and Coachella. They also got recognized in magazines and won more awards​​. Their next big album, “Girls”, came out in 2022 and was super popular, selling a bunch of copies​​.

They also did shows in Japan and the USA and even performed at the UN and on TV shows​​. Moving on, Aespa has a reality show “Synk Road,” where they show adventure in finding special cards and doing other activities. In 2023, they had their first big concert tour and released more singles​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​.

She Makes $1.5 Million

According to KpopStarz.Com, Ningning has an estimated net worth of approximately $1.5 million. This wealth primarily comes from her successful career with aespa, but she also earns through brand deal endorsements. 

She Keeps Her Love Life Private

Ningning keeps her love life away from the public eye. There are no known details about her dating history, and she hasn’t been involved in any dating rumors.

Summing Up!

Ningning, a member of the sensational K-pop group Aespa, has made a remarkable impact in the music industry. Her journey from studying at the High School Affiliated to Harbin Normal University and the Contemporary Conservatory of Music to becoming a key member of Aespa is quite inspiring for other young artists out there. Anyway, we hope that this post was informative and helpful for you all. Thanks for reading!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is Ningning's role in Aespa?

A: Ningning is a singer in Aespa, known for her powerful vocals.

Q: Has Ningning participated in any global music collaborations?

A: Ningning has primarily collaborated within the framework of Aespa. Any global collaborations outside this scope are not widely known.

How did Ningning get discovered by SM Entertainment?

A: Details of Ningning's discovery by SM Entertainment are not widely known.

Q: Does Ningning have any solo projects outside aespa?

A: As of now, Ningning is primarily focused on her work with Aespa, and there are no widely known solo projects.