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Meet Kevin O’Leary Daughter, Savannah O’Leary: Here’s All You Need To Know

Meet Kevin O’Leary Daughter, Savannah O’Leary: Here’s All You Need To Know

Kevin O’Leary’s daughter is named Savannah O’Leary. She, along with her siblings, has been relatively private compared to her father.

Terence Thomas Kevin O’Leary, also known as Kevin O’Leary and Mr. Wonderful, is a Canadian businessman, media personality, investor, and journalist. He is mainly known as one of the sharks of the Shark Tank, the American version of Dragons’ Den. He has also appeared in television shows like SqueezePlay, The Lang and O’Leary Exchange, and Dragons’ Den and Redemption Inc.

He recently got involved in a boating accident alongside his wife, which made many curious about his family life, especially his daughter, Savannah. And in this post, we will put a deep flash on her age, education, siblings, and more. Read on!

Kevin O’Leary Daughter, Savannah, Was Born In 1993

Kevin O’Leary daughter, Savannah, was born in 1993 (her complete date of birth and birthplace are not available to the public yet). She is currently 28 years old and works as a Head of Video and Associate Creative Director at Purpose, a social impact agency. Other than that, she seems quite interested in the entertainment industry. She attended NYU Tisch to get a BFA in Film Production, which she later utilized to work as a director and editor, and completed a documentary short entitled The Making of Panthera. She resides in New York City.

Pictures of Savannah with her family

Pictures of Savannah with her family

She previously worked as a Multimedia Producer at HuffPost. According to, she has one brother named Trevor. 

Trevor Is Currently 25 Years Old 

Trevor is the youngest child of Kevin O’Leary. He works at McGill University in Canada as an Electrical Engineering student and on the school’s design team with fellow top undergrads building electric cars, including Formula 1 race cars. He is also quite interested in music and has worked as a DJ and a music producer.

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Summing Up!

Kevin O’Leary daughter and his son are following in their father’s footsteps by pursuing their own careers and making a decent amount of money for a living. Many believe it is because Kevin always wanted his children to do something for themselves, and it might be true since the audience has noticed throughout these years how these two siblings grew up while working hard to achieve their goals. Anyway, we hope this post was helpful. Thanks for reading!