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Tammy Slaton Weight, Net Worth, Surgery, Dead, Bio, And More

Tammy Slaton Weight, Net Worth, Surgery, Dead, Bio, And More

Are you curious to know Who Is Tammy Slaton? Where are Amy and Tammy Slaton now? How much weight did Tammy Slaton lose? If so, you are standing in the right place right now. Tammy Slaton is one of the famous American actresses and social media personalities.

Tammy earned fame when she featured in TLC‘s weight-loss series 1000-lb Sisters back in the 2000 season. Apart from that, Tammy also has a self-titled YouTube Channel, where she uploads her routine vlogs and makeup skills with her sister, Amy. In our previous post, we discussed Marcella Samora. And now it is time to talk about Tammy Slaton Biography, Age, Birthday, Height, Early Life, Family, Dating, Partner, Wiki, and Facts. Read this post carefully till the end.

Tammy Slaton

Who Is Tammy Slaton? Early Life, And Family

Do you want to know how old Tammy Slaton is? Also, want to know a little more about her early life? If so, read on to know more.

Tammy Slaton is an American most famous reality television star and a YouTuber. She was born on 27 July 1986 in Kentucky, US. And now, her age is 33 years only. Tammy grew up as a poor girl with three sisters and one brother. Her mother, Darlene Slaton, did almost three jobs a day to support Tammy and her siblings. Her father is still unknown. It seems like her mother and father separated a long time ago. But later, in 2013, her mother married Tammy’s stepfather, Frank Rednour.

As we mentioned above, she interacted with the public through her youtube channel with her sister, Amy Slaton. And Tammy Slaton weight journey was documented by The TLC Channel. She fought her weight problem by contacting many surgeons, like Dr. Charles Procter and Dr. Eric Smith. Source (Below, we will discuss how much weight did Tammy Slaton lose and how much does Tammy Slaton weigh now).

Tammy Slaton has spent her whole life listening to the people who are doing body shaming all the time. Even at her school, she faced a lot of bullies and heard weird names about her figure and stuff. Also, her siblings, except for Amy, keep on bullying Tammy about her weight. That was a point where she knew that only Amy can support her with her YouTubing passion. Amy and Tammy Slaton both said, “Our mother and siblings used to call us ugly, fat, lazy, and stupid.” They both got the love and affection they wanted only from her grandmother. Tammy and Amy admitted that their grandmother was like a mother to them. Tammy’s grandmother died when she was only 11-year-old. After that, she got the freedom to eat whatever she likes. And if she didn’t have food in her house, she got that from the church.

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Tammy SlatonWiki/Bio
Birth NameTammy Slaton
Net Worth$400 to 500K USD
Date of BirthJuly 27, 1988 (Wednesday)
Age34 years
Place of BirthDixon, Kentucky, United States
Current ResidenceKentucky, United States
ProfessionTelevision Personality and Content Creator
Zodiac SignLeo
School/CollegeUnion County High School
Net worth$400K-500K USD (approx.)
Height (approx.)5′ 9″
Weight (approx.)274.5 kg
Hair ColorBlonde
Hair LengthMedium
Eye ColorHazel
Distinctive Features1. Her large curvaceous body stats
2. Rosy cheeks
Ethnicity White Caucasian
OccupationTelevision personality, content creator, United States
Shoe Size5 (US)
MotherDarlene Slaton
StepfatherRobert Franklin
BrotherChris Slaton
Last Updated2022

Tammy Slaton Family

As YouTubers and Reality-TV Stars

Due to Amy and Tammy Slaton weight issues, both avoid interacting with people and socializing with them. At some times, they both feel lonely and bored. That was the reason behind why they both started to make YouTube channels. Both sisters made their channels and started uploading whatever they are doing in their daily routines. The first video that went viral of these two sisters is called Chubby Bunny Challenge – the challenge was about them both bearing to fill their mouths with marshmallows and rhyme chubby bunny. This video helped them to gain YouTube fans’ attention over their channel. And now that video has almost 3million hits on the YouTube platform.

That was the video that attracted the VLC channel as well. And after that, they offered to make a documentary to run on their channel.

How Much Does Tammy Slaton Weigh Now And Medical Issues

Due to the emotional stress that Tammy Slaton mostly takes, she started to intake extra food and stop doing proper exercise. She was only a 20-year-old girl when she gained almost 500 lb. Tammy found that she likes to eat a lot, and makes that a habit. She thought that it would not harm her. But unfortunately, she was wrong. As time passed by, the food became horrible morbidly obese to her. (Morbidly obese – this means that a person is out of his or her ideal weight.) After years, Tammy realized that she is overweight. But still, she never bothered to check her actual weight and concerned a doctor/dietitian. Due to this habit, she had many medical problems and herself got hospitalized four times a year.

Tammy also faced ventilator problems twice in her lifetime and discovered that she got a blood clot in her lungs. Also, she has a harmful gallbladder, high blood pressure, and thyroid problems.

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Tammy Slaton with Sister

Weight-Loss Goals: How Much Weight Does Tammy Slaton Loss?

Her sister, Amy, was a real motivation for Tammy to lose some weight. Tammy wanted to do it simply because she was tired of lying in her bed the whole day. Mostly, when Tammy started to walk her knees were likely to pop out, and it was painful for her.

As they have promised to lose weight, Amy bought exercising gadgets for Tammy to exercise while sitting. Her sister, Amy, said, “It’s my dream to see Tammy go around without the walker, and so regain her independence.”

Forgoing to the hospital, they were used to bending down the car’s front seats so that Tammy could easily fit in. They both decided to tell their mom about what they are going through. But unfortunately, their mom still showed her negative side to them. And fortunately, their mom’s hateable and negative comments motivated these both sisters even more. After that, both decided to prove her wrong and start working on themselves. Currently, Tammy Slaton weighs 274 kg.

Tammy Slaton Height, Star Sign, And Weight

Tammy is an actual tall woman in her house. Her height is 5’9″ and her weight is 274 kg (as we mentioned above). And, by zodiac, Tammy’s star sign is Leo.

Tammy Slaton Boyfriend

On February 6, 2020, Tammy Slaton uploaded a close picture of herself and his boyfriend, Jerry Sykes. But later, the internet finds out that Tammy is pansexual.

Tammy Slaton and Jerry Sykes August 2022

Tammy Slaton’s Social Media Profiles

PlatformProfile Links
InstagramFollow Tammy Slaton on Instagram
YoutubeWatch Tammy Slaton Videos on YouTube
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IMDbTammy Slaton on IMDb

Tammy Slaton Popularity on Google

A Quick Look To FAQs About Tammy Slaton

Q: Why Is Tammy Slaton So Famous?

A: She is famous because she is the most talented reality-star present in the industry right now.

Q: Tammy Slaton Is From?

A: Tammy is from the United States.

Q: How Tall Is She?

A: There are many rumors about Tammy Slaton's height. However, the verified news is that she is 5'9" tall.

Q: How Much Is Tammy Slaton Net Worth?

A: According to some sources, Her net worth is between $1 Million – $5 Million.

Q: Is Tammy Slaton Married?

A: No, Tammy Slaton is not married because she is pansexual.

Q: How Many Children Does She Have?

A: Tammy Slaton has no children.


So in this post, we told you about almost everything that you need to know about Tammy Slaton. We told you about Tammy Slaton, her early life, her medical issues, weight loss goals, her boyfriend, and much more. We hope that we covered everything for which you were curious to know about her. Enjoy reading.

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