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Meet Quandale Dingle Jr, The High School Meme Guy

Meet Quandale Dingle Jr, The High School Meme Guy

Quandale Dingle is an American-based high school football player for a New Jersey team called the Pennsauken Indians. He rose to fame when a well-known TikTok star found a video recording of his team on YouTube, where people spotted his name – “Dingle” on the backside of his jersey. According to the YouTuber – Aztrosist, Dingle got the media limelight for the Quandale Dingle voice Aztrosist added in his viral video.

OccupationSchool football player
Net Worth$80K-$85K (not confirmed)
Age40-45 Years (as per

20-25 Years (as per
Source of WealthN/A
Last UpdatedApril 2024
Quandale Dingle bio

Pictures of Quandale Dingle playing for New Jersey Team “Pennsauken Indians”

Quandale Dingle Is Extremely Private About His Life 

Quandale hasn’t revealed his birth name and hometown to the internet. Furthermore, the information about the Dingle family is unknown. Talking about Quandale Dingle’s schooling and other educational backgrounds, he attended Quandale Dingle university – New Jersey Interscholastic Athletic Association (NJSIAA) to polish his football skills.

Birth nameQuandale Jack Dingle
Known as Quandale Dingle
Date of birthN/A
Age40-45 Years (as per internet source 1)
20-25 Years (as per internet source 2)
Not Confirmed
Famous AsInternet Sensation
Zodiac signN/A
Father’s nameN/A
Mother’s nameN/A
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How Old Is He?

Quandale age is still a mystery but as per different internet sources, it ranges from 20 years-45 years. One of the internet sources says it’s around 40-45 years while another source says it’s around 20-25 years.  But nothing is confirmed as of now and we will update accordingly once there will be some authentic information.

Is He Real? Explained:

As mentioned above, Dingle got the media spotlight when thousands of famous social media personalities started reposting his viral video that was edited by the well-known YouTube starAztrosist. In the video, the Aztrosist screenshotted a random picture of a school football player – Quandale Dingle, and then voiced over his video, where he said:-

“Sup guys, My name is Quandale Dingle. I am breaking out of prison on May 14.”

Well, as of now,  hasn’t revealed his identity to the media yet, but still, many TikTokers, including Suggs Guy, Ayedocc, and Remsoios, are continuously sharing Quandale memes and songs – for which people can’t get over searching about is Dingle is a real person or not.

According to the current Quandale Dingle News, the meme boy has died. But as nothing got confirmed officially, we can’t state anything more. But, Gen-Z is pretty obsessed with him and swarming the social media platforms with memes and posts.

This Is How Much He Makes?

As of April 2024, Dingle estimated net worth is said to be around $80K-$85K (not confirmed) that he earns from his career as a school football player.

Net worth$80K-$85K (not confirmed)
Source of incomeN/A

Favorite Things

Favorite FoodN/A
Favorite ColorBlack and while
Favorite PlaceCalifornia
Favorite TV Show/MovieN/A
Favorite ActorJoseph Morgan
Favorite ActressDanielle Panabaker
Favorite SingerNicki Minaj
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Quandale Dingle Wikipedia And Other Social Media Profiles


Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What are Quandale Dingle's lyrics?

A: You can also listen to the full Quandale Dingle lyrics on YouTube - since Aztrosist released his voice-over.

Q: Is there anyone named Quandale Dingle?

A: No. According to the U.S. Social Security Administration ( public data, there is no record of the name Quandale Dingle.

Q: When was Quandale Dingle born?

A: Quandale Dingle hasn't revealed his date of birth to the media.

Q: What does Quandale Dingle actually look like?

A: Unfortunately, Quandale Dingle faces closeups pictures are not available on the internet.

Q: Is Quandale a real name?

A: Quandale is a real name that was founded back in the 1880s season. However, the full real name of Quandale is ‘Quandale Jack Dingle’.

Q: Who makes the Quandale Dingle audios?

A: Quandale Dingle audios are made by a YouTuber - Aztrosist.

Q: Who is Quandale Dingle's brother?

A: The information about Quandale Dingle's brother is not available on the internet.

Q: How do you pronounce Quandale Dingle?

A: Quandale Dingle's name pronunciation is available in this YouTube Video.

Q: What does the last name Dingle mean?

A: Dingle means a deep wooded valley or dell.

Q: Is Quandale Dingle a criminal?

A: No, Quandale Dingle isn't a criminal. The video where the YouTuber has shown that he is planning to make it out from the jail is voiced over.

Q: Who is Quandale Dingle's cousin?

A: The information about Quandale Dingle's cousin is unknown.

Q: Where can I convert Quandale Dingle's text to speech?

A: You can use any online reliable text-to-speech tool or software to convert his made-up statements into speech.

Q: Where is Quandale Dingle academy?

A: Quandale Dingle has attended several academies throughout his career as a school play. And he once enrolled at New Jersey Interscholastic Athletic Association (NJSIAA).

Q: Is the Quandale Dingle death rumor true?

A: The internet sensation - Quandale Dingle died in May 2022. But as of now, the information about whether the news is authentic or not is unknown.

Quandale has been a part of the media spotlight since 2021. But for some unknown reason, he never came out in public and shared anything about his personal and professional life with the media. Moreover, as of now, people are spreading rumors about Dingle’s death. But as mentioned, no one has confirmed whether the news is authentic or not.

Quandale Dingle aMERICAN Footbal player

Quandale Dingle, an American School Football player

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