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Island Boys Net Worth: How Much Money Do These Twin Rappers Make?

Island Boys Net Worth: How Much Money Do These Twin Rappers Make?

Island Boy’s net worth is around $700,000, which they earn from their career as musicians. Basically, the Island Boys is an American band formed by two twin brothers – Franky Venegas and Alex Venegas (born on July 16, 2001). These two young talented guys are known by their stage names Kodiyakredd & Flyysoulja. And they grabbed the media attention after their song “Island Boys” went viral on TikTok.

Island Boys Musican

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Island Boy’s Net Worth Is $700,000

Island Boys has been earning $700,000 every year since their song “Island Boys” went viral worldwide. This makes them one of the highest-paid “Emerging” musicians in the United States. Their salary is around $500,000.

  • Net Worth Per Month: $41.2k
  • Net Worth Per Week: $9.6k
  • Net Worth Per Day: $1.4k

This Is What Island Boys Revealed About Their Sources Of Income:

The twin brothers recently told the media that they earn a generous amount from their songs, social media profiles, and collaborations. Also, they revealed that they have a merch website (Island Boys), from which they collect hundreds of dollars on a monthly basis.

Island Boys Source of Income

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Where Island Boys Spend Their Money?

Before grabbing the media attention, Island Boys were living a normal life in a middle-class family. And currently, they have two mansions in the United States, three luxurious cars, and eye-catching jewelry, for which we can say that they love spending their money to have the “Luxu” lifestyle they are living right now.

A Bit About The Beginning Of Their Career

They started their career in 2021. They gained fame after their first song, which is called “Island Boys.” The song first went viral on the widely known application – TikTok and later attracted music lovers around the world in a month only.

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They Are Currently Considered The Best Emerging Rappers In The US

After becoming popular around the world, these boys are currently one of the best emerging yet talented rappers. Moreover, they have collaborated with several well-known musicians, including Shawty Call Me Daddy and Prince Ben.


  • These boys grabbed the media’s attention with their song “Island Boys.”
  • Their song went viral on TikTok.
  • In the same month of getting viral on TikTok, they became widely popular.
  • They are currently managing a merch website.
  • They now collaborate with well-known fellow rappers and musicians.


The Island Boys band has now gathered enough media attention around the world, but the exceptional personalities – Kodiyakredd & Flyysoulja, are still working hard to serve their fans the best music. They have an estimated net worth of $500,000, and they currently reside in the United States.

Island Boys Famous Tiktoker and Musicians

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