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100 Animated Shows That Prove That ’90s Were the Golden Age of Cartoons

100 Animated Shows That Prove That ’90s Were the Golden Age of Cartoons

90s Cartoons and animated shows are undoubtedly the best human-made thing whose prime aim is to entertain the masses. Numerous animated shows are available and popular among all age groups in thousands of languages featuring various daily life topics and scenarios. An animated show or series is a collection of animated works with a usual and essential title, and the entire series of a particular show is linked with each other. Today, animated shows are being top-rated among viewers.

Below is the list and description of the top 100 all-time favorite and popular animated performances of the golden era of the 90s, proving that these cartoons led the media in the 90s.

Table of Contents

01 – The Smurfs

On Air Date: 1981-1990

The Smurfs

Here comes the best 90s cartoon of all time – The Smurfs. It’s a freaking cool and full-packed fun animated series that might be the favorite of adults and teens. It got initially broadcasted on NBC from September 1981 to December 2, 1989, and won the heart of millions of people from the television screens for eight years. The series broadcasted a total of 258 episodes along with 419 stories.

02 – Alvin and the Chipmunks

On Air Date: 1983-1990

Alvin and the Chipmunks

In this world anything can’t be more amusing than a grown-up losing his mind, this scenario serves as the core idea of numerous kids’ cartoons, shows, and programs. Kids are allowed to do all the notorious activities, and the adults are just bound to bear them up. There is no law and order, no discipline and chaos. These situations combined to form a show called Alvin and the Chipmunks. The gang of Alvin and chipmunks produced numerous hit songs with their tiny beautiful voices.

03 – Dragon Ball Z

On Air Date: 1989-1996

Dragon Ball Z

Among all cartoons listed, Dragon Ball Z is considered to have the most viewership. The series is written by Akira Toriyama. The show is loaded with detailed choreographed fighting scenes closest to the reality in the history of the cartoon industry. The show is like a love letter to the fans or audience who love to enjoy the fight between the good and wicked powers.

04 – Danger Mouse

On Air Date: 1981-1992

Danger Mouse


Danger Mouse is a series produced by the British featuring the lead character, called Rodent, who was serving as a secret agent. Though the cartoon is UK-based, it also had a huge fan following in the USA. The Mouse had a sporting eye patch along with the logo of “D.M.” on his chest was a perfect hero of the play who had fluency in numerous languages and was physically fit moreover was mentally perfect.

05 – Count Duckula

On Air Date: 1988-1993

Count Duckula

Count Duckula started his life as an anti-hero or villain in the series. The series is equipped with a strong idea, making it an epic show for kids. Count Dacula was a bird who used to be a bloodsucker, but he turned into a vegetarian vampire after certain events. Thus the story revolves around this Dracula and his happenings.

06 – Chip ‘N Dale: Rescue Rangers

On-air date: 1989-1990

Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers


Though the entire plot of Rescue Rangers is mind-blowing, the opening melody and song are so fascinating that it remains in mind for several days. The characters Chip and Dale efficiently play the roles of Indiana Jones and Magnum r, to resolve the societal issues that were relatively minute in front of the giant police.

07 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

On-air date: 1987-1996

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

It is one the most thrilling and sassy shows ever that got based on the ever frightening fighting team. These heroes wear the half-shell with a green appearance. The plot is about the adventures of four mutated turtles named Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo, whose mission was to save New York and escape the city from shredder’s evil acts.

08 – Thunder Cats

On Airdate: 1985-1990

Thunder Cats


The story of Thunder cats revolves around the adventure of cat-like aliens who live on a planet called Third Earth. Thunder cats were quite interesting suspicious and adventurous cartoon that made our childhood memorable.

09 – Schoolhouse Rock!

On-air date: 1972-2001

Schoolhouse Rock!


Here comes one of the best and worldwide streamed 90s cartoons – Schoolhouse Rock. Basically, it is an interstitial programming series that features thrill, emotions, love, and educational life. It mainly focuses on animated musical educational short films. This amazing series got fame in animated cartoon history because of the music and characters.

10 – Muppet Babies

On-air date: 1984-1990

Muppet Babies


The main characters were the small kid character of Kermit, Miss Piggy, and buddies. The plot revolved around the vibrant imaginations of these characters in which they do the world tours and numerous adventures but only in their vision while being at the nursery.

11 – The Real Ghostbusters

On-air date: 1986-1991

The Real Ghostbusters - 90s Cartoon

The Real Ghostbusters is an animated series of the American media that is a sequel to the comedy film Ghostbusters. The series continued to demonstrate the adventures of paranormal detectives

12 – Duck Tales

On-air date: 1987-1990

Duck Tales - 90s Cartoon

Here come the kid’s most favorite cartoons of the 90s. It is an American television animated series that comes to the world of entertainment by Disney Animation television and got a sudden hit because of its characters and story. Talking about its lead character is Scrooge McDuck. This character loves by his three grandnephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie, and close group friends and their mission is to follow the map where adventures exist.

13 – Looney Tunes

On-air date: Syndicated Theatrical shorts

Looney Tunes - 90s Cartoon

Here is yet another popular and best 90s animated cartoon – Looney Tunes. It is an American animated sitcom (produced by Warner Bros.) that holds multiple versions and short films, featuring the life of a Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. This fantastic series revolves around the daily incidents and hacks of both of these exceptional characters.

14 – The Simpsons

On Air Date: 1989 to present

The Simpsons - 90s Cartoon

The most-watched and loved American animated series portrays the life of an American family; “The Simpsons” the family Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, the family live in a fictional town of Springfield and revolve around their day to day work and life.

15 – Woody Woodpecker

On-air date: 1990s

Woody Woodpecker - 90s Cartoon

It is the tale of the 90s when the animated series used to revolve around the life of a little bird called Woody. These series are emphasizing a bird who wasn’t very renowned and valuable among his peers. Still, he grabbed a respectable attitude in society with his efforts.

16 – Mighty Mouse

On-air date: 1990s

Mighty Mouse

Another very amazing and interesting cartoon character Mighty Mouse was the kids who loved cute adorable little Mouse as this small creature beat the goons with his supernatural powers.

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17 – Popeye

On-air date: 1990s


Popeye is one of the most famous animated characters, part of numerous series and animations. Every child wanted Popeye photo on his school bags, tiffin, T-shirts and want to play with popeye resembled toys.

18 – Tom and Jerry

On-air date: 1990s

Tom & Jerry

The all-time classical and favorite among all age groups, tom and jerry, are the characters that made childhood beautiful and still make people’s lives. The plot revolves around a cat (Tom) and Mouse (Jerry) who hilariously chase and tease each other.

19 – Darkwing Duck

On-air date: 1991-1992

Darkwing Duck

An American animated television series is about a titular superhero supported by his assistant and pilot, Launchpad McQuack. The story shows the struggles of Dawrking, who struggled to maintain a balance between his desire for fame and the role of a good father.

20 – Rugrats

On-air date: 1991-1994


Rugrats is a show which revolves around four babies, Tommy Pickles, Chuckie Finster, and Phil and Lil Deville. The plot reveals the world from the baby’s way of viewing to which everything looks enormous and mysterious.

21 – Spider-Man

On-air date: 1994-1998


A very well-known and famous TV series of all time, spider-man is the story of the significant spider man. This cartoon was very famous among the children as this featured many Marvel characters as special appearances in different episodes, which allowed Spider-Man to team with characters, this show being an all-time favorite.

22 – TaleSpin

On-air date: 1990-1994


The popular series revolves around the adventures of a bush pilot, Baloo the bear, whose air cargo freight business, “Baloo’s Air Service”, is taken up by Rebecca Cunningham, who has a young daughter named Molly. This show is an exciting and adventurous world of batting air pirates, receiving treasure, helping others.

23 – Dr Katz, Professional Therapist

On-air Date: 1995-1999

Dr Katz

Dr Katz, Professional Therapist, is an American adult animated comedy show. The show revolves around a professional psychotherapist Dr Katz, a kind-hearted man who enjoys hanging out with Stanley and bartender Julie.

24 – Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

On Air Date: 1995-1996

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

The series revolves around some steps to walk o, battalions and their unique uniforms. The series is based on evil and heroic action focused on a battle Gundam among the planets present in the universe. In this series there was some kind of robotics used to made disasters in the universe.

25 – Dexter’s Laboratory

On Air Date: 1996-2003

Dexter's Laboratory

One of the best-animated series features and revolves around a character. A scientist kid belongs to moderate parents and a sister lives in America, having a pure native accent, a scientific lab, and a god gifted brain. However, his sister was a fuss creator who often interrupted Dexter’s experiments and thought that Dexter was unable to keep her away after much struggle.

26 – Johnny Bravo

On Air Date: 1997-2004

Johnny Bravo

They all tie favorite character, Johnny Bravo, was aired in 1997, featuring the story of a boy with complete confidence and surety that he is the dream of all women. The character was mindless fun loved by both adults and kids.

27 – Pokemon

On Air Date: 1997


Pokemon is one of the most amazing animated series of all time, kids even adults cherish these cartoons with all of their hearts. It is still an ongoing animated series that is all about adventures, thrill, suspense, and comedy. The reason why it’s so famous is because of a character – Pickachu. This series got produced by Oriental Light & Magic Inc. in Japan. and aired back on April 1, 1997.

28 – Todd McFarlane’s Spawn

On Air Date: 1997-1999

Todd McFarlane's Spawn

Here enters one of the most exciting adult animated superhero series also known as Spawn. The series keeps revolving around the well-known – Marine Force Recon Lieutenant Colonel Al Simmons, who performed as a government leader in covert black ops. The story got abrupt suspense when she got killed by a person she considers her most loyal friend. The entire series’s plot was thrilling, exciting, and popular among the adults.

29 – Freakazoid

On Air Date: 1995-1997


Yet another cool and funky animated cartoon that has won millions of hearts is the Freakazoid. This cartoon was based on the American superhero produced by Bruce Timm and Paul Dini for young children. The series emphasizes the adventures of the title character, Freakazoid, a bold and rude teenage superhero who clashes with a group of supervillains.

30 – Duckman

On Air Date: 1994-1997


An adult-oriented cartoon Duckman is a funny and weird show featuring a silly duck, by profession she is the worst private detective and the most mysterious person to be around. However, he has been blessed with his genius companion, Cornfed Pig, whose talking style is like that of Joe Friday and have numerous talents is the only reason that foolish Duckman gets some work and cases to solve.

31 – Pinky and the Brain

On Air Date: 1995-1998

Pinky and the Brain

The kid’s favorite series is about the story of an intelligent and genius Mouse, Brain, who aims to rule the world along with his foolish assistant Pinky. The entire series shows his struggles and efforts to take over the world.

32 – Gargoyles

On Air Date: 1994-1997


Gargoyles and animated tv-series feature a unique species called Gargoyles, whose specialty was that it turned to stone during the daytime. They were characterized for their dark tone and considerable powers.

33 – Donkey Kong

On Air Date: 1997

Donkey Kong

Here comes the 90s kids’ most favorite animated cartoon – Donkey Kong. It is one of the most exciting, thrilling, and fantasy-based cartoons. In this series, you will see a Donkey Kong and Diddy who accidentally send Crankily, and here’s how their adventures started.

34 – The Powerpuff Girls

On Air Date: 1998-2005

The Powerpuff Girls

The story of cute three powerful girls named buttercup, blossom, and bubbles, who were little baby girls studied in a kinder garden having astonishing natural superpowers professionally. The exciting thing is that Professor Utonium created these girls with different unusual materials.

35 – Tiny Toon Adventures

On Air Date: 1990-1994

Tiny Toon Adventures

A new generation of animated characters was introduced in this series who studied at Acme Acres Looniversity under the supervision of famous and classic looney tunes characters; Buster and Bab’s bunny are the two leading characters.

36 – Batman Beyond

On Air Date: 1999-2001

Batman Beyond

Batman Beyond, also called batman of the Future, is an American animated series produced by W.B. Television Network and is the fantastic sequel of the New Batman adventures, presenting Batman a teen aged guy living in a futuristic city.

37 – Space Ghost Coast to Coast

On Air Date: 1994-2004

Space Ghost Coast to Coast

The show was hosted by the most loved immortal superhero. A fantastic series that used the animated cartoon theme of Hanna-Barbera’s and 1960s cartoon shows.

38 – Superman: The Animated Series

On Air Date: 1996-2000

Superman The Animated Series

An American animated television series originated from the real superman character; the series is the masterpiece Warner Bros. The series was famous for its beautiful animations, writing style and complete justification of the characters.

39 – Liquid Television

On Airdate: 1991-1994

Liquid Television

Liquid television is MTV’s classic, strange, experimental, laughable, chilling and darkly humorous animation collection featuring sequential and one-off segments. Numerous music videos and unusual live-action of the puppet segments are also displayed in the show.

40 – Home Movies

On Airdate: 1999-2004

Home Movies

An adult animated American movie that focuses on an eight-year-old aspiring filmmaker named Brendon Small; he made film productions that were home-based during his leisure time and his friend with his friends Melissa Robbins and Jason Penopolis.

41 – King of the Hill

On Airdate: 1997 to date

king of the hill

The series king of the hill portrays the life of an average family and their daily life and routine in a typical town of America. The series has documented the everyday routine life of the family in the small Texas town of Arlen, exploring numerous themes like love, justice etc.

42 – The Critic

On Air Date: 1994-1995

The Critic

The animation is the most hilarious and heartwarming animation with the leading character of Jay Sherman, whose goal was to wear the woven clothes and to find a companion with whom he can grow and argue.

43 – Animaniacs

On Air Date: 1993-1998


The series was packed with brilliant comedy and several parodies, equally fascinating for kids and adults. The plot was about real Warner Brothers named Yakko and Wakko — and the Warner twins, Dot. The series revolve around these characters.

44 – The Maxx

On Air Date: 1995

The Maxx

The series focuses on a homeless man named The Maxx, who eventually believed in a superhero. The character shifts between the real and dream worlds, which he called the outback. He only had one friend, Julie Winters, a freelance social worker.

45 – SpongeBob SquarePants

On Air Date: 1995 to present

SpongeBob SquarePants

The series revolves around an interesting character called Spongebob, whose only aim is to catch the jellyfish in his fishing net and then to make burgers and Krabby Patties at the Krusty cab. He had such a personality that can easily make someone annoyed or can he get annoyed.

46 – Cowboy Bebop

On Air Date: 1998-1999

Cowboy Bebop

The series began in the end of 1990s, in which Cowboy traces the group of greedy killers. Beautiful animated action scenes range from space was to deadly fighting scenes, including mind-blowing music.

47 – X-Men

On Air Date: 1992-1997


The show featured X-men and dealt with numerous social issues. The second attempt at animated series of marvel comics became immensely popular.

48 – Ren and Stimpy

On Air Date: 1991-1996

Ren and Stimpy

The Story of two unlikely friends Ren, a silly, crazy and greedy chihuahua and Stimpy, who was a fat, jolly and crazy cat. Both of them go through numerous adventures like finding land for Canada, spending the night at a haunted house etc.

49 – Tom & Jerry Kids

On Air Date: 1990-1993

Tom & Jerry Kids

Tom & Jerry Kids is an American animated sketch show featuring characters from the 1975 Tom & Jerry show.This show was created by the same production company, Hanna-Barbera Productions, and Turner Entertainment, but with the original cast as toddlers. The show aired on Fox Kids until 1993.

50 – The Wild Thornberrys

On Air Date: 1998

The Wild Thornberrys

The Wild Thornberrys is A USA based animated television series based on a British family of wildlife documentary filmmakers. The animated series was created for Nickelodeon and first aired in 1998. The show follows the Thornberry family as they travel the world filming wildlife documentaries with their camerawoman, Marianne.

51 – Captain Planet and the Planeteers

On Air Date: 1990

Captain Planet and the Planeteers

Captain Planet and the Planeteers, also called the New Adventures of Captain Planet, is an animated show about the environment. The show educates viewers about the environmental damage caused by various human activities, large corporations, and businesses.

52 – Bonkers

On Air Date: 1993-1994


Bonkers is an American animated crime-comedy series based on Disney’s Raw Tonnage segment. The plot revolves around the exploits of Bonkers D. Bobcat. He is a retired actor who becomes a detective with the police force.

53 – Goof Troop

On Air Date: 1992

Goof Troop

Goof Troop is a Disney production that stars Goofy from the Mickey Mouse show. The plot revolves around Max’s mischievous antics and how Goofy and his childhood friend Pete handle the situation. It aired for two seasons and had a total of 78 episodes.

54 – Taz-Mania

On Air Date: 1991


Taz-Mania is a series produced by Warner Brothers Animation. It was based on Taz, the Tasmanian devil from Looney Tunes, and Fox. Taz gets a better look in Taz-Mania than he does in Looney Tunes. He usually speaks to crack jokes and talk about his native Tasmania.

55 – Sonic the Hedgehog

On Air Date: 1993

Sonic the Hedgehog

It is based on the character from the video game and was created in collaboration with Sega of America, Reteitalia S.p.A, and Telecinco. Sonic is a member of a band of freedom fighters. They are revolting against Doctor Robotnik, the despotic ruler of Mobius, his home planet.

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56 – The Mask: Animated Series

On Air Date: 1995

The Mask Animated Series

The Mask: Animated Series is based on the same-named film. It came out in 1994. The adventures of Stanley Ipkiss and his alter-ego, The Mask in Edge City, are chronicled in the series.

57 – Timon & Pumbaa

On Air Date: 1995

Timon & Pumbaa

Timon and Pumbaa are based on The Lion King’s same name characters. The show is an animated show about childhood friends and buddies. This Disney production aired for three seasons in 1995.

58 – The Addams Family

On Air Date: 1992

The Addams Family

The Hanna-Barbera animated series The Addams Family, premiered in 1992, was also a Hanna-Barbera production. It reintroduces all of the original characters from the cartoon series and a few new ones.

59 – Kipper

On Air Date: 1997


Kipper is a children’s animated television show from Great Britain. It represented Mick Inkpen’s popular children’s story novel Kipper the Dog. The show aired on ITV and was nominated for a BAFTA for Best Children’s Animation show.

60 – The Angry Beavers

On Air Date: 1997

The Angry Beavers

If you are from the 1997s, you might know about The Angry Beavers which is a fantastic American animated television series. Mitch Schauer was the creator of this worldwide cherished show for the channel – Nickelodeon. Later, it got syndicated on Nickelodeon Canada and released on DVD by the Shout factory. The plot revolves around two beaver siblings who leave their parents’ home to live independently.

61 – 2 Stupid Dogs

On Air Date: 1993

2 Stupid Dogs

Another Hanna-Barbera production is 2 Stupid Dogs. From 1993 to 1995, it was broadcast on TBS. However, the team was unconcerned, claiming that the comparison was akin to comparing Pearl Jam’s bank to Nirvana. The film 2 Stupid Dogs is about two simple-minded and naive dogs.

62 – Samurai Jack

On Air Date: 2001

samurai jack

People who consider watching a spice of thrill but in the form of animated characters can consider Samurai Jack animated series. It is on the rank board of the best-animated cartoon shows and is still considered to be the best action animated cartoon. It got aired back in 2001 on Cartoon Network.

63 – Bobby’s World

On Air Date: 1990-1998

Bobby's world

Howie Mendel, a Canadian comedian, created Bobby’s World’s animated series that aired on Fox Kids from 1990 to 1998. The show presented Bobby Generic’s unique perspective on the events around him.
Bobby Generic was a child with a vivid imagination. He shared a home with his parents, Howard and Martha Generic, and his siblings, Kelly, Derek, Jake, and Alex.

64 – Little Bear

On Air Date: 1995

Little Bear

Did you remember that little teddy in the Little Bear? It is one of the most amazing animated series of all time. It got based on the same name’s well-known children’s book series. The show follows Little Bear’s adventures with Emily, Duck, Hen, Owl, and Cat. The series hit the entertainment floor and received a 7.3 rating on IMDb.

65 – Arthur

On Air Date: 1996


The show is an informational animation for children aged four to eight years old. It was created for PBS, and The Simpsons are one of the longest-running animated shows.The show aired on PBS for 25 seasons and produced over 250 episodes. Arthur also has a spin-off series called Postcards from Buster.

66 – Beetlejuice

On Air Date: 1989-1990s


Yet another best-animated cartoon is Beetlejuice which is a loose adaptation of the 1988 American scary film of the same name. Talking about the producers, Tim Burton produced and directed the series. This cartoon has four seasons, three of which were aired on the famous – ABC network and the final season on Fox Kids. The first season got 13 episodes, and the following two seasons each have eight episodes.
The fourth season, on the other hand, had 65 episodes. In 1990, the show received a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program.

67 – Garfield and Friends

On Air Date: 1988-1994

Garfield and Friends

The show aired on the CBS network on Sunday mornings. Although the show debuted in 1988, it spent most of its time on the air in the 1990s. From 1988 to 1994, CBS broadcasted seven seasons of the show. It also featured a segment from Jim Davis’ comic strip U.S. Acres.

68 – Aladdin

On Air Date: 1988-1994


Aladdin is a Disney Channel production based on the 1992 animated film Aladdin.
Except for Genie and the Sultan, most of the voice cast from the film worked on the T.V. series. The adventures of Ali, the street thief, Abu, his monkey friend and accomplice, Genie, Carpet, the magical carpet, Jasmine, the princess of Agrabah, Iago, Sultan, and many others are chronicled in the series.
It was nominated for several Daytime Emmy Awards. It aired on the Disney Channel and CBS for three seasons, totalling 86 episodes.

69 – Doug

On Air Date: 1991


Doug is an animated show about Douglas “Doug” Funnie, an eleven-year-old boy. For the first four seasons, the show was broadcast on Nickelodeon. It was later moved to the ABC network. It consists of seven seasons and 117 episodes. Doug was nominated for and won several national and international awards. The show received a 7.4 rating on IMDB.

70 – Pingu

On Air Date: 1990-2000s

Ping gu

Pingu is a stop-motion clay animated series created by a Swiss-British team. Otmar Gutmann created this children’s entertainment series. It first aired on Swiss television from 1990 to 2000. HIT Entertainment and Hot Animation later brought it to British television. The show follows the lives of a penguin family consisting of mother and father penguins, Pingu, and his sister Pinga.

This show received a 7.4 rating on IMDb and a 4 out of 5-star rating from Common Sense Media.

71 – The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

On Air Date: 1989-1990s

The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Who can forget about the bear who loves eating honey. Yes, talking about the New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. This cute and outlandish 90s cartoon is based on A. A. Milne’s famous children’s storybook Winnie-the-Pooh. The characters from this story had previously got animated in 1977.

The series was also well-cherished by critics, with an IMDb rating of 7.7. The show hit the entertainment ground and got the back-to-back Daytime Emmy Awards.

72 – Freakazoid!

On Air Date: 1995


For two seasons, the show aired on Kids’ W.B. Dexter Douglas, a teenage superhero who uses his superpowers to save the city. The show ran for two seasons and was broadcast on Kids’ W.B. On IMDb, the show received a 7.5 rating.

73 – The Ren & Stimpy Show

On Air Date: 1991

The Ren & Stimpy Show

Ren and Stimpy are one of the first Nicktoon series. John Kricfalusi created the show for Nickelodeon.
The show lasted five seasons in total. It was broadcast on Nickelodeon and later on MTV. It was a huge success. IMDb gave it a rating of 7.5.

74 – Beavis and Butt-Head

On Air Date: 1993

Beavis and Butt-Head

Mike Judge created the adult comedy animated series Beavis and Butthead. The show aired on MTV for seven seasons before being resurrected for Comedy Central.
This famous show got both positive and negative feedback, despite hitting a 7.5 rating on IMDB.

75 – The Jungle Book

On Air Date: 1989-2000s

The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book is a Japanese animated children’s television series. It was based on Rudyard Kipling’s children’s book.
The Italian-Japanese collaboration created the series and was a massive hit in India.
It was broadcast on D.D. Metro, India’s national channel. The series received a 7.5 rating on IMDB.

76 – Ed, Edd N Eddy

On Air Date: 1999-2009

Ed, Edd N Eddy

Ed, Edd, and Eddy a Cartoon Network animated children’s show. Danny Antonucci created the characters. He made these characters in the style of 1940s and early 1950s animation. It won several awards. Ed, Edd, and Eddy had six seasons on Cartoon Network from January 1999 to November 2009.
It received a 7.4 rating on IMDb, was broadcast in 120 countries, and had a large fan base.

77 – Hey Arnold!

On Air Date: 1996

Hey Arnold!

Craig Bartlett created the Nickelodeon animated show, Hey Arnold! The episodes depict Arnold’s daily life at school and with his neighbourhood friends.
The show ran for five seasons, totalling 100 episodes.

78 – TaleSpin

On Air Date: 1990


Disney Animation created the children’s animated show TaleSpin. The series takes place in a fictional city called Cape Suzette, similar to San Francisco. Through Disney, TaleSpin was successful in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, India, Germany, and other countries. The series received a 7.6 rating from IMDb.

79 – The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest

On Air Date: 1996-1997

The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest

Here comes The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest. It is another best sequel to the original Jonny Quest series from the year 1964. It is a Hanna-Barbera show from 1996 to 1997 production that got aired on Cartoon Network.
It was nominated for Daytime Emmys as well. The show received a 7.7 rating on IMDb.

80 – Aeon Flux

On Air Date: 1991-1995

on Flux animated series

MTV’s Aeon Flux is an avant-garde animation series. From 1991 to 1995, it aired on MTV’s Liquid Entertainment with its science-fiction storey. The show was a big hit, with an IMDb rating of 7.8. The series was given a live-action television reboot in 2018.

81 – Pinky and the Brain

On Air Date: 1995

Pinky and the Brain

Tom Ruegger is the creator of Pinky and The Brain. It is Amblin Entertainment’s and Warner Bros. Animation’s fourth animated series. The show aired on Kids’ W.B. in 1995 and lasted four seasons. The show received a 7.8 rating and, as a result of its popularity.

82 – The Tick

On Air Date: 1994


The Tick is an animated superhero series created for Fox Kids. The show lasted three seasons and had 36 episodes in total. The audience received the satirical heroes well, and the film received a 7.8 rating from critics. It received two Annie Awards.

83 – Reboot

On Air Date: 1994


Reboot is a computer-animated television series created in Canada for YTV. The show aired for four seasons. It received a 7.8 rating on IMDb. It also won numerous awards, including Gemini Awards for Best Animated Program in 1995, 1996, and 1997.

84 – The Magic School Bus

On Air Date: 1994


The Magic School Bus is a PBS animated educational television series. The Magic School Bus had four seasons and 52 episodes. Fox Kids later picked up the series as well. It received a 7.8 rating. It has received numerous award nominations, including a Daytime Emmy Award.

85 – Recess

On Air Date: 1997


Disney’s Recess is a production. Paul Germain and Joe Ansolabehere created the series. The show aired on ABC, ABC Kids, Disney XD, and Disney Channel. The show received a 7.8 rating on IMDb. This excellent and highly relished cartoon got nine seasons released and had a total of 65 episodes.

86 – Rocko’s Modern Life

On Air Date: 1992

Rocko's Modern Life

Rocko’s Modern Life is an animated adult comedy series about Rocko, a wallaby. Joe Murray created the show for Nickelodeon.
The show received a 7.9 rating on IMDb. It also won a Daytime Emmy Award and a CableACE award in 1993.

87 – Animaniacs

On Air Date: 1993


Tom Ruegger created Animaniacs for Amblin Entertainment and Warner Bros. Animation. Initially, the show aired on Fox Kids. The show premiered on Fox in 1993, and after 69 episodes, it moved to Kids’ W.B. in 1995, where it remained until the 99th episode.
The show was resurrected in 2020 and aired for two more seasons. It received a 7.9 rating in its first run and was very popular with children.

88 – Space Ghost Coast to Coast

On Air Date: 1994


Space Ghost Coast To Coast was animated series that’s showed some sort of discussions. It features re-imagined characters from the old Space Ghost cartoon series. Thos creepy and full of thrill 90s cartoon was a hit and won the hearts of audiences and critics, earning a 7.9 rating on IMDb.

89 – Histeria!

On Air Date: 1997


Tom Ruegger’s latest creation for Warner Bros. Animation is Histeria! It aired on the Kids’ W.B. channel. The show is an educational and informative animated series created to meet the FCC’s stringent standards.
It was also well received by critics and the general public. They gave it an IMDb rating of 8 out of 10.

90 – Daria

On Air Date: 1997


Daria is an adult animated television series that airs on MTV. The show aired on MTV for five seasons, totalling 65 episodes. Daris is regarded as one of the top 50 most fantastic cartoon characters of all time, and the show received an 8.1 rating on IMDb.

91 – Family Guy

On Air Date: 1999

Family Guy

Family Guy is an animated television show for adults. Seth MacFarlane created it for Fox Broadcasting Company. This went on for up to 20 seasons. Family Guy aired on Fox for 20 seasons and received numerous awards. On IMDb, it has an overall rating of 8.1.

92 – Courage the Cowardly Dog

On Air Date: 1996

Courage the Cowardly Dog

Courage, the Cowardly Dog is a Cartoon Network animated series. It was designed for the network by John R Dilworth. It debuted in 1996 and ran for four seasons, each with thirteen episodes. The show received an 8.2 rating.

94 – SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron

On Air Date: 1993-1995

Swat Kats

SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron is a children’s animated series. Christian and Yvon Tremblay designed it. From September 1993 to January 1995, the show was on the air. SWAT Kats was a two-season show with a total of 25 episodes. The show received an 8.4 rating on IMDb.

95 – Cartoon Planet

On Air Date: 1995

Cartoon Planet Animated series

Cartoon Planet is a variety show based on an animated series. This show aired on Cartoon Network. The show aired 146 episodes over three seasons. The series received an 8.4 rating on IMDb.

96 – X-Men: The Animated Series

On Air Date: 1992

X-Men The Animated Series

The Animated Series, also known as simply X-Men, is another Marvel comic superhero series. The show lasted five seasons. There were five episodes in total, for a total of 76.
The show received an 8.4 rating on IMDb.

97 – South Park

On Air Date: 1997

South Park

Talking about another hit of the 90s cartoon, it is an adult-oriented animated sitcom that won the hearts of people and exceed their expectations when it features a love story with a spice of romance. This masterpiece got created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone for Comedy Central.

Well, IMDb gave the show an 8.7 rating. On the other hand, Time Magazine praised the show’s satirical content and this cartoon becomes one of the best television shows of all time.

98 – Sailor Moon

On Air Date: 1992

Sailor Moon

Yet another best and reputable 90s cartoon is Sailor Moon. It is famous because it is a Japanese anime series that got extremely popular in Asia, Australia, and other European countries before making its way to the United States. The show aired for five seasons and 200 episodes. The series received a 7.8 rating on IMDb.

99 – Futurama

On Air Date: 1999


Futurama is an animated sitcom with a science-fiction theme. Matt Groening created the show for the Fox Broadcasting Channel. The show aired for seven seasons and was extremely popular. IMDb gives it an 8.4 rating.
It was nominated for 17 Annie Awards and won seven of them. It was also nominated for 12 Emmy Awards, winning six of them.

100 – Neon Genesis Evangelion

On Air Date: 2001

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion is an anime action series from Japan. Hideaki Anno wrote and directed it, and Tatsuako animated it. Fighting in the series is done in the Japanese mecha anime style. It received an 8.5 rating on IMDb.

Top 10 Best Animated 90’s Cartoons of All Time

Tiny Toon Adventures 1990–1995
Bobby's World 1990–1998
The Ren & Stimpy Show 1991–1996
Darkwing Duck 1991–1992
Taz-Mania 1991–1995
Batman: The Animated Series 1992–1995
X-Men: The Animated Series1992–1997


Cartoons can help a lot to entertain and educate your child at the same time. And that’s why we always prefer to pick the best cartoons for them. Well, here we must say that some Dead Celebrities are still making millions after launching such amazing 90’s cartoons that our teens and adults adore with all of their hearts. It’s time to talk about your favorite show. Let us know about your preferences so we can feature them in this post as well.

Frequently asked questions about the 90s animated shows

Q: How many animated 90s movies are on Netflix?

A: There are many 90s animated movies on Netflix. But, for an unknown reason, many of them are not able to stream.

Q: Which animated movies with animals are the best?

A: Clifford The Big Red Dog is said to be the best animal animated movie in the world.

Q: What is the most popular animated movie in the world?

A: Lion King is said to be the best-animated movie in the world.

Q: What is the most-viewed animated movie in the world?

A: According to the latest reports, Incredibles is the most-viewed animated movie in the world.

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