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Who Is Raymond Griner? Everything You Should Know About Brittney Griner’s Father

Who Is Raymond Griner? Everything You Should Know About Brittney Griner’s Father

Raymond Griner is a retired Sheriff, celebrity parent, and military veteran from the United States of America who served in Vietnam from 1968 to 1969. He is known for being the father of the renowned basketball player (2014 WNBA Champion and 8x WNBA All-Star) for the Phoenix Mercury – Brittney Griner. 

OccupationSheriff and military veteran
Net WorthUnknown
Age60 to 65 years
Source of WealthCareer as a Sheriff and military veteran

Brittney Griner’s father has not shared much information about his personal and professional happenings with the media. He also does not currently have any social media accounts, but our research has revealed some interesting insights about his life. 

Raymond Griner Is A Career Law Enforcer

According to GhGossip.Com, Raymond’s current age is between 60-65 years. He worked at the Harris County Sheriff’s Office for over three decades and even worked as the school security guard at Nimitz High School in Houston Texas while his daughter Brittney attended from 2006-09′.

Due to his military and police background, it is no surprise that Raymond imparted certain skills to Brittney as she was growing up. He taught her how to defend herself, and how to work on cars. Brittney credits her father with teaching her how to change the oil, change the transmission fluid, and how to change a flat tire. When Brittney was of age, he even bought her her first car.

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His height is 6 feet 2 inches, his eye color is brown, and his hair is ash-colored (naturally).

Sandra Griner, Brittney Griner’s Mother, Is A Stay-At-Home Mom

Brittney describes her mother Sandra as protective as she would never let her stray too far away from her line of sight when she played outside as a kid. She would often crotchet or make quilts at home and enjoyed watching the Food Network. 

Birth nameRaymond Griner
Known asRaymond Griner
Date of birthN/A
Age60 to 65 years
BirthplaceUnited States
Famous AsCelebrity Parent
Zodiac signN/A

Raymond and Sandra Griner Had Four Children

Raymond continues to be a happily married man who exchanged wedding vows with his long-time sweetheart – Sandra Griner in the 1980s. The couple has three daughters named Shkera Griner, Pier Griner, and Brittney Griner, and one son, Decarlo Griner. Brittney is the youngest, born in 1990.

Raymond Griner’s Net Worth Is Unknown

Spending three decades in Government Service has many perks and benefits, one of which is being able to provide a stable home life for four children and allow Sandra to stay at home. Although not wealthy, the family prioritized love and support and Brittney recalls many fond memories such as always being excited to see Raymond arrive home in his squad car an hour after she returned from school and running out to greet him in bare feet. The Griner family lived in various parts of Texas including Dayton, Humble, and Harris.

Raymond Griner Had A Difficult Time Accepting Brittney’s Sexuality, At First

Brittney Yevette Griner (born October 18, 1990, in Houston, Texas) is one of the top-ranking female basketball players in the United States, which all started in high school when she decided to play basketball instead of volleyball. Raymond has always been supportive of Brittney’s love for basketball, but after she came out as lesbian, Raymond had a hard time accepting it at first. He kicked Brittney out of the house for a couple of weeks and she had to live with her assistant coach.

Nevertheless, his enduring love for his daughter prevailed, and Raymond was able to overcome his initial anxiety and continue to support his daughter while her basketball career continued at Baylor University. 

Brittney Griner Controversy In Russia: Update

Raymond Griner’s daughter, Britteny Griner was sentenced to jail for nine years on drug charges after being detained at Sheremetyevo International Airport on February 17, 2022. It is said that she brought vape cartridges with less than a gram of cannabis oil into the country, which was prescribed by Brittney’s doctor as treatment for her sports injuries. ESPN.IN, reveals that her family appealed to the Moscow court to exclude some years from her sentence, which was initially denied. 

After 10 months of petitioning from several members of Brittney’s friends and family, the Biden Administration came to an agreement with Russia to exchange Griner for convicted arms dealer Viktor Bout, who had served 10 of his 25-year federal prison sentence.


Raymond Griner has media attention for being the father of one of the greatest WNBA players that ever lived – Brittney Griner (who also happens to be the ex-spouse of Glory Johnson a fellow WNBA player). He instilled good family values in the Griner family which is a testament to his lasting marriage with Sandra and the love his kids have for him.

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