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Breaking Cameras, Spitting On, And Even Punching Them: These Top 12 Celebrities Get ‘Totally Mad’ On Paparazzi

Breaking Cameras, Spitting On, And Even Punching Them: These Top 12 Celebrities Get ‘Totally Mad’ On Paparazzi

Being a celebrity might sound like heaven to most of the people present on this wide planet. But after discovering the way megastars lose their cool on paparazzi, you might feel disgusted as well. Well! Most of them were going through a lot when these incidents took place, but without a doubt, it’s scary how the media world can let a celebrity smash reports heads in seconds just for asking questions they feel likely to keep private.

And to let you know about the top 12 of them, below we have collected the best incidents where famous personalities lost it completely on the paparazzi. Read on!

Top 12 Famous Personalities Who Recklessly Tried Cutting Off The Paparazzi

Scroll down and discover some hard-to-see incidents that celebrities delivered to the audience by beating up reporters recklessly. 

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#1: Video of Kanye West getting physical with paparazzi ‘caught on camera’

The well-known rapper, singer, songwriter, and former Keeping Up With Kardashians cast member – Kayne West is the first celebrity on our list to hit a reporter at the airport when he asked something personal about his life. See the video below:

#2: Lindsay Lohan’s violent unbelievable history with paparazzi

This is a video of Lindsay Lohan when she suddenly started throwing eggs on the reports outside her house. One thing’s for sure – she was completely in anger at that moment. 

#3: Physical altercations between Amy Winehouse and photographers

Amy has been involved in altercations with Winehouse photographers forever. Below, in the video, you will discover her attacking them several times. Have a look:

#4: Avril Lavigne spits on paparazzi outside the club

Back in 2008, Avril was spotted leaving a local club while causing some paps out with paparazzi that got caught on camera.

#5: Shia LaBeouf throws coffee on paparazzi in a wild altercation

The way Shia LaBeouf handles reports around her with the “real” violent acts like throwing coffee will surely shock you. Below we have attached a video of her dealing with paparazzi several times. Take a look.

#6: Mike Tyson arrested for an altercation with a photographer

Indeed, Mike Tyson is a great boxer, but using his skills on the reporters was a violent act for sure. See how brutally he snapped the guy with a camera around him on his way.

#7: Woody Harrelson mistakes paparazzi for a zombie

Something really weird happened here, for sure. Yes! We are talking about the time when Woody Harrelson beat a reporter quite badly for taking him as a zombie. He was coming back from the shooting of his film “Zombieland,” and according to him, he was still in his character.

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#8: Miley Cyrus defends her mother from paparazzi’s intrusive lenses and offensive touches

Here is a video of Miley Cyrus – a woman who has stood in front of reporters many times. But this time, she took the whole lens off the camera when a guy from the paparazzi offensively touched her mother. 

#9: Lamar Odom loses it on paparazzi, smashes car and camera

Check out the clip where Lamar Odom completely loses it on reporters by smashing their car and camera by throwing all the stuff inside on the road.

#10: Russell Brand gets physical with paparazzi while on a date with Katy Perry

Katy Perry and Russell Brand were amazingly popular in the entertainment sphere. And here we are presenting you the video when Brand got physical with paparazzi while being on a date with Katy.

#11: Alec Baldwin confronts paparazzi in an angry outburst

Even after having a great vocal technique, Alec never had his best time with the paparazzi. And this is a clip of him facing them in an angry outburst. Take a look:

#12: Adam Lambert attacks photographer on Miami beach

See how Adam Lambert attacks a reporter on Miami beach when the guy tried to snap some shots of him.

Summing Up!

Here are the top 12 celebrities who lost it on reporters for asking questions they are insecure about the most. These megastars include some of your favorites like Kanye West, Adam Lambert, and Miley Cyrus. 

What are your thoughts on these celebrities who lost it on paparazzi? Stick your comments below.