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Who Is Lena The Plug (Adam 22’s Wife)? Let’s Uncover All About Her Life & Career

Who Is Lena The Plug (Adam 22’s Wife)? Let’s Uncover All About Her Life & Career

Lena Nersesian is an American-based YouTuber and fitness enthusiast known for her ‘baddie’ personality, where she shows a bold image to her audience on her channel “Lena The Plug.” She has been a fitness freak since her teenage years, and after stepping into her 20s, she decided to utilize her physique to increase her brand awareness on her social media platforms, where she now helps thousands of men and women get their dream bodies.

Net Worth$500,000
OccupationYouTuber and fitness coach
Age33 years
Source of WealthCareer as a social media star

Lena is the wife of fellow YouTuber Adam22 – known for being a podcaster and for his tattoos.

Below we have compiled everything you need to know about Adam22’s wife, her net worth, age, career, and more. 

Adam22 and Lena the plug
Adam22 and Lena the plug (Source: Men’s Health)

Lena The Plug Graduated From The University Of California

Lena The Plug was born on June 1, 1991, in California, to a family where everything was seen from a conservative mindset. She found her independence when she attended the University of California and made connections, which landed her the idea of starting her YouTube channel. She later moved to Sweden to pursue higher studies, but due to her budding career as a social media star, she chose to stop her education, as she started traveling to different places for the sake of her social status.

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Lena The PlugWiki/Bio
Real NameLena Nersesian
Known asLena The Plug
Date of birthJune 1, 1991
Age33 years
BirthplaceCalifornia, the United States of America
Famous AsSocial media star
Height5 ft. 1 inch
Weight132 lbs. (60kg)
Eye colorDark brown
Hair colorBrown
Last updated2023

She Started Her Career In 2016

Lena The Plug started her career in 2016 by creating her YouTube channel, where she started uploading fitness videos, then later added a traveling niche as well, which she performs with her boyfriend – Adam22. She currently has over a million subscribers, and her Instagram has 750.9K followers.

She has now started a podcast ‘Touchy Subject,’ where she interviews other content creators and gets to ask the questions she usually hesitates to ask on ‘Plug Talk’ the podcast she co-hosts with Adam22.

The Same Year, She Got Romantically Linked With A Fellow YouTuber And Podcaster

Lena The Plug and Adam22 have been together since 2016. They have appeared in a bunch of videos together and have one child. They love traveling together and like to share their routine on their social media profiles.

Lena Lives A Comfortable Life With Her Net Worth Of $500,000

According to WealthyGorilla.Com, Lena The Plug’s net worth is $500,000. She accumulates this account from her social media profiles, including YouTube, Instagram, and OnlyFans.

Lesser-Known Facts To Know About Lena The Plug

1. Lena The Plug is also an OnlyFans Star who has appeared in multiple videos throughout her YouTubing career.
2. She has been dating Adam22 since 2016 and has one child with him.
3. Her height is 5 feet 1 inch, and she weighs around 60 kg.
4. She likes to dye her hair in light brown shades.
5. Her YouTube channel has 1.6 million subscribers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does Lena The Plug make?
A: As of now, Lena The Plug’s net worth is around $500,000.

Q: Where is Lena The Plug from?
A: Lena The Plug is from California

Q: Who is Lena The Plug dating?
A: Lena The Plug has been dating a fellow YouTuber – Adam22 since 2016. Many believe that the couple is married, but they have made it clear multiple times that it’s not true.

Q: How did Lena The Plug get famous?
A: Lena The Plug rose to stardom for her fit physique, which she shows off on her social media profiles while helping others to achieve the body of their dreams.

Summing Up

Lena Nersesian is going to break social norms very soon with her amazing fact-telling personality, moral full videos, and imposing mindset. Anyway, if you still have any questions regarding this YouTuber’s personal or professional life, feel free to share your remarks with us in the comment box below.