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Who Is Brian Tyree Henry Dating? Here’s The Shocking Scoop About His Love Life

Who Is Brian Tyree Henry Dating? Here’s The Shocking Scoop About His Love Life

Brian Tyree Henry is an actor from the United States of America who rose to stardom for portraying the role of Alfred “Paper Boi” Miles in the comedy-drama series “Atlanta.” He started his career in theatre and got nominated for multiple awards for his performances, including a Tony Award nomination for “Lobby Hero” and two Primetime Emmy Awards for his work in “Atlanta” and “This Is Us.” 

Other than that, some of his prominent projects are “If Beale Street Could Talk,” “Joker,” “Child’s Play,” “Vice Principals,’” and “Widows.” He has also appeared in a Marvel superhero film called “Eternals,” as the first openly gay under the MCU films, which made many interested in who is Brian Tyree Henry dating. (Source)

And in this post, we will discuss Brian Tyree Henry love life in detail. Read on!

Who Is Brian Tyree Henry Dating? Putting a Flash on His Current Love Life and Past Relationships!

In the film Eternals, Brian Tyree Henry was married to Haaz Sleiman’s character, with whom he has one child in the movie. But when the actor came out as gay back in 2017 under the MSU films, this casting made the audience wonder if the actor is gay in real life as well. 

And since then, Henry hasn’t said anything about his love life publicly, not even whether he is actually gay or not, no one knows who the actor is currently dating. Moreover, according to his interview with GQ in 2018, he said, “How can I date anybody when I’m still grieving, man? I’m a mess. I’m a walking mess. I’m not bringing nobody else into that until I know who the f*** I am wholly.”

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Summing Up!

Brian Tyree Henry is a talented entertainer in the American film industry who has reached the heights of success with his acting skills. He is also known for being a comedian. Anyway, we hope that this post was informative and helpful for you all. Thanks for reading!