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Will Smith Posted A New Apology Video For Chris Rock

Will Smith Posted A New Apology Video For Chris Rock

After a long time of the physical fight between Chris Rock and Will Smith, people are still waiting to hear Smith’s apology for slapping Chris at a public event. Well, Chris – the famous American entertainer, apologized to the widely known actor and media personality – Will Smith a long time ago, but now, we guess it’s time for Smith to share his apology towards Rock.

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Will smith apology video

Will Smith posted an apology video towards “Chris Rock”

In A Recent Interview, Will Smith Served His Sincere Apology For Slapping Chris:


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Will Smith has recently apologized to Chris Rock for slapping him at a recent award gathering. He first explained the whole scene that forced him to take such a “violent” step, but later, he sincerely apologized to Chris, his mother, and his brother – Tony Rock, so that both sides could move on to their friendship sector again.

Will smith apology video on Slapping Chris Rock

Pictures of Will Smith Slapping “Chris Rock” at a recent award gathering

Rock still hasn’t shared his remarks on Will Smith’s apology video. And now, the audience wants Rock to share truly positive acceptance remarks so that all the fans can enjoy these two entertainers’ friendship again!

Will smith Aplogizedto Chris Rock

Will Smith Served His Sincere Apology For Slapping Chris Rock

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