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Lisa Pemberton Biography: All About Paul Anka’s Ex-Wife

Lisa Pemberton Biography: All About Paul Anka’s Ex-Wife

Lisa Pemberton is a celebrity spouse from the United States who rose to fame for being the ex-wife of Paul Anka – a Canadian-American singer and songwriter. Moreover, Lisa is known for being a fashion icon who appeared in numerous brand promotions to gain the limelight.

Lisa Pemberton Attended Carleton University To Earn A Degree

She was born on July 15, 1953, in Ontario, Canada, to Ron and Dorothy Pemberton. She was raised in Ottawa and attended Carleton University, receiving a bachelor’s degree in psychology and human relations. She then obtained a master’s degree from the UC Berkeley School of Public Health and worked as a counselor for adolescents until 1977.

Moving on, Lisa holds American-Canadian nationality, her nationality is American, her ethnicity is Mixed, and her religion is unknown. Moreover, as of now, her age is 70 years, and her zodiac sign is Cancer.

Lisa PembertonWiki/Bio
Birth NameLisa Pemberton
Net Worth$1million- $5million
ProfessionMake Up Department, Special Effects
HusbandAmerican-Canadian singer/songwriter Paul Anka
Age 54 years old
Height5' 7''
BoyfriendMr Anka
Wedding dateOctober 22, 2016
EducationBachlor Degree from public US state university
Weight66 KG
Wedding VenueThe Four Seasons in Los Angeles, California on Oct
Relation Periodsix years
HobbiesAnimal lover
Marriage duration4.8 years
ChildrenAlicia 53 yrs. Female Step Child Paul Anka
Amanda 52 yrs. Female Step Child Paul Anka
Amelia 50 yrs. Female Step Child Paul Anka
Anthea 48 yrs. Female Step Child Paul Anka
Alexandra 46 yrs. Female Step Child Paul Anka
Ethan 17 yrs. Male Step Child Paul Anka
Last Updated2024
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A Quick Check Into Her Physique And Facial Features 

She is considered tall, with her height being 5′ 7”(170.18 cm), and she weighs 66 KG. She has a good height-to-weight ratio which makes her body style have a great body measurement. She has a unique body and she stands tall.

Check Her Pictures Below:

She’s been a model and has done lots of work with photographers, magazines, and other publications. She’s been featured in “GQ”, “Maxim” and “FHM”. You can see her pictures on Google if you look hard enough because there are many out there.

Lisa Pemberton

Lisa Pemberton

What She do for a living?

There are no sources that confirm her actual occupation. Some are confusing her with a makeup artist or a model. Apart from that, she is commonly known for being the wife of Paul Anka.

Lisa is a tall, confident woman. She recently has not been quite active on her social media, keeping her personal life exclusive. Lisa, the third wife of Paul Anka, a highly known singer, is mainly known because of her husband.

Although she doesn’t have any children with Paul, she is a mother of six stepchildren, and her marriage will complete its five years this October.

A Quick Check Into Her Career

She is a model and has done lots of work with photographers, magazines, and other publications. She’s been featured in “GQ”, “Maxim,” and “FHM.” Well, she came under the media limelight when she exchanged wedding knots with Paul Anka – a Canadian-American singer and songwriter. And currently, Lisa is keeping a low profile about her personal and professional life.

She Makes Millions From Her Modeling Career

As of now, Lisa has a net worth of approximately $2 million to $5 million. The estimation of her net worth comes from her career as a model.

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How Lisa is related to Paul Anka?

Pemberton was once married to a well-known American-Canadian singer and songwriter, Paul Anka. The couple dated for six years, and in 2016, at the Four Seasons in Los Angeles, California, they exchanged wedding knots.

Well, the couple stayed together for four years after marriage, and in 2020, the couple decided to call it quits. 

Lisa doesn’t share any children with her current husband, Paul, and she has six stepchildren who are all from Paul’s past relationships. There are five daughters named Anthea, Amelia, Alicia, Alexandra, and Amanda, who are the children from the first marriage and are in the 45-50 age group. 

Lisa Pemberton Husband


Lisa Pemberton

Appearance on Social Media

Pemberton is not active on social media at this time. She only has a profile on the IMDb website.

PlatformProfile Links
YoutubeWatch Lisa Pemberton Videos on YouTube
IMDbFind Lisa Pemberton on IMDb


Lisa is Paul Anka’s wife and manager. She was born in Ottawa, Ontario to a father who worked for the Canadian government and a mother who was an artist and social worker. Her parents divorced when she was four years old after her dad had left them for another woman. The family relocated to Toronto where they were living by the time of their next move two years later, this one up to Montreal as part of what would become an ongoing series of job changes that led her into animation production work.

There she met animator John Halas with whom she collaborated on many projects until his death from cancer at age 57 in 1988; since then she has been involved with various animal charities such as World Wildlife Fund Canada.

What are your thoughts on Lisa Pemberton’s relationship with Paul Anka and her life? Share with us in the comment box.


Thursday 17th of November 2022

Feel sorry for Lisa her marriage didn’t last with Paul .

Franee Pohl

Thursday 30th of March 2023

@DM, l can say you are so right. I was a Lobby Concierge . at the Cleveland Marriott years ago and Paul stayed there and was always nice to me. What you see is what you get.😘


Thursday 1st of December 2022

@Denise, I’m sorry, but, you don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. Instead, feeling sorry for her maybe, you should feel bad for Paul bc maybe, she did him wrong. Nobody knows but them. But, Paul has a history of staying in a relationship 39 years, he was not the one who filed the divorce.

When people marry for someone’s fame or money, probably both , it will create cheating, lies. Manipulation, arguments like with the second wife. None of this was Paul Anka’s fought. Please, do not cast stones if you were not there. He is faithful! He is a great man & it implies like he’s at fought.

If you see, the red carpet on News, she kissing him all for shoe & numetous times, you want say really? Stop please, it’s not a good image for Paul. So, don’t feel sorry for her at all, putting on a show, over the top in dramatics, even the second wife knew to just say nothing, smile normally, let him shine. Lisa, with her finger up, it’s not typical behavior if red carpet. It’s like a school girl, getting noticed for the first time. She is doing something behind his head, all for cameras. I remember seeing it thinking poor Paul, bc he’s so debonair, chilled & always the greatest smile!! She’s over powering him.

He’s down to earth she was acting like it was her glory instead of his, trying be in the limelight as the main person. Let your man shine, bc he earned it, not her. So, I will defend a man of his honor any day. I am not one to voice my opinion. But, feeling sorry for the wrong person I will defend the most honorable man in the world. My heart goes out to Mr. Anka. She is who she is today bc of Paul Anka.

Sorry to give my opinion, but, she’s not the innocent one. Even the wedding photo look into her eyes did not match the smile. No sparkle like she only married for fame & money. That’s sad.

Those who do not know Paul Anka, know he’s a great person! Those who know his character, love him!!

Paul G.

Saturday 30th of July 2022

Nice, I love Lisa Pemberton and this was really a great post!