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Who Was Sherry Shriner? Know Everything About Her

Who Was Sherry Shriner? Know Everything About Her

Sherry Shriner was the first American chief of the Alien Reptile Cult globally who was famous for being the self-acclaimed messenger of probably the most extreme God. Also, she is well known for struggling in opposition to Satan/Lucifer – who she wrote is a deceiver to humankind. Moreover, in a Sherry Shriner picture, she stated that alien reptilians are kind, but the world is taking them wrong. That’s why they hide in caves and underground worlds. Well, if you want to know more, tune into the post right now.

Early Life

Sherry Shriner was born in 1975 (her complete date of birth is not available on the internet), somewhere in the United States of America. Well, for some unknown reason, there isn’t much information about Sherry’s past life on the internet. That’s why we can’t say anything about her parents and siblings.

Sherry Shriner Biography

But if we talk about her educational background, there is little information. According to Sherry Shriner Wikipedia, until her college admission, Sherry enrolled herself in several schools. In the early 1980s, she graduated from Kent State University with a degree in journalism.

Sherry Shriner Biography

Birth nameSherry Shriner
Known asAlien Reptile Cult
Date of birth1975
BirthplaceUnited States of America
Zodiac signNot confirmed
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair colorDark brown
Age45 years
Height5 feet 5 inches
Father’s nameNot available
Mother’s nameNot available
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Career Insights

Sherry Shriner career started on Facebook with her weird beliefs. She started a group on Facebook, where she shared hundreds of unbelievable truths of this world and alien reptiles that exist. Well, she gained popularity after writing a book, ‘Interview with the devil,’ where she shared the devil’s point of view about this world and humans.

Sherry Shriner career

Also, she stated that alien reptiles are the worst enemy of the devil because Alien reptiles are kind and want everybody’s life in peace, but the devil always tries to deceive humankind and force people to do bad things that they shouldn’t.

Sherry Shriner career

There are also many documentaries based on Sherry’s life story. And the most famous Sherry Shriner documentary of the last year was ‘The devil you know.’

Was Sherry Shriner Married?

According to a few sources and a Sherry Shriner picture, Sherry Shriner was dating Steven Moneo – a 32-years-old businessman and a social media personality. The couple was dating secretly for a short time, and in 2017, Sherry killed him with a gun.

Sherry Shriner marital status

Well, there is no confirmed information about why she did that. But according to a few rumors, Steven was also an alien reptile who wanted to end his life and asked Sherry to do it. Still, nothing is confirmed. That’s why I can’t say anything about it.

Marital statusSingle
Past relationshipsSteven Moneo

Sherry Shriner Net Worth

As of now, nobody knows how much this woman alien reptile was making in her life. But still, if you take a look at her business, profession, and the things she was doing when she was alive, her estimated net worth should be hardly around $1 million. This is because, before her death, she gained a massive amount of fame, and many people wanted to take her interview by offering her hundreds of dollars.

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Sherry Shriner career insights

Net worth$1 million (not confirmed)
Source of incomeSocial media

End Words!

Sherry Shriner was a type of rare human being we have ever seen in our lives. In other words, she was someone who introduced alien reptiles and wanted the world to let them live in. She was one of the most intelligent people, kind, special, and had a fantastic personality. But the only thing that made people hate her was her habit of predicting everything right. Anyway! We hope that you guys found this post helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is alien reptile cult leader Sherry Shriner?

A: Sherry Shriner was the first American chief of the Alien Reptile Cult globally who was famous for being the self-acclaimed messenger of probably the most extreme God.

Q: What is Sherry Shriner obituary?

A: Sherry Shriner obit/obituary was a campaign that was started after Sherry Shriner death so that people who loved her could easily send flowers to her grave.

Q: How did Sherry Shriner die?

A: According to the official reports, the reason behind Sherry Shriner death is still unknown. The only information related to her death is her death date, which is 21-01-28.

Q: Is the Sherry Shriner podcast still available on the internet?

A: Yes, the Sherry Shriner podcast is still available on the internet. And if you want to stream it, you can visit any podcast website.

Q: Is Sherry Shriner the epitome of evil?

A: According to Sherry Shriner documentary 'The devil you know' season two, Sherry Shriner is considered as an epitome of evil.

Q: How old was Sherry Shriner when she died?

A: Reportedly, Sherry Shriner was only 45 years old when she was found dead.

Q: Is there any Sherry Shriner picture of when she was found dead?

A: No, there is not any Sherry Shriner picture of when she was found dead.

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