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Top 20 Most Richest Bodybuilders in The World

Top 20 Most Richest Bodybuilders in The World

Discover the richest bodybuilders in the world (2022 List): It is a common observation that bodybuilders remain unaccredited most of the time. Their struggle throughout the career to be the best and gain fame remains ignored up to some extent.

However, that doesn’t mean they are paid lesser for what they do to stand out as a bodybuilder.

The facts tell us that actors, athletes and singers are categorized as the highest-paid individuals. Their worth range lies between $100 Million to $1 Million.

Considering the bodybuilders in terms of their career, the income isn’t the same as other fields. So, this time we have decided to give credit to the richest bodybuilders in the world. Check out their details and net worth at present.

Well, any guesses about who can be among the richest bodybuilders list? Here you go!

Richest BodybuildersNet Worth
Jeff Seid$1.5 Million
Kai Greene$1.6 Million
Steve Cook$1.9 Million
Mike Chang$2 Million
Lazar Angelov$2 Million
Calum Von Moger$2 Million
Christian Guzman$2 Million
Mike Rashid$2.1 Million
Mike O’Hearn$2.5 Million
Hodge Twins$3.7 Million
Dorian Yates$4 Million
Phil Heath$5 Million
Lee Haney$5.5 Million
Lou Ferrigno$6 Million
Dexter Jackson$7 Million
Gary Strydom$8 Million
Ronnie Coleman$10 Million
Jay Cutler$30 Million
Rich Gaspari$90 Million
Arnold Schwarzenegger$300 Million

Top 20 Richest Bodybuilders in the World

For the year 2022, here we have got all details compiled for the top 20 richest bodybuilders who have been in the limelight for their net worth. These bodybuilders have rigid muscular body structures, and their struggle has made it reach the level of perfection. Check out this list and know interesting facts about them.

1. Jeff Seid – One of the Richest Bodybuilder

Jeff Seid_Net worthJeff Seid Net Worth: $1.5 Million

Here we have Jeff Seid, an American professional who is IFBB bodybuilder. He is one of the youngest bodybuilders among the list of wealthiest bodybuilders.

Jeff Seif started with his struggle in working out when he was relatively young. Jeff also posts his transformation videos on YouTube that have been viewed by millions of people.

The people will be surprised to know that he is only 23 years old. As we just got to know in the beginning that Jeff Seid’s net worth is $1.5 million, and this makes him one of the richest bodybuilders across the world.

2. Kai Greene – One in the list of richest bodybuilders

Kai Greene_Net worthKai Greene Net Worth: $1.6 Million

Kai Greene is also one of the American IFBB professional bodybuilders. He is so popular not only among the ones who are crazy about bodybuilding and workout but also the ones who are not into bodybuilding thing. Kai Greene is former Mr Olympia contestant. He has won Arnold Classic and that not only once but on different occasions.

As of now, Kai Greene’s net worth is $1.6 million as per the estimate. This net worth makes him fall in the list of the richest bodybuilders in the world.

3. Steve Cook – Enlisted as one of the richest bodybuilders

Steve Cook_Net worthSteve Cook Net Worth: $1.9 Million

Next in the list is Steve Cook, who is also an American IFBB professional and competitor in terms of physique. He has marked his win for different IFBB as well as NPC competitions held during the past 7-years’ time.

As we have got to know earlier, Steve Cook has been enlisted among the richest bodybuilders following his estimated net worth at present as $1.9 million.

4. Mike Chang – Among the richest bodybuilders

Mike Chang_Net worthMike Change Net Worth: $2 Million

Did you know that Mike Chang is the founder of Six Pack Shortcuts? Yes, he is! Six Pack Shortcuts is the place for which you can’t resist to follow him on YouTube. Mike Chang has quite a big channel on YouTube, and he releases new transformation and workout videos every day.

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As per the details, Mike has been the one who received significant criticism in the past for his videos; however, by the time things changed. To understand this idea, you need to follow his videos and have a look at the way he struggles to shape up his body. With the consideration of this popularity on YouTube, Mike Chang’s estimated net worth is $2 million.

5. Lazar Angelov – One of the world’s richest bodybuilders

Lazar Angelov_ Net WorthLazar Angelov Net Worth: $2 Million

Lazar Angelov is a fantastic bodybuilder, fitness athlete, and personal trainer who belongs to Bulgaria. The exciting thing about Lazar is that he stays super active on social media and engages millions of his fans and random followers within a few minutes. He has got a huge fan following on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

As per the estimate, Lazar Angelov’s net worth is $2 million, which makes him part of the list of richest bodybuilders in the world.

6. Calum Von Moger – Popular among the richest bodybuilders

Calum Von Moger_Net worthCalum Von Moger Net Worth: $2 Million

Calum Von Moger is another famous bodybuilder among the wealthiest bodybuilders in the world. He is an Australian who struggled hard in working out to achieve the best physique. Calum Von Moger is also a YouTuber and an actor.

Well, we know that no one can ever replace Arnold Schwarzenegger, but Calum Von Moger was recently starred to play his role in the movie named BIGGER. The story of this movie is basically behind the Mr Olympia Contest founders.

So, as far as Calum Von Moger’s net worth is concerned, it will increase rapidly in the next few years. At present, his net worth is estimated at $2 million.

7. Christian Guzman – One of the richest bodybuilders

Christian Guzman_Net WorthChristian Guzman Net Worth: $2 Million

Here we have got Christian Guzman, who is an American amateur bodybuilder. He is a YouTuber and fitness entrepreneur. Christian Guzman is also the founder of Alphalete Athletics, UP energy drinks, as well as the Alphalete gym located in Texas.

He is though unmatchable to that of Kai Greene, Ronnie Coleman, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and others on the list in terms of likes and popularity; however, he is still emerging as a successful bodybuilder. Following his success chart, it is estimated that the net worth of Christian Guzman’s is $2 million.

8. Mike Rashid – Among the richest bodybuilders

Mike Rashid_Net WorthMike Rashid Net Worth: $2.1 Million

Mike Rashid is one of the most famous bodybuilders. He is an American who is more than a bodybuilder which means, he is also an entrepreneur, boxer as well as a YouTuber.

Mike Rashid is also the owner of Iron Addicts Gym in Miami. Moreover, he is also the CEO of IMSOALPHA.

He is so famous as a YouTuber, and that’s the reason he gains millions of views with every video of inspiration he posts. At present, the estimated net worth of Mike Rashid is considered as $2.1 million.

9. Mike O’Hearn – Enlisted among the richest bodybuilders

Mike Ohearn_Net worthMike O’Hearn Net Worth: $2.5 Million

We have amazing bodybuilders on the list, and Mike O’Hearn is also one of them. He is an American bodybuilder as well as an actor, personal trainer, and model.

Mike O’Hearn is the founder of Power Bodybuilding which is a hypertrophy training program.

As per an estimate, Mike O’Hearn is one of the richest bodybuilders in the world as his net worth is $2.5 million.

10. Hodge Twins – Finest of the richest bodybuilders

Hodge Twins_Net worthHodge Twins Net Worth: $3.7 Million

Hodge Twins emerged with a different strategy in the field of bodybuilding that made them gain popularity so rapidly. According to the information, Hodge Twins came up and made their name as comedians by recording some of the funniest discussions and all related to bodybuilding stuff.

The tremendous response over this idea of bodybuilding discussions made them receive emails regularly having different questions related to workouts, nutrition and use of supplements, dating, and son, etc. The Hodge Twins then recorded their videos answering all those questions, thus making it direct conversation with the followers.

If you want to know more about Hodge Twins and their exceptional work, it is a must for you to check out their videos on the YouTube channel.

According to an estimate, the net worth of Hodge Twins as bodybuilders is $3.7 million that makes them a part of the world’s richest bodybuilders list.

11. Dorian Yates – Professional richest bodybuilder

Dorian Yates_Net worthDorian Yates Net Worth: $4 Million

When it comes to a professional level of bodybuilding, Dorian Yates is a big name. He is an English former professional bodybuilder who struggled hard to reach this level of success. Dorian Yates is the one who made it to win the Mr. Olympia competition and that for six years in a row. This achievement makes him the 5th highest in the ranking of Mr. Olympia in terms of all-time wins.

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With the consideration of this exceptional record, the estimated net worth of Dorian Yates is $4 million. That’s the reason which makes him one of the richest bodybuilders in the world.

12. Phil Heath – The one who is tied with Arnold Schwarzenegger

Phil Heath_Net worthPhil Heath Net Worth: $5 Million

Phil Heath is an American bodybuilder who gained popularity so rapidly by presenting his best in the field. That’s the brilliance of his workout and struggle that made him tied with Arnold Schwarzenegger as both have the same number of wins in Mr. Olympia’s contest. Phil Heath has won his 7th Mr. Olympia competition now.

According to the details, Phil Heath’s net worth is $5 million. Well, that’s not as much as that of considering him tied with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

13. Lee Haney – Another professional and richest bodybuilder

Lee Haney_Net worthLee Haney Net Worth: $5.5 Million

Professionalism is a mandatory part of making bodybuilding a promising career. When it comes to Lee Haney, he is the former American IFBB bodybuilder.

His record declares the most Mr Olympia wins of all times, and so he reached the bodybuilding hall of fame.

As far as Lee Haney’s net worth is concerned, it is estimated at $5.5 million that makes him one of the richest bodybuilders in the world.

14. Lou Ferrigno – Professional bodybuilder and trainer

Lou Ferrigno_Net worthLou Ferrigno Net Worth: $6 Million

So, here we have Lou Ferrigno who has struggled hard to reach this level of success. He is an American actor, trainer, as well as a former professional bodybuilder. Making the best out of his career with devotion, he won three IFBB bodybuilding titles while pursuing his hard work. These titles are Mr America and two times as Mr Universe in the competitions.

The estimated net worth of Lou Ferrigno is $6 million that makes his achievements throughout evident.

15. Dexter Jackson – Historic winning professional bodybuilder

Dexter Jackson_Net WorthNet worth: $7 Million

The legends are always considered legends, and when it comes to Dexter Jackson, he is remarkable. Dexter is also one of the American IFBB professional bodybuilders who has won as much of the professional bodybuilding competitions as no one could ever in history.

The interesting fact is that if you can look into the total number of competitions he won, that is the first thing to be impressed. His record reveals that he won 8 professional competitions in the year 2002. So, he has marked his achievement in a total of 85 professional contests throughout his career that is quite unbelievable. Dexter Jackson has a net worth of $7 million as per the estimate.

16. Gary Strydom – Professional bodybuilder from the 1980s

Gary Strydom_Net worthGary Strydom Net Worth: $8 Million

Like other professional bodybuilders of the past, Gary Strydom is also one with a fantastic record. He is a former American IFBB professional bodybuilder. Gary remained in the competition at its peak mostly during the 1980s as well as the early 1990s. However, he had to take a break from bodybuilding as soon as the WBF scattered.

Gary Strydom took part in his last competition that was held in 2006. At present, after making an excellent long term of 10 years, Gary Strydom’s net worth is estimated at $8 million.

17. Ronnie Coleman – The most popular among richest bodybuilders

Ronnie Coleman_Net WorthRonnie Coleman Net Worth: $10 Million

Although Ronnie Coleman is retired now, his career is an asset for bodybuilders. He is an American bodybuilder who made his mark on the professional level. He is considered the most noteworthy icon of bodybuilding. Ronnie Coleman made it to win Mr Olympia contest for eight years in a row.

Being one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time, the net worth of Ronnie Coleman is estimated at $10 million.

That makes him of the richest bodybuilders on the list worldwide.

18. Jay Cutler – The 3rd richest bodybuilder in the world

Jay Cutler_Net WorthJay Cutler Net Worth: $30 Million

Jay Cutler is known as the 3rd richest bodybuilder in the world. He is an American IFBB professional bodybuilder who achieved it to be a former Mr Olympia winner. Moreover, Jay Cutler has won the Mr Olympia contest four times in total.

Jay Cutler’s estimated net worth is $30 million that makes him 3rd richest bodybuilder in the world.

19. Rich Gaspari – IFBB Hall of Fame bodybuilder

Rich Gaspari_Net worthRich Gaspari Net Worth: $90 Million

Rich Gaspari is also an American, and he is now a retired professional bodybuilder. He is the one who got featured in the IFBB Hall of Fame. Rich has excellent experience, and he has served for over 30 years in the fitness industry, which is not less than an asset.

At present, Rick Gaspari’s estimated net worth is as massive as $90 million that makes him 2nd richest bodybuilder in the world.

20. Arnold Schwarzenegger – The legendary bodybuilding icon

Arnold Schwarzenegger_net worth

Arnold Schwarzenegger Net Worth: $300 Million

When it comes to Arnold Schwarzenegger, there remains no one in sight while looking for perfection in terms of bodybuilding. He is considered the legendary bodybuilding icon of all time. He is undoubtedly holding the position at the top of the list of richest bodybuilders. However, it is to mention here that not all of his income belongs to his bodybuilding career.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s net worth is based on his marvelous acting career. He appeared in the movies like The Terminator, Commando, Total Recall, True Lies, Predator, and the list goes on.

So, as of now, Arnold Schwarzenegger is the richest of all bodybuilders in the world whose estimated net worth is $300 million.

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These details are quite sufficient to cover the background of all of these richest bodybuilders in the world. These legends must be acknowledged at all levels as their struggle isn’t lesser than any actor, athlete, or anyone else belonging to popular fields. Do you know about any more of the legendary and the ones to be categorized as the richest bodybuilders in the world? Share your feedback to enhance this list!