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Comparing Bo Burnham’s Height To Other Stars To See If His Height Appropriate For Larry Bird’s Role!

Comparing Bo Burnham’s Height To Other Stars To See If His Height Appropriate For Larry Bird’s Role!

Bo Burnham height stands tall at 6 feet 5½ inches. He is an American comedian, actor, host, musician, and filmmaker who is quite popular among Netflix fanatics for his show “Bo Burnham: Inside.”

OccupationComedian, actor, host, musician, and filmmaker
HeightIn Inches: 6 feet 5½ inches
In Meters: 1.96 m
In Centimeters: 196 cm
Age33 years
Net Worth$4 million
Source of WealthCareer as a comedian, actor, host, musician, and filmmaker

He grabbed the media attention after HBO announced (in March 2021) that the comedian would be appearing in its television series, in which he will be portraying the role of the legendary ‘Larry Bird.’ Larry is a former American professional basketball player who stands 6 feet 9 inches tall. And as these measurements list Mr. Burnham about four inches shorter than the player, the audience seems curious to discover whether the towering comedian is “Really” shorter than him – or not.

That’s why below we will be comparing Burnham’s height with other well-known comedians and entertainers to make you guys understand better. Read onwards!

Bo Burnham Bio

Pictures of an American Based Comedian “Bo Burnham”

How Tall Is The “Inside” Comedian Bo Burnham? – Explained:

According to CelebHeights.Com, Bo has an ideal height of 6 feet 5½ inches (196 cm or 1.96 m). But even after having an ideal height, for which the comedian gained massive fame, he never really liked to be so tall. He has stated many times in many interviews that he would do everything to have a standard height where people can’t push him to the freakdom side of the entertainment industry.

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Furthermore, once in a discussion at “The Pete Holmes Show,” he stated that he has a stretch mark on his back because of having a rapid height growth problem (when he hit puberty in his teen years).

A Comparison Of Burnham’s Height With Other Celebrities

Bo Burnham Bio

#1: Greg Davies Height Is Towering Burnham’s By 3½ Inches

Bo Burnham’s height drops by three inches from Greg Davies’ towering height of 6 feet 8 inches. And for those who don’t know – Greg Davies is a Welsh comedian, actor, presenter, and writer who grabbed the limelight after portraying the role of Greg in “We Are Klang.”

Bo Burnham Height Vs Greg Davies

Bo Burnham’s Height Vs Greg Davies Height

#2: Daniel Tosh Height Is Fairly An Inch Shorter Than Him

Daniel Tosh is an actor, writer, comedian, and producer from the United States who stands tall at 6 feet 3 inches, making Burnham about 1½ inches taller than him. Daniel is famous for his performance at “Late Show with David Letterman.”

Bo Burnham Height Vs Daniel Tosh

Bo Burnham’s Height Vs Daniel Tosh’s Height

#3: Dave Chappelle Drops 4½ Inches Shorter Than Him

Dave Chappelle is an American-based stand-up comedian famous for his comedy sketch series “Chappelle’s Show.” He is 4½ inches shorter than Burnham, with his measured height of 6 feet 0 inches.

Bo Burnham Height Vs Dave Chappelle

Bo Burnham’s Height Vs Dave Chappelle’s Height

#4: Lee Pace Stands Almost The Same As Burnham

Lee Pace stands almost the same as Burnham, with his tall height of 6 feet 5 inches. He is also an American-based comedian and actor. And as per his Wikipedia page, Lee is known for playing the role of Thranduil the Elvenking in “The Hobbit trilogy” movie.

Bo Burnham Height Vs Lee Pace

Bo Burnham’s Height Vs Lee Pace’s Height

#5: Richard Osman Is 2½ Inches Loftier Than Him

Standing at 6 feet 7 inches, Richard Osman is about 2½ inches taller than Burnham. He is known for being an English television presenter, producer, novelist, and comedian.

Bo Burnham Height Vs Richard Osman

Bo Burnham’s Height Vs Richard Osman’s Height

#6: Andrew Flintoff Is Also An Inch Shorter Than Him

Andrew Flintoff has a measured height of 6 feet 4 inches. He is a television presenter, comedian, and actor. And as per his height measurements, he is 1½ inches shorter than Burnham.

Bo Burnham Height Vs Andrew Flintoff

Bo Burnham’s Height Vs Andrew Flintoff’s Height

#7: Joel McHale Is 3½ Inches Shorter Than Burnham

David Letterman is one of the living legends from the United States of America, who is widely known for his hosting skills. He is 3½ shorter than Burnham, with a measured height of 6 feet 2 inches.

Bo Burnham Height Vs Joel McHale

Bo Burnham’s Height Vs Joel McHale’s Height

Winding Up!

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Bo Burnham often makes fun of his tall height in his stand-up comedy shows. And in addition to that, even on his Instagram, he frequently shares weird pictures of his physique with fun captions, which keeps his fans entertained with the content he serves.

Bo Burnham Celebrity

Photoraphs of an Americna Based Comedian “Bo Burnham”

What’s your take on Bo Burnham’s height? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.