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Technoblade (Youtuber) Net Worth, Girlfriend, Real Name, Face, Biography



Technoblade (Youtuber) Net Worth, Girlfriend, Real Name, Biography And More

Technoblade is an American well-known and famous genius gaming Youtuber with a leading and highly watched Minecraft content. It’s no surprise that Technoblade has over a net worth of $5 million and more than 9 million subscribers on YouTube! This 22-year-old American has achieved heights of success in a very short period. On the other hand, the popular YouTuber has revealed a piece of very upsetting news recently to his viewers that he has been diagnosed with Cancer.

Who is Technoblade? Get to Know His Biography & Other Details

Technoblade is an American biggest Gaming Youtuber who is known for his hypixel Minecraft content born on June 1, 1999, and currently lives in California. There isn’t any confirmed information about his personal life available as he kept even his face hidden at first which now has been revealed. Technoblade’s worth is up to $5 million. Many people wonder about Technoblades’ real name as it has been quite a mystery for everyone but now it is no longer a mystery, Technoblades’ real name is Dave.

Though all of his videos have many viewers one of his most viewed videos is the “Proof I don’t autoclick“. Technoblade is famed and known throughout the Minecraft community for the remarkable and challenging skill, strategy, and tactics that he uses in PVP combat. Moreover, He has earned the Minecraft Monday tournament four times due to his dedication. The famous YouTuber also loves to streams Minecraft content lives on YouTube, playing on the popular Minecraft server Hypixel, Minecraft Mondays, Party Games, and the Dream SMP.

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He has accomplished a lot due to his mind-blowing talent and abilities. He has broken multiple records in Minecraft Monday week 10 with Ph1LzA, has earned the highest rank on Hypixel even defeated the owners of Mineplex and Hypixel. There are countless victories Technoblade has achieved.

Real NameDave
NicknameTechnoblade, TechnoThePig
Net Worth$5 Million (approx)
Date of Birth1 June 1999
Age23 Years
Height5 feet 8 inch
Weight65 kg
Ethnicity Caucasian
Weight72 kilograms
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown
Sexual OrientationStraight
Distinctive FeatureRound Face and broad nose
Place of ResidenceSan Francisco
Source of WealthYouTube Revenue, Brand Endorsements
Sexual OrientationStraight
Body Build TypeSlim
Food HabitNon Vegetarian
Chest32 inches
Shoe Size8.5 US
Marital StatusUnmarried
Girl FriendNone
CollegeChicago College
Favorite PlaceThe Canadian,Niagara Falls (Canada)
Favorite BookThe Divine Comedy
Favorite MovieJurassic Park (1993)
Last Updated2022

What happened to Technoblade?

Recently, Technoblade uploaded a video titled “where I’ve been” revealing that he had been diagnosed with cancer in early August and how he has been feeling about it. He mentioned that he is focused on getting chemotherapy treatments to recover his health. In addition to this news, he also requested and educated his viewers to get vaccinated against COVID-19 and take necessary precautions. Since his announcement, his fans have been showing an immense amount of love and support to him followed by the hashtag #TechnoSupport which started trending on Twitter and other social media platforms which also means Techno has a die-hard huge following of fans who love his videos and him.

Technoblade face reveal

Techno revealed his face in one of his videos, “Cooking with Technoblade” and in “youtube sent me a thing” stream. He mostly never shows his face which means he is not interested in the public’s attention.

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Here are the real face pictures of Technoblade:

Technoblade Real Face

Technoblade Real Face

Technoblade real face

Technoblade real face

Technoblades SocialBlade:

Moving onto Technoblades SocialBlade, his monthly viewed videos have over 75 million viewers and are always the top-rated and ranked video on YouTube. It’s no surprise that he has a huge fan following and subscribers.

What texture pack does Technoblade use?

Many people wonder what Texture Pack and resource pack Does Technoblade use in Minecraft. Nowadays, in his Dream SMP videos and live streams, Technoblade has been using the “Tightfault Revamp” pack and the slightly modified version of Tightvault Revamp made by another popular YouTuber, known as Tight.

Technoblade’s Social Media Profiles

PlatformProfile Links
InstagramFollow Technoblade on Instagram
YoutubeWatch Technoblade Videos on YouTube
TwitterFollow Technoblade on Twitter
FacebookFollow Technoblade on Facebook
TikTokFollow Technoblade on Tiktok
IMDbFind Technoblade on IMDb
RedditFind Technoblade on Reddit
SpotifyTechnoblade on Spotify
TwitchTechnoblade on Twitch

Technoblade Popularity on Google

A Quick Check into Technoblade Profile:

Q: Who is Technoblade?

A: He is among the most famous American YouTubers.

Q: When was Technoblade born?

A: He was born on June 1, 1999.

Q: How tall is Technoblade?

A: He is 5 feet and 8 inches tall.

Q: Is Technoblade gay?

A: No, Technoblade is straight.

Q: What is Technoblade’s nickname?

A: He is called TechnoThePig by his fans.

Q: How old is Technoblade?

A: Technoblades age is 22 years old.

Q: What is Technoblade's net worth?

A: Technoblades net worth is around $5 million.


Technoblade is no doubt a brilliant and extra talented YouTube star who has achieved a lot in such a short time. Fans would love to see his face more often though and we wish him to recover immediately from the deadly Cancer.

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