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Gheorghe Mecic Bio: What Happened to Him After Becoming a Father at 13?

Gheorghe Mecic Bio: What Happened to Him After Becoming a Father at 13?

Gheorghe Mecic is a media personality from Romania who came under the media limelight after making his 10-year-old girlfriend, Elena Chiritescu, pregnant back in 2010. The couple parted ways after a while their daughter Nicoleta was born, and since then, he felt more likely to keep his personal and professional life away from the media limelight. Whilst Elena, who got raised under her grandmother’s protection, was all okay with being a mother at 10, as in her family and city, it was normal for a girl to start a family at a young age. 

Famous forBeing a father at the age of 13
PartnerElena Chiritescu
KidOne daughter named Nicoleta
Current statusN/A

In this post, we will discuss what happened between Gheorghe Mecic and Elena Chiritescu, what’s their current status, and whether they are still in contact with each other or not. Continue reading! 


Gheorghe Mecic And Elena Chiritescu Relationship Started After Her Mother Flew To Spain

Elena Chiritescu had a troubled childhood. Her father died when she was only five, and until her mother flew to Spain alongside her sister, she didn’t have a normal life. She was under her grandmother’s protection, and for some reason, that old woman never mind Elena’s relationship with Gheorghe. She got pregnant after a while and discovered her pregnancy in the third month, after which their elders also got involved. (Source)

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Elena’s Mother Took Her To Spain, Where She Held Gheorghe’s Daughter For The First Time

Right after her mother came to know that her daughter was pregnant, she took her with her to Spain while Mecic was still in Romania. They reconnected after a few days, and for some personal matters, their young love died soon, and they decided to call it quits.


Since then, No One Has Heard A Word From Gheorghe 

It seems that Gheorghe was quite tired of the unwanted media attention he received after becoming a father at 13. He detached himself from the limelight after breaking up with Elena, while the mother stayed in touch with the media world, and it is said that currently, she is living in the Andalusian town of Lebrija. 


Wrapping Up!

Gheorghe Mecic was never interested in keeping his career and love life under the media limelight. And right after calling it quits with Elena, he went ghosting the reporters and anything else that could make him a hot topic of headlines again. Anyway, we hope that this wiki was helpful and informative for all of you, but in case we have missed anything, feel free to share your remarks with us in the comment box!