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Wealthy Celebrity Team

Wealthy Celebrity Team

At Wealthy Celebrity, our dedicated team aims to please our visitors with all things published on our website. 

Meet the team!

Gabriel Tapang, Owner & Writer

Gabriel logo pic May 2024 I’ve always been engrossed in the study of fascinating people and believe that spreading awareness of their stories can help ignite passions in others who may not yet fully know themselves.

I’m a father, husband, and lifelong 9-to-5 grinder who is dedicated to the cult of Crossfit and listening to self-help audiobooks when I’m not writing. Gabriel is inspired by the life of Tony Robbins. I don’t understand politics.

Gabriel’s Favorite Quote:

“We have two lives; the second begins when we realize we only have one.” – Confucius

Gabe’s LinkedIn

Brira Junaid, Part Owner & Writer

Brira pic May 2024

As an entertainment news nomad and strategic SEO content writer, I have a deep passion for rising stars and internet personalities. With love for the glamorous world of famous peeps, reality TV, books, convivial aphorisms, photography, travel, and caffeine, I bring my enthusiasm to cover ‘All From The Star’s Planet’ through my writing. By uncovering the captivating stories and fascinating lives of the rich and famous, I offer a glimpse into celebrity culture.

Brira’s favorite celebrity is Kylie Jenner.

Brira’s Favorite Quote:

“When all eyes are on you, choose your words wisely and lead with integrity. It’s not just about being in charge, but about being responsible for the impact.”

Brira’s LinkedIn

Hassan Saleem, Co-founder & Editor-in-Chief

Hassan SaleemHassan Saleem is the Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder of the Wealthy Celebrity website. He is known for his industry knowledge and aptitude to break the news wherever it happens. For Graphics and Blogging, Hassan has a fierce passion.

He is the website’s executive content Critic, having previously reviewed many articles to provide excellent user readability with crystal clear information and vivid graphics. He is always proactive to ensure the selection and curation of the site’s content. Hassan’s favorite billionaire is Michael Oher.

Hassan’s Favorite Quote:

“If you want to get to the good, you have to go through the bad. For a designer, the key to great ideas is not just having them, but creatively executing them”.

Asad Hanif, Co-founder & Executive Editor

Asad Hanif

Asad Hanif is an Executive Editor, SEO/SMO expert, Content Creator, and Co-Founder of He has always been concerned about fulfilling a need for a reliable and authentic online source that delivers precise information regarding celebrity biographies, entertainment buzz, and net worth.

He achieved the goal with an entrepreneurial mindset and is currently participating in the coverage as editor and strategist of the content. His overall responsibility is to streamline all the practices governing the selection process for the website. His favorite billionaire is Matt Kaplan.

Asad’s Favorite Quote:

“There are so many things out there to explore for you! Always strive to be better and let others grow with you. Do not just spend your life, live it fully to do something remarkable”