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Who is xQc Girlfriend? Exploring the Personal Life of the Twitch Star.

Who is xQc Girlfriend? Exploring the Personal Life of the Twitch Star.

Who’s xQc Girlfriend?: xQc is a Canadian Twitch streamer and social media star who is known for his live sessions on the platform. He was recently the talk of the town for his very public breakup with fellow streamer Adept took place in September 2022. But after a few months, in November, the xQc, whose real name is Félix Lengyel, went live with his new girlfriend named Nyyxxii. Following that, in this post, we will be discussing a bit more about this matter and finding out whether xQc got a new girl or is still linked with Nyyxxii. Read on!

Putting A Flash On xQc And Adept Relationship And The Cause Behind Their Relationship

xQc and Adept started dating a long time ago. At first, they were roommates who used to come to live together, but with time, their relationship got serious, and they made it public. The couple was their fandom favorite, but unfortunately, due to some ups and downs and family problems, Adept and xQc’s relationship stayed rocky, and they broke up multiple times.

Well! Each time, the couple used to get back together, but in September 2022, they decided to part ways forever this time for the same family reasons. Also, it is said that they had a common-law marriage that they had to get rid of after their breakup.

xQc Started Dating Another Streamer 2 Months After His Breakup With Adpet

On November 2, 2022, xQc made his relationship with Nyyxxii public by going live with her on Twitch. Nyyxxii is a Twitch streamer from England who has a large fandom herself and is also quite famous on other platforms like Instagram and YouTube. The couple is still together and seems happy to be in each other’s lives as partners and share a strong bond.

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Wrapping Up!

xQc was always open about his love in front of his fandom. The streamer faced some issues in the past, but the good thing, according to him, is that he has learned from them and is willing to not make the same old mistakes again. Anyway, we hope that this post was informative and helpful for you all.