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10 Most Highest Grossing Vampire Movies of All-Time

10 Most Highest Grossing Vampire Movies of All-Time

Don’t you think Vampire action and fantasy-based Hollywood movies are pretty interesting to watch? Well, there are many vampire movies present on the internet right now. But only a few of them are the top-grossing movies, the ones that made the most money in theaters. And to help you find the one according to your taste and expectations, below we have listed the top 10 most highest-grossing vampire movies of all time. Also, we will inform you about their plot, characters, earnings, and many other things. So start scrolling down until the last line hits you up.

1- The Twilight Saga – Eclipse

Total Gross $300,531,751

The Twilight Saga - Eclipse

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, better referred to as Eclipse, is a 2010 season American romantic fantasy film – based on Stephenie Meyer’s 2007 novel. It is well known worldwide for being the third installment of The Twilight Saga film series. Also, it’s a masterpiece that has made $300,531,751 – the most at the box office. Moreover, another reason behind the success of this film is the characters that well-played their roles.

2 – Daybreakers

Total Gross $251,416,464


In 2009, Daybreakers – a science-fiction action horror film – became the second highest-grossing vampire film of all time. This movie was written and directed by Michael and Peter Spierig. The story illustrates a curse that has converted almost every human into a vampire. However, the box office gross of this film stood at $251,416,464 and became the second-best vampire movie of all time.

3 – Underworld

Total Gross $162,318,875

Underworld Movie

Here comes another best and highest-grossing vampire movie of all time. Underworld is a hit-action horror movie of 2003 based on a thrilling story written by Kevin Grevioux, Wiseman, and McBride. This original screenplay centers on modern vampires and Lycans’ hidden secrets and history. At first, the movie received negative reviews from analysts but gained a strong fan following and grossed a sum of $162,318,875 against a collective budget of $207 million.

4 – Van Helsing

Total Gross $120,177,084

Van Helsing

Van Helsing is another horror vampire eye-raising film released back in 2004 but now is trending on the fourth number at the box office. This film includes Hugh Jackman and Kate Beckinsale as lead characters. And as of now, its total earnings are $120,177,084.

5 – Interview with the Vampire

Total Gross $105,264,608

Interview with the Vampire

Interview with the Vampire was the first vampire movie hit back in the 1980s and 1980s. So, it’s not surprising that this fantastic storyline made itself get into the top ten list. Also, Interview With Vampire includes Tom Cruise, Neil Jordan, With Brad Pitt, Christian Slater, Virginia McCollam, John McConnell – which makes it the fifth hit of the Box Office that made $105,264,608.

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6 – Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Total Gross $82,522,790

Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Bram Stoker’s Dracula is the sixth Box Office hit that made almost $82,522,790 after 80 years of release. It has a unique storyline based on the true story of Draculas and Vampires – that existed back in the early 1900s season. This movie made $82,522,790 at the box office, and as of now, it’s still on the 6th number.

7 – Blade II

Total Gross $81,348,319

Blade II

Blade II is another top vampire film from the early 1900s season. Blade II is the second installment of the Blade series. This masterpiece was based on Blade from Marvel Comics, directed by Guillermo del Toro, and written by David S. Goyer. This movie also takes the lead whenever someone is talking about action and vampire stories simultaneously. Moreover, it is the seventh most charged film that made $81,348,319 at the box office.

8 – Thirst

Total Gross $60,000,000

Thirst Movie

Thirst is one of the most cherished vampire movies released back in 2009. The severe breakout and conflict of vampires also emphasized the mad love story that came out of South Korea. Chan-wook Park directs this movie with an estimated $5 million movie budget. But, this film did a great job of fetching a worldwide gross of $60,000,000.

9 – From Dusk Till Dawn

Total Gross $28,000,000

From Dusk Till Dawn

From Dusk Till Dawn is an American horror movie directed by Robert Rodriguez. This movie is about two criminals and their captives unknowingly seeking temporary refuge in a truck stop occupied by vampires, with messy results. This fantastic storyline has made a total gross of $28,000,000 at the Box Office.

10 – Shadow of the Vampire

Total Gross $27,00,000

Shadow of the Vampire

Last but not least – Shadow of Vampire is yet another highest grossing vampire movie of all time which has earned a gross of $27,00,000 in the box office. This vampire movie was released in 2000 centered on the metafiction horror story directed by E. Elias Merhige, written by Steven Katz starring John Malkovich. This superhero horror film will always stay on the rank board – whenever we talk about vampire action and fantasy-based Hollywood movies.

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RankTitleWorldwide GrossYear
1The Twilight Saga$300,531,7512010
2Daybreakers$251,416,464 2009
4Van Helsing$120,177,0842004
5Interview with the Vampire$105,264,6081994
6Bram Stoker’s Dracula$82,522,7901992
7Blade II$81,348,3192002
9From Dusk Till Dawn$28,000,000 1996
10Shadow of the Vampire$27,000,0002000

The Bottom Line!

If you are a true vampire series fan, you should give a try to the mentioned above fictional films that have now become the highest-grossing vampire movies of all time. All mentioned films are available on Netflix and other well-known streaming apps. Pick the one that goes according to your taste, and start watching. Also, share your favorite picks or opinions on these worth-watching vampire movies in the comment box!

Frequently Asked Questions About The Highest Grossing Vampire Movies

Q: Was Nosferatu the first vampire movie?

A: Yes, Nosferatu was the first mythical vampire movie released in 1922. According to Wikipedia, this movie was based on a true story, and the gloss that it holds can't be ignored.

Q: What Are Good Vampire Movies On Netflix?

A: Underworld and Blade I and II are available on Netflix to stream.

Q: What Are The Movies Where The Main Character Is A Vampire?

A: The Twilight Saga: new moon, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, and Twilight are vampire films starring the main character as the vampire.

Q: Why are vampire movies popular?

A: The most obvious and presumably the most crucial reason why vampire movies are so top-rated and grossing is because of all the vampires and werewolves. It has been stated that vampires' fantasy is real and based on factual elements that people curiously want to know.

Q: Can We Watch Twilight With Our Children?

A: No, Twilight is an adult movie that includes a lot of bed and kissing scenes.

Q: How Many Ketchup Vampire Movies Are There?

A: There are almost 70 plus ketchup vampire films available on the internet and many paid streaming sites, such as Netflix, where you can stream them without having a second thought.

Q: How Many Seasons Does Twilight Have?

A: There are almost five seasons of this worldwide famous Vampire series 'Twilight.'

Q: What is the best Vampire movie listed on IMDb?

A: According to IMDb, the best and most cherished vampire movie is Daybreakers.