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10 World’s Famous Celebrities Who Quit Smoking & How They Did It

10 World’s Famous Celebrities Who Quit Smoking & How They Did It

The most problematic habit in the world to kick-off is the consistent carving to ‘Smoke.’ We all know that Cigarettes are pretty unhealthy for the people who smoke and those in the immediate vicinity.

These cigarettes and cigars are filled with nicotine and tobacco. Whereas the latter is one of the most addictive ingredients to exist in this world. Unfortunately, we’ve lots of celebrities also hooked on cigarettes and cigars over the year.

Habitual smoking leads to severe and fatal health conditions such as lung cancer, pneumonia, and emphysema. All these reasons when coming to one’s notice they decided to quit smoking in their life. Thus many celebrities quit smoking cigarettes in their life at a particular moment. How did they take this most significant step of their life, and why did they do so? Here are the stories.

10 Famous Peoples Who Died From Smoking

We’ve already lost many celebrities who died from smoking. They were those who couldn’t realize at the right time what they are doing. However, celebrities who quit smoking by watching people who died from smoking live a happy life with their loved ones. Besides, all the celebrities don’t smoke; some celebrities never smoked in their life. Here are some of the celebrities who died from smoking.

  1. Gracie Allen – died at the age of 58 due to a heart attack on August 27, 1964.
  2. Desi Arnaz – who died due to lung cancer on December 2, 1986.
  3. Humphrey Bogart – was an actor who died at the age of 57 due to the esophagus’s cancer.
  4. Johnny Carson – was a famous talk show host who died at the age of 79 and suffered from many heart problems, including bypass operations.
  5. Susan Hayward – died at the age of 55 when the lung cancer metastasized to her brain.
  6. Roy Orbison – a top singer, died at 52 due to a heart attack on December 6, 1988.
  7. Rod Serling – was a writer and director who smoked four packs a day and died due to a heart attack
  8. William Talman – a celebrity who died from smoking, was the first actor to do a TV commercial on the dangers of smoking. However, he died before the commercial aired.
  9. Jack Wild – was the actor who died due to oral cancer on March 1, 2006.
  10. Warren Zevon – was a singer and songwriter who suffered from mesothelioma, which results in death. He died at the age of 56 on September 7, 2003.

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10 Famous Celebrities who quit smoking and how did they make it possible:

Here are the list of world’s famous celebrities who quick smoking successfully.

1. Robert Pattinson quit smoking for a happy life with Kristen Stewart.

Robert Pattinson - Quits Smoking

Robert Pattinson – Quits Smoking

Robert Pattison is seen quitting smoking in his life to start a healthy life with Kristen Stewart. After their four years of bonding, the world-famous romantic couple from Twilight is looking forward to mingling in the future. Therefore, Robert Pattison opted to practice workout the best way to quit smoking from his life. There are thousands of images of celebs smoking, so he is Robert who feels and looks relatively healthier after kicking off. Rob is experiencing tremendous benefits of quitting smoking as he’s now addicted to exercising and feeling good. According to some sources, there is also some news that Rob has been training with popular celebrity fitness instructor – Harley Pasternak.

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2 – Charlie Sheen quit smoking celebrates one year of not smoking:

Charlie Sheen - Quits Smoking

Charlie Sheen – Quits Smoking

Charlie remarks July 4 as an essential milestone in his life. He celebrates the day each year and expresses regret that he never resumed the habit in the first place. Today, Charlie Sheen quit smoking and encourages others to kick this habit as it’s not going to pay you anything. Here is how the former Two and A Half Men star went over Twitter with the announcement he had been celebrating his Birthday since Charlie Sheen quit smoking in his life.

3 – Johnny Depp quit smoking habit for the sake of his Children:

Johnny Depp - Quits Smoking

Johnny Depp – Quits Smoking

Johnny Depp was one of those great celebrities who smoke cigarettes at an extreme level. However, he is desperate to quit smoking from his life only for his children. Johnny Depp smokes his personal rolled Bali Shag’s, which he’s trying to cut back and stop altogether. Johnny from his real-life daddy’s role says that; “it’s a dumb addiction… and with the kiddies, man, just being a parent – you start worrying 10 years ahead of the curve.” Johnny Depp is blessed with two kids; Lily-Rose and Jack. According to some people, he began smoking at the age of 12 and in no time began to drink and use drugs as well. The cigarette on which he started smoking was Marlboro. After lots of effort, he stepped in massive fame from teen idol life with one of his greatest films, “Pirates of the Caribbean Series.” Besides being a successful actor, Johnny is a part of the music band ‘Hollywood Vampires,’ he plays guitar and sings for this band.

Moreover, Johnny Deep, before quitting smoking from his life, had no shame to admit his massive smoking habit. As in an interview, he joked it in the following words, “I smoke a thousand cigarettes a day. I’m working my way up to ten thousand.” Thus, Johnny Depp is one of the uncountable pictures in the group images of celebs smoking.

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4 – Bella Hadid quit smoking after being ashamed at Met Gala:

Bella Hadid - Quits Smoking

Bella Hadid – Quits Smoking

Bella Hadid was one of those celebs smoking images that took over the internet in early 2017. It was from the Instagram post in which Bella Hadid and Dakota Johnson took part in the Met Gala bathroom smoking party. However, smoking has become Instagram fodder for several celebrity influencers. However, that Instagram post proved controversial that New York City’s health commissioners were compelled to take action. Thus, Bella Hadid quit smoking was officially revealed on her Instagram posts captioned as: “I quit” and no smoking emoji sign. This caption accompanied a sultry black and white Bella Hadid smoking photo. We saw everyone appreciating her for kicking her addictive habit.


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5 – Kristen Stewart quit smoking on her 30th Birthday:

Kristen Stewart - Quits Smoking

Kristen Stewart – Quits Smoking

Kristen Stewart quit smoking and her drinking habit on her 30th Birthday. It was the time when Stewart reached the milestone in April while quarantining herself at home. Due to the pandemic situation of Coronavirus, she felt it was the ideal opportunity to overhaul her lifestyle. Kristen to one of those celebs smoking buzz who used to smoke like a chimney. Kristen Stewart’s smoking habit from her desire to have something in her mouth. There are also some rumors that Kristen quit smoking for her boyfriend, Robert Pattison. However, the twilight couple has been regular smokers on shooting sets as well. Stewart is one of the female celebrities who smoke cigarettes and has been slammed for longtime nicotine addiction.

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 6 – Mila Kunis quit smoking after conceiving two babies:

Mila Kunis - Quits Smoking

Mila Kunis – Quits Smoking

When celebrities gain or lose a massive amount of weight, they often reveal how they are adopted for doing this. Mila Kunis was from those female celebrities who never smoked in their life. To lose a massive amount of weight down for Black Swan, she smokes “a lot” of cigarettes. However, since Mila Kunis quit smoking life, it seems to be the happiest decision. Like other celebrities who quit smoking revealed the reason and best way to quit smoking, Kunis did not. Yet, it is said that the best way to quit smoking that helped Mila Kunis to quit smoking is the span of her two pregnancies to lay off her habit.

7 – Katherine Heigl quit smoking after a great struggle:

Katherine Heigl - Quits Smoking

Katherine Heigl – Quits Smoking

Katherine Heigl is a female celebrity who smokes from the age of 25 and admits that she immediately become addicted to it. Katherine Heigl suffered a lot to quit smoking from her life as she tried Wellbutrin, nicotine patch, and nicotine gum, but all went in vain. She said, “It’s so stupid,” to the Washington Post. In the year 2010, she stated in an interview that she was using an electronic cigarette. Although she felt it ridiculous, yet it helped her not to smoke real cigarettes. Finally, when she was pregnant with her son, Katherine Heigl quit smoking altogether. Katherine celebrated her wedding anniversary with the happy thing that she quit smoking and is thankful to God.

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8 – Ashton Kutcher quit smoking using Allen Carr’s Easy Way method:

Ashton Kutcher - Quits Smoking

Ashton Kutcher – Quits Smoking

Ashton Kutcher, one of the celebrities who quit smoking in healthy made, successfully goes with Allen Carr’s Easy Way method. Kutcher reports that he used to smoke up to 40 cigarettes a day before he was urged to read Carr’s book, The Easy Way to Stop Smoking. Besides being a celebrity who quit smoking from his life, he still enjoys adult beverages.

9. Lindsay Lohan quit smoking with the help of Hypnotherapy:

Lindsay Lohan - Quits Smoking

Lindsay Lohan – Quits Smoking

The famous Hollywood celebrity who quit smoking before her debut in West End theatre, Lindsay Lohan, seeks Hypnotherapy to kick off this habit. He took the help of alternative medicine to kick her nicotine addiction from life. Lindsay is one of the celebs who smoke for years; she tried hard many times to quit but never managed to stay away until and unless medicines took over. There is news in the media about her like, “Lindsay knows all eyes will be on her and she’s worried if she starts to crave nicotine on stage, it’ll put her off.”

10. Lady Gaga quit smoking and decided to lose weight:

Lady Gaga - Quits Smoking

Lady Gaga – Quits Smoking

Lady Gaga is seemed to open a new chapter of life by quitting smoking from her life. It seems many female celebrities never smoked in their life. But the bitter reality is that we’ve got a considerable number of female celebrities who smoke cigarettes. The world-famous singer Lady Gaga finally quit her heavy smoking habit and went “cold-turkey” on it. In an interview with Apple Music, she said that “I completely quit – I quit cold turkey. But it was so hard. If you don’t smoke, don’t smoke! Because quitting is worse. It is so brutal. And I’ll never smoke again because I think I saw Jesus for an entire week. It was so awful.” However, she is one of those celebrities who quit smoking in her life after a great struggle. She used to smoke up to 40 cigarettes a day. Thus it was not an easy decision for her to quit.

The best way to quit smoking in life, Lady Gaga found love, her new boyfriend, Michael Polanshy, who was her biggest motivation to kick off her daily habit.

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Summing up

This list to find out celebrities who quit smoking from their life is never-ending as we’ll have a new star everyday binding resolution to kick off their smoking habit. All that celebrities who smoke need or any other who smokes need to quit smoking are set a date, time, and write down a reason. Thus, making a promise and setting a specific deadline for it can focus on achieving your goal. However, no doubt quitting the smoking habit is not an easy job to do. But after going through the list of celebrities who quit smoking and how they did it, we can also definitely do it.

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