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Top 10 Youngest Mothers in The World History: Medical Wonders

Top 10 Youngest Mothers in The World History: Medical Wonders

Who is the youngest mother to give birth in the world? Did this question ever bump into your mind? if yes, then we have gathered a list of the youngest person to give birth which will surprise you for sure.

Motherhood is a blessing from the heavens. It is indeed a miracle to be able to bring a life into the world. But this miracle can become a burden when a girl gets pregnant at an early age. How can a young girl take responsibility for life when she is not ready to take care of herself first? Unwanted children and early-age pregnancies are critical social issues.

Educational institutions and health and social development departments make different policies to tackle this prevailing situation. Even developed countries like the USA, UK, Australia, and New Zealand cannot control the issue of adolescent pregnancies.

The child welfare departments worldwide do their best to provide support to young mothers and their children. They ensure the mother and her child receive their fundamental rights. In most cases, adoption and foster care are the last resort for these young mothers.

The situation for adolescent parents is so dire that most of them end up leaving their houses as their families disown them. Government policymakers worldwide are continuously formulating strategies to prevent adolescent pregnancies.

Strategies for teen pregnancy prevention introduce community programs that spread awareness on sex education, contraceptive usage, and birth control precautions.

These strategies have been successful and have caused a significant decline in teen pregnancies in the USA. However, the solution is still unfound, and cases of teen pregnancies are a regular occurrence.

World’s Youngest Parents

A child’s birth is good news, but not when it happens, unplanned and at a young age. You would be surprised to learn how old is the world’s youngest mother. She was only 5 and 6 months old. Now a child this little is not accountable for irresponsibility or wild behavior. Unfortunately, the youngest mothers in history were victims of abuse and rape.

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This is the brutality of the human race that a child this young is not safe. In contrast, we see the world is evolving, and everything around seems digitalized and improved, yet such cruel child rape incidences take us back to ancient times. Let us walk down memory lane to visit the lives of the world’s youngest mothers and also meet the youngest mothers in the world:

List of Top 10 Youngest Mothers

Here is the list of the youngest birth mothers:

1. Lina Medina

Lina Medina youngest mother 5 year old mother 1 June 2024

Lina Medina, born on 23 September 1933, is the youngest mother & youngest person to give birth in the medical history. She belongs to a remote village in Peru called Ticrapo, Castrovirreyana. Lina got pregnant when she was five years and six months old. Her parents took her to the hospital to have doctors look into what they thought was a tumor in her abdomen.

It turned out Lina was seven months pregnant and to date Lina Medina is the youngest mother ever. Now anyone reading this would think how it is possible when a girl only gets pregnant after menstruation. Unlucky and sadly for Lina, not only was she raped, but also she had a medical condition called precocious puberty. Under precocious puberty, a girl enters into abnormal hormone activation as a child.

Lina Medina Youngest Mother in the world

Lina Medina Youngest Mother in the world

The doctors found out that Lina’s sexual organs were fully grown, and she had periods since the age of three. Lina gave birth to a baby boy weighing 5.9 lb with 4.7 inches by caesarian section.

The boy was perfectly healthy and had been named Gerardo. Lina’s case was the only recorded incidence in the world’s history where a child this young got pregnant, and obviously, the news struck the media’s widespread attention. The child care authorities registered a police case against the child’s father on suspicion of incest and rape.

Lina Media Picture

But later, Lina’s father was released based on unlimited evidence. As of Wikipedia sources, Lina Marcela Medina de Jurado is still alive and 90 years old.

Lina Medina Latest Picture

Lina Medina’s Latest Picture

2. Known as H (Her real name was not disclosed)

H - Youngest Mother in the World

H – Youngest Mother in the World – Image for illustrative purpose only

In British India circa 1930, a 6-year-old with the name H gave birth to a girl. H is the second youngest mother in the world’s history. Similar to Lina’s case, H’s parents admitted her to the hospital to get a tumor in her abdomen checked.

The tumor was actually the pregnancy. She was complaining of extreme pain in her lower pelvic, which was causing her unbearable physical discomfort. The incident of H occurred at Victoria Zanana Hospital located in Delhi, India. She was a true natural phenomenon because, to doctors’ surprise, and investigation on her medical records revealed she never had periods.

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According to the hospital investigation entered in her medical report, her body was underdeveloped, including her breasts. H gave birth to a healthy baby girl of 4.19 b weight and it was one of the youngest pregnancies. Unusually, the hospital’s details also revealed that H was able to breastfeed her child for nine months. You can define H’s incident as a medical miracle or a mystery, but either way, it would have brought chaos in her life.

3. Yelizaveta Pantueva

Yelizaveta Pantueva - Youngest Mother in the World

Yelizaveta Pantueva – Youngest Mother in the World – Image for illustrative purpose only

Another 6-year-old child who belonged to the Soviet Union Ukrainian SSR is known as one of the youngest mothers on the record. She was a victim of rape by her own grandfather. This grave and cruel incident is proof of male injustice in the world.

When the only thing that could worry a child at this tender age is toys and milk, girls like Yelizaveta survive the darkness of an abyss. Yelizaveta had turned six years old a few days before giving birth to her child, a boy. Her parents did not want the doctors to perform cesarean sections. This incident happened on 19 August 1934.

At that time, people considered cesarean sections as a direct threat to life. Upon Yelizaveta’s family’s insistence, the obstetricians performed an alternative surgical procedure using forceps and retractors to deliver the baby. The surgery went well for Yelizaveta, but the child couldn’t survive and died in the procedure. The still-born child was a girl.

The doctors reported that her baby was of good constitution and health. Yelizaveta’s child would have survived if her parents had let the doctors perform the cesarean section, as per the doctors. It is also on the records that soon after Yelizaveta’s recovery, the family immigrated to Vladivostok. Even more alarming fact is that Yelizaveta’s parents never punished her grandfather and even took him along to Vladivostok.

4. Hilda Trujillo

Hilda Trujillo - Youngest Mother in the World

Hilda Trujillo – Youngest Mother in the World – Image for illustrative purpose only

Another tragic case of rape and family abuse from Peru happened on December 2, 1957. This time the culprit was her uncle, and the girl was the one the youngest pregnancy in the world. She was only eight years and seven months old. It does not matter how many times we express our sadness over abusive male behavior; every victim’s pain is unimaginable.

Hida Trujillo was a victim of rape by her 22 years old cousin, whose name is undisclosed. The Time Magazine published a feature on Hilda, and many other famous media channels gave immense coverage to this case. The media sources reported Hilda’s age to be nine years, although it was later confirmed eight and half years.

The news features detailed that the criminal was living with her family in their one-room residence. The police arrested the man, but his jail sentence remained unknown to the public. Hilda gave birth to a baby girl of over 6 lb weight. Hilda named her Maria. Del Rosario.

5. Name Undisclosed (The Victim Was Eight Years Old)

This despairing incidence is of Kashmir India, circa August 1933. The unknown girl was married, a Muslim by religion, born and bred in Kashmir. Dr. Keane writes in his memorandum that the girl had tiny hands and feet, a childish piping voice, and baby teeth. “She couldn’t be more than eight,” Dr. Keane quotes.

This case is even more depressing because the girl and her child both died during the delivery process. The girl’s husband never appeared on the scene before and after both mother and child’s death. The girls’ mother, who was a widow, had brought her to the hospital. On questioning, the girl’s mother defended herself by saying she was a widow and had many children to look after.

She had no choice but to give her girl’s hand in marriage since no one was there to support her. Dr. Keane further comments that he did not blame the mother because her stance was rightful. At that time in British India, it was not safe for a girl child to live without a father or husband. He adds the girl’s mother would have been in a challenging situation.

6. Name Undisclosed (The Victim Was Eight Years Old)

This strange case occurred in Colombia on October 11, 2004. The parents or any other family members of the girl never came on the scene. A policeman reported this case. The said policeman saw the girl’s swollen abdomen, which he thought resulted from drug exploitation.

He registered this case in the hope of extracting the drugs surgically stuffed in her abdomen. On his report, the doctors ran various medical tests. To everyone’s surprise, the girl was thirty-two weeks pregnant.

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Upon interrogating, the girl revealed she is a rape victim. She had gone to a pharmacy near her residence to fetch her mother’s pharmacy. On her way, a thirty-two years old employee of the black market in the neighborhood raped her. The girl gave birth to a healthy baby, and she also stayed alive. The baby was born in Meissen Hospital, making eight year old victim to be one of the youngest mom.

7. Name Undisclosed (The Victim Was Nine Years and Seven Months Old)

This case is probably the oldest known incident of child pregnancy. It occurred in Yorkshire, UK, in March 1881. The girl’s name is unknown to date. She was a rape victim by an American tourist who escaped arrest by fleeing to his native land before police could get to him.

The girl gave birth to a baby weighing 7 lb with body defects. The baby’s gender is also not known. The hospital records reveal the baby had three toes on its left foot, and soon after the birth, it died of convulsions.

The girl is a mystery for medical researchers as the hospital authorities reported that she had been having periods since she was twelve months old.

8. Estelle P.

Estelle P. - Youngest Mother in the World

Estelle P. – Youngest Mother in the World – Image for illustrative purpose only

Estelle P. is the youngest mother in the USA. Other cases like her might have happened in the USA, but she was one of the youngest mothers in the USA to appear on public records. Her case occurred in March 1906.

The records do not show any mention of the father’s identity. Neither the complete information on Estelle’s pregnancy is available to prove rape or incest victimization. However, both the mother and child remained healthy and alive after the childbirth ordeal. Estelle gave birth to a baby boy weighing 7lb.

Another child pregnancy case from the USA took place in August 1957. The girl is the second youngest mother in the USA. Her name is unknown. She gave birth to a premature baby boy at the University of Arkansas Medical Center in Little Rock, Arkansas.

9. Leyla Mafi

Leyla Mafi - Youngest Mother in the World

Leyla Mafi – Youngest Mother in the World – Image for illustrative purpose only

The unfortunate, despairing and sad case of Leyla Mafi leaves us speechless to express the grief it causes upon hearing about her. This occurrence is of Iran circa November 1994. Leyla Mafi belongs to Arak, Iran. Leyla Mafi was forced into the prostitution business by her own family. The report surfaced on Amnesty International of the UK in the same year of incidence.

Layla was mentally challenged. Her mind had a developmental delay. Medical assessments declared her mental age to be around eight when she was nineteen years of age. Leyla had three children. She had her firstborn when she was nine and had her twins at age fourteen.

You could imagine the brutality of an unjust society that she had to accept a jail sentence for life for her unintended crimes. Upon a tireless fight of Lawyer Shadi Sadr, Laya’s sentence got reduced to public beating and a cut in her imprisonment.

Later, Layla was lucky enough to get shifted to a rehabilitation center where a caretaker supervised and took care of her.

10. Sally Deweese (The Victim Was 10 Years Old)

Sally Deweese - Youngest Mother in the World

Sally Deweese – Youngest Mother in the World – Image for illustrative purpose only

Another case from the US happened on April 20, 1834. The victim is among the youngest mothers in the US. Sally Deweese was a resident of Butler County, Kentucky. Dr. D. Rowelett handled Sally’s delivery case.

She gave birth to a healthy baby boy of 7.75 pounds. The hospital records show that Sally had fully grown breasts within a few weeks of her birth. She began menstruating at twelve months. We still don’t know if Sally was a rape victim or not is not. The details regarding the father of the child are also not present on records.


Life is not fair, and it is unjust to the most innocent. Unfortunately, girls all around the world are under constant threat of sexual abuse. What can anyone do when the guardians and caretakers are not trustable. While we see mistakes of teens who, because of their irresponsibility, get into the trap of the foster care and adoption system. On the other hand, cases like Layla Mafi are proof of society’s brutality on blameless souls. Despite widespread awareness and prevalence of education in modern times, authorities couldn’t extract the deep roots of the ancient problems.

The only solution at hand is self-protection and close observation. Parents should be careful of their child’s activities and ensure their safety. They never leave their children alone under the supervision of an adult they can’t trust. Parents should build a friendly relationship with their children and must listen to them carefully if they have to say something. Only parents’ discretion can control the unplanned and tragic cases of the youngest mothers in the world.

What are your thoughts about the youngest person to give birth and holding the record of the youngest mother? Let us know in the comment box below.


Sunday 13th of August 2023

Developmental trauma.

Let's keep bringing children into this world that are harmed by adults. Mainly male adults. They are so proud as they walk around being men yet cannot manage to keep the bad apples of their gender in line. We don't need men. The majority of good is diminishing and what's left is downright appalling. Add in the secrecy and sheltering of their children from baby boomers in all subjects that cause unease and it's about to be a shit show folks.

Feminism. All it really means is equal rights. We make you better, healthier people.


Saturday 30th of July 2022

All of your posts are so good, but this one is especially good. I love it. Thanks for sharing such a piece of comprehensive information youngest mothers.


Wednesday 6th of July 2022

This is true but sad. Youngest Mothers In The World Aged Less Than 11.


Saturday 21st of May 2022

If you are NOT pro-choice, then this is what you are for. It’s sadistic & revolting, and these pro-life people claim to be Christians. Read Numbers 5:11-31 in the Bible- God is pro-abortion! I’m sad to be from Texas; where most of these people are filthy, barbaric, straight-up hypocrites!


Thursday 14th of April 2022

This is so sad and sick. And yet, Texas wants to force babies to have babies by banning abortion...and they're convincing other states to join them.


Tuesday 31st of May 2022

@Soragennext, How old does one need to be to be murdered?