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What is Lil Durk’s Net Worth? – Let’s Put A Flash On His Earnings

What is Lil Durk’s Net Worth? – Let’s Put A Flash On His Earnings

Durk Derrick Banks aka Lil Durk has a net worth of $8 million. He is recognized as an American rapper and lyrics writer who is making millions after founding the “Only the Family” or “OTF” music label while being associated with the Glo Gang label (which is promoted by Chief Keef).

OccupationRapper, Singer, And Songwriter
Net Worth$8 million
Age31 years
Source of WealthHis merch, career as a rapper, and other music collaborations

Well! Durk was never officially signed to any additional label, for which he has created a successful image of himself in the music field. He has also released a mixtape series – “Signed to the Streets,” that is now falling under the “One of the legendary music releases of 2013” category.

Lil Durk Bio

Photographs of an American rapper and lyrics writer “Lil Durk”

A Glimpse at Lil Durk’s Bio:

Birth nameDurk Derrick Banks
Known asLil Durk
Date of birthOctober 19, 1992
Age31 years
BirthplaceEnglewood, Chicago, Illinois
Famous AsRapper, Singer, And Songwriter
EducationDropped out of School
Zodiac signLibra
Father’s nameDontay Banks
Mother’s nameBig Durk

Durk’s Net Worth Clocks In At $8 Million

According to, Durk has a net worth of $8 million. Apart from that, this well-known musician has a yearly revenue of around $0.4 Million and his monthly salary is around $40k. – Source

Well, back in March 2022, Durk signed a $40 million contract with a music label. But for some personal reasons, he didn’t reveal anything further about his deal, which indicated the cancellation of their deal.

Lil Makes His Millions Through Diverse Sources

Besides earning as a successful rapper and songwriter, Durk Derrick Banks’s net worth has been driven by his merch, show appearances, and features since 2017. He sells his self-inspired hoodies, tees, and trousers under the name “OTF Gear.”

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OTF Gear is available online on Durk’s merch website. And as per his fans’ pictures that they frequently share with Lil’s chic apparel, we discovered that the rapper also manages an in-person clothing store in California, the US. Also, it has been revealed that Durk’s girlfriend – India Royale used to wear her casual daily outfits from Lil’s merch; most of her hoodies are also from Durk’s clothing line.

Lil Durk OTF Brand

Pictures of Lil Durk from his Famous Brand “OTF Gear”

How Much Does He Charge For A Show?

For a show appearance, Durk is charging around $500,000. This news got revealed after his manager spotted while finalizing Durk’s performance at a stadium in Texas.

How Much Does He Charge For A Feature?

The rapper Durk has collaborated with hundreds of fellow rappers throughout his career. When he takes a singer to get features in his song, Lil usually charges around $30,000 – $50,000. And in case he is promoted in others’ tracks, the singer tries to go for a low rate to keep things in ratio.

How Much Does He Charge For A Verse?

The answer is Durk charges around $350,000 for a single verse in a track. This amount is also added to the mentioned number of Lil Durk’s net worth.

Catch The Progress In His Net Worth By Year:

Below we have compiled a quick list of Lil Durk’s net worth that he has been progressing since 2017 (as per CA Knowledge):

  • Net Worth In 2017: $3.3 Million
  • Net Worth In 2018: $3.6 Million
  • Net Worth In 2019: $3.8 Million
  • Net Worth In 2020: $4.2 Million
  • Net Worth In 2021: $4.6 Million
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Where Does He Spend His Net Worth?

Durk is currently living in his Urban Splatter mansion, which has six bedrooms and five-six restrooms with about 6000 square feet of area. Moreover, the rapper has the best collection of expensive cars, which includes a Rolls-Royce Cullinan, a Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4, a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, a Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk, a Cadillac Eldorado Custom, and a Chevy Blazer Monster Truck. Moving on, Lil has jewelry of $3,000,000, which he show-offs in his music videos and Instagram pictures.

After having a detailed look at Lil’s fortune, expensive mansions, watches, and cars, it is safe to say that this one of the highest-paid rappers loves spending his earnings on luxurious lifestyle essentials.

6ix9ine Net Worth is not even close to His Rival Lil Durk’s Net Worth

The fight between these two rappers – Durk and 6ix9ine, started in 2019 when Lil threatened 9ine for disrespecting his buddy King Von. Since then, the fandoms from both sides love comparing the achievements of these rivals on social media.

Following this, it has been revealed by Wealthygorilla that 6ix9ine Net Worth is not even close to Durk’s net worth, as he earns around $500,000 while Durk has an estimated net worth of $8 million.

Wrapping Up!
An American rapper who gained massive fame after his “300 Days, 300 Nights” track – Durk Derrick Banks, has been earning millions by collaborating with well-known rappers from the music industry. And now, as he is managing his music label, he accumulates an estimated net worth of $8 million.

Lil Durk Famous Rapper

Photographs of an American rapper and lyrics writer “Lil Durk”

What’s your take on Lil Durk’s Net Worth? Let us know in the comment box.