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Top 13 Social Media Influencers, Who Got Some ‘Really Awesome’ Sides And Some ‘Horribly Bad’ Ones

Top 13 Social Media Influencers, Who Got Some ‘Really Awesome’ Sides And Some ‘Horribly Bad’ Ones

Numerous people out there are living their best lives in the lap of luxury and being famous while influencing millions of people out there. Some people became famous and collected fandom for being social media stars, actors, singers, and comedians. Others grabbed fame for doing social work and other things that might steal anyone’s heart. But you guys might have been idealizing a few of them for so long without knowing their awesome & worst sides (all together).

Well! Today, in this post, we will be listing the top 13 of those famous social media stars – known for being amazing but aren’t all angels. Read onwards!

Getting To Know The Awe-Inspiring And Worst Sides Of These Celebs:

Below, we will be jotting down some of the top famous personalities you should know are known for excellent content but have wrong sides. Take a look:

#1: Kate Galvan Knows How To ‘Pose’ But Disrespects Her Audience Every time

Kate Galvan 1 April 2024

Kate Galvan is a social media star who is known for her style of snapping herself on Instagram. The awesome thing about this influencer is the content she posts on her profile, promoting awareness about social issues. But for some reason, the girl went from being like, “hey, we’re all just internet besties,” to “my followers,” and “I’m an internet celeb” too quickly, which made her lose many followers as she was being disrespectful towards them. 

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#2: Hannah Stella’s Energy Can Do Wonders In ‘Two-Ways’

Hannah Stella April 2024

Hannah Stella is a social media influencer and TikToker who has around 15k followers on Instagram. She is known for the energy she exhibits in her videos. But sometimes, the same energy starts providing her audience with the most “Chaotic” vibes, which might not be “THAT” good for the viewers out there. 

#3: Ella Rose Showers Love On Her Fans But Still Hold Selfish Sides

Ella Rose April 2024

Ella Rose is a well-known internet personality who grabbed international fandom for getting featured by Getty Images numerous times in her career as a social media star. She has a great side as an internet personality who always shows love to her audience, but when defending her friend Remi, she steps back. This was a great shock for her followers, and since then, she has been titled “Selfish” and can’t be a loyal friend to anyone.

#4: Serena Kerrigan Is Confident Personality, But Spoiled By Her Own Family

Serena Kerrigan April 2024

Serena Kerrigan, also known as SFK, is an actress, director, and social media star. One of her good habits is being extremely confident about what she is doing. But recently, fans discovered that she has lied to her audience since day one. She has told her fans that she has worked quite “HARDER” to reach the heights of success and make good figures, but in reality, she belongs to a wealthy family who always helped her to get promotions wherever she needed one. 

This news was revealed when she announced she was starring in MTV’s “Siesta Key,” and people discovered that her mother owns that channel and helped her daughter get the role. 

#5: Melissa Wood Health Is An Expert in Helping People Looking Fit, But Still Failed To Satisfy Most Of Them

Melissa Wood April 2024Melissa Wood Health is a fitness trainer and Instagram model who has an awesome side for helping people reach their fitness goals. But she uses her clients’ money to do everything that can keep her away from looking aged. She is around 40 but still looks hella’ young and fit in terms of her health, which is probably impossible for someone her age. 

#6: Danielle Bernstein (We Wore What) Always Hit The Fashion Aura, But Can’t Shut The Whispers Out

Danielle Bernstein April 2024

Danielle Bernstein (We Wore What) is a fashion designer, social media star, and model. People around the world like her for her dresses and fashion sense, but this globally known designer made controversial headlines when she got caught by the audience while copying other fashion designer styles. This made her lose many fans. Well, currently, she has about 3M followers on Instagram, where she updates her audience regarding her launches and collaborations. 

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#7: Remi Bader Knows How To Attract The World, But Drops The Chance to Became ‘The One’

Remi Bader 1 April 2024Remi Bader is another celebrity who lost her followers for not being grateful for her fame. She is a social media personality who does nice hauls on her Instagram. But when she earned the golden chance to attend Coachella, she sounded quite disrespectful and ungrateful, which made her work go from best to worst.

#8: Audrey Peters Is An Impressive Content Creator, But She Is A ‘BIG’ Brand Conscious

Audrey Peters April 2024

Audrey Peters grabbed the media limelight when she started posting videos of herself on her Instagram account, where she has 78k followers. Her excellent eye-catching content helps her audience to stay engaged with her. But she has a terrible habit of looking down on people who can’t afford the luxury she owns.

#9: Eli Rallo (The Jarr) Seems Amazingly Perfect On Her Social Media, But Holds Tactful Flanks

Eli Rallo April 2024

Eli Rallo, better known as Eli Rallo (The Jarr), is another social media personality who seeks lavish life and looks down on people who can’t afford such things. She is known for her Instagram profile, where she talks about how her audience can recover from ED (eating disorder) while undergoing the same disorders. Sounds manipulative!

#10: Victoria Paris Is A Fantastic Content Creator, But She Fibbed At Some Points

Victoria Paris April 2024

Victoria Paris is a lifestyle blogger on Instagram who has around 318k followers. She claims that she is a professional while being self-taught who disguised her audience by posting self-designed art in her house. The good thing about her is the frequency that she uses for posting content. 

#11: Hot Girls Talk Podcast ‘Girls’ Are Great Feminists, But Not ‘Always’

Girls April 2024

Hot Girls Talk Podcast Girls is owned by three beauties who talk about women’s power, feminism, and other social issues – which is (without a doubt) a great thing. But their podcast is now horrifically harmful to listeners, as they are filling heads with negativity about the opposite gender and calling it “Influencing.”

#12: Despite Being A Famous Passionate Personality, Kit Keenen Ignores Essentials

Kit Keenen

Kit Keenen is an internet personality who is known for being kind and passionate toward her fans and followers. But the only bad thing we have noticed about her so far is her disrespect towards food. Looking at her profile, it seems that she loves food (and maybe she does), but there were rumors about how much she wastes it. 

#13: Arielle Charnas Has An Enormous Social Media Following, But Fails To Promote The Right Content

Arielle Charnas

A lot of people adore Arielle Charnas for the content she provides on her blog. But in 2020’s Covid situation, she didn’t follow the rules, and to make it worse; she even promoted it on her social media profiles. 

Summing Up!

So, these were the top 13 social media artists who have done a few bad things throughout their careers that you guys might haven’t discovered before. Well! Thank you for reading this post. We hope it was informative and helpful. 

What do you think about these celebrities and their awesome and worst sides? Stick your comments below.