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Ken Burns’s The US and the Holocaust: 10 Facts You Didn’t Know

Ken Burns’s The US and the Holocaust: 10 Facts You Didn’t Know

Ken Burns is a well-known filmmaker, documentary expert, and actor who has been spending most of his days in New Hampshire for the last few years to discover the untold stories that the United States of America has kept away from the media limelight for a quite long time. And recently, he announced his television series “The US and the Holocaust,” which started premiering on television on Sunday, September 18, 2022.

In the series, Ken will be unfolding sad and sometimes “Real” shocking insights about the US. Moreover, by streaming it on television or online, you can discover what America did and didn’t, do and what we should do now to make it even.

Ken Burn Bio

Ken Burns pictures from “The US and the Holocaust”

Ken Burns’s “The US and the Holocaust” Is Premiering On The PBS stations and PBS Documentaries Prime Video Channel

On Sunday, September 18, 2022, “The US and the Holocaust” premiered on The PBS stations and PBS Documentaries Prime Video Channel. It’s a three-part documentary and will revolve around the mentioned storyline.

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Burns Has Been Working On “The US and the Holocaust” Since 2015

In a recent interview,  Burns and his co-directors Lynn Novick and Sarah Botstein stated that they have been working on “The US and the Holocaust” since 2015, and in the same year, they requested several television channels to run it, but he refused.

His “The US and the Holocaust” Is Inspired By The Holocaust Memorial Museum Incident

The filmmaker Ken revealed the insights of the Holocaust Memorial Museum, where he discovered that about 125,000 Germans, most of them Jewish, immigrated to the United States of America from 1933 to 1945, and the other 300,000 were left alone on the waiting list with 500,000 others in 1938 and 1939.

This incident really disappointed Ken, and on top of that, he was shocked the US had kept it away from the limelight all these years. That’s why in “The US and the Holocaust,” he will unfold some insights regarding this case as well to educate the upcoming generation of America.

After Getting Lots Of Hate, Ken Revealed That “The US and the Holocaust” Are To Educate People (Not To Criticize the US)

After the storyline of Ken’s upcoming television series/documentary, the audience had so much hate to spread about why Ken is promoting stuff that is disrespectful to the United States. And fortunately, before the premiere date, Ken came out and explained that he wants to educate people about the deep tunnels of the state they are living in – nothing else.

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Ken Faced Problems To Bring The Victims In Front Of The Camera In The US and the Holocaust

Ken also revealed in the same interview that he faced problems bringing the authentic victims on television in his documentary. But still, somehow, he managed to do so by taking the help of co-directors – Lynn Novick and Sarah Botstein.

Burns Canceled Many Projects To Complete The US and the Holocaust

Ken stated that while making the “The US and the Holocaust” documentary, he canceled around four projects so that he could focus on the storyline even more closely. Furthermore, he said, “Complications are just a part of life, and now after seeing the success of my upcoming project, I am satisfied.”

He Talks About Rape & Sexual Harassment Women Faced Throughout These Years In The United States

Ken told the media that the 1994 and their recent shambolic exit from Afghanistan had affected millions of women and girls in danger without a cause. Moving on, he stated that he would proudly promote awareness regarding this matter in the “The US and the Holocaust” documentary.

Ken Will Do Whatever It Takes To Make The US Balance In The US and the Holocaust

As mentioned, “The US and the Holocaust” is all about what America did and didn’t do and what we should do now to make it even. And following this statement, Ken will be ready to unfold all the shocking news politicians have been keeping away from the citizens of America so that they never perform things that are not good for the US reputation.

The America First Movement Carry Echoes Of The 1930s And 1940s – Which Will Affect Ken’s The US and the Holocaust The Most

Burns hasn’t talked much about this matter with the media yet. That’s why we cannot say anything about it right now.

He Is All Set To Appear On The American Buffalo After His Appearance In The US and the Holocaust The Most

At the end of the interview, when the host asked Ken about his upcoming projects, he revealed that he will make his appearance in the upcoming film “The American Buffalo” in the future. Moreover, he revealed that the storyline revolves around the destroyed buffalo and the Native Americans we romanticized in 1913.

Ken Burns is one of the most well-known documentary filmmakers out there. Whether he is producing television specials or full documentaries, he likes to examine fascinating topics and people in his work. The ten facts presented here are just a sampling of what he has done, but it provides a great introduction for those who are not familiar with his work or his tremendous impact on documentary filmmaking in general.

Ken Burn Film maker

Pictures of one of the most well-known documentary filmmakers “Ken Burns”

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