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10 Famous Hollywood Celebrities That Served in The Military

10 Famous Hollywood Celebrities That Served in The Military

These ten are those unique gems of Hollywood who have gone through the most challenging part of life and grew more vital to protect the whole nation. Yes, you’re on the right point, these celebrities who have served in the U.S. military. What makes these celebrities worth mentioning here is their adventures on screen as well.

While others were using their uniform to protect the nation, these guys used the power to mold themselves into military actors’ roles. Thus, these made actors who played military roles to be the center of attention. Numerous renowned actors have served in the United States Military.

From World War II to 9/11 and the past, these celebrities served in the Military before getting acclaimed aside from Elvis. However, many celebrities served in the Military before their on-screen career. So, from humorists, and activity stars to emotional entertainment characters, here’s a glance at celebrities that served in the Military.

List of Celebrities that served in the Military

1. Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman served in military

Morgan Freeman served in military

It is a fact that those who have been military figures have the impact of it on their daily lives. Similarly, we’ve got a great American actor, director, producer, and narrator – Morgan Freeman with the U.S. flying corps history. Morgan Freeman movies are blockbusters on several platforms.  A few of them are the highest IMDB rating like The Shawshank Redemption, The Dark Knight, Seven, The Dark Knight Rises, Unforgiven, Batman Begins, Million Dollar Baby, Oblivion, and lots more.

You can find this military actor in many animated movies as well. Freeman infatuated his flying career by joining U.S. Flying crops in 1955 instead of proceeding with dramatization from Jackson State University. Morgan Freeman’s military life is widely open to the world, as he shared his experience as an army pilot. He says that when he sat in the cockpit, he felt like he was ‘sitting in the nose of a bomb.’ Morgan spent almost twenty years entertaining and gathering unlimited love and fame. Peoples also love morgan freeman quotes to get inspiration from his wisdom.

2. Adam Driver

Adam Driver Served in Military April 2024

The most demanding and everyone’s favorite character Kylo Ren from Star Wars, Adam Driver, is a celebrity that served in the US Marine Corps. He turned into an infantry mortarman after the 9/11 assaults. How great was Adam Driver as a military person? He joined Camp Pendleton with 81s Platoon, Weapons Co. However, his first arrangement brought him several physical issues, which event took him to the clinic. Adam Driver establishes a non-profitable association named Arts in the Armed Forces to bring up some extraordinary, well-trained assistant individuals, veterans, and military care staff. When Driver was a professional stable military officer once, he said, “In the Military, you get familiar with the substance of the individual. You see countless instances of benevolence and good fortitude. In the remainder of life, you don’t get that numerous chances to make certain of your companions.”

3. Bob Ross

Bob Ross served in military

Bob Ross served in the military

Bob Ross, one of the highest-paid painters in America, has entertained us being an outclass television host. Throughout his on-screen career, he has been so popular that his show “The Joy of Art ” was broadcasted on 275 stations. He is also known as an Agreeable painter. He enrolled in the Air Force when he was just 18 and proceeded for a long term with the Military. When he was at Eielson Air Force Base in Alaska, the Florida Local Bob Ross was fascinated with snow and mountains which added to his decision to paint his thoughts. However, it’s pretty surprising that this celebrity who served in the Military had been unique there, too, as Ross was a Drill Instructor while he was in the Air Force. Going on with several life consequences, he successfully starts The Joy of Art, where he used to teach an inspiring and mild-mannered attitude. This fame and love of fans added him to the list of actors who served in the Military before their entertainment careers. Read Bob Ross quotes and get inspired.

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4. Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood can be called a Korean military actor as he was drafted during Korean War which fought a few years after World War II. He joined the Army as a swimming educator at Ft. Ord. As it was his destiny, later on, these swimming abilities greatly aided him when he became an actor who plays military actor roles. It’s about when Eastwood was hitching a Navy torpedo aircraft ride, and the plane accidentally ran into the Pacific Ocean distanced roughly 3 miles off Point Reyes Station, CA. During this situation, Eastwood was observed to swim over a mile from tide to shore. However, these characteristics immensely helped in debuted movies like “Departure from Alcatraz.” Clint Eastwood’s movie career started in 1953 when he went to L.A. City College, where he began with GI Bill’s show. From this start in the Hollywood business, one of his well-known works is a $75 seven-day contract under Universal Studios. Clint Eastwood’s net worth kept increasing as his fame includes several worthy moments like The Dirty Harry arrangements and Oscar-winning chef.

5. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger served in military

Arnold Schwarzenegger served in military

It’s not wrong to call Arnold Schwarzenegger a living legend of time who moved from Austria to America to fulfill his dreams. And who knew he would be the highest-paid Hollywood actor one day. Besides being the highest-paid actor, he is one of the celebrities who served in the Military, is the world’s greatest bodybuilder, and has been Governor of California. All in all, had made this actor who served in the Military also a role model for many of us. Before shifting to America, he served in the Austrian Army in 1965. When Arnold was in the Military, he won the Junior Mr. Europe contest.

Moreover, he also went AWOL while essential preparation so that he could take part in the opposition. However, afterward, he went through seven days of military jail also. As mentioned earlier, he was a great builder. He participated in a weightlifting challenge in Graz at Steirerhof Hotel and won second prize as well. Furthermore, Schwarzenegger made his first plan epicenter in 1966 when he flew to the NABBA Mr. Universe rivalry in London. He won second place in Mr. Universe’s rivalry, as he didn’t have muscles like the American Winner Chester Yorton.

6. Tom Selleck

Tom Selleck served in military

Tom Selleck served in the military

In Blue Blood star, Tom Selleck gathered lots of love being an actor in a military role, being a hidden cop, or being ahead of the police. Just going back to history, he had worked to keep his country secure in all possible ways he could. Then, later on, when he was endorsed by Twentieth Century Fox’s ability program, he got an invitation to battle the Vietnam War in the midst. So, in his military journey, he turned into a sergeant in the California Army National Guard and was known as the highest-ranking actor in the Military. Due to various consequences, Fox terminated Tom Selleck when he returned to Hollywood. After this, Selleck’s vocation continued for 11 years, and then got his role in Magnum P.I. in the 1980s. It was the point when this famous military actor was seen in numerous noticeable T.V. shows and motion pictures. Tom Selleck’s biggest success also includes Friends (1996-2000) and Jesse Stone.

7. Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris Military

Chuck Norris Military

Chuck Norris is an actor with a military service history. Besides a film and T.V. star, he is also the producer of his own product house “Hurl Norris Realities.” After graduating from high school, Norris enlisted in the Air Force in 1958. There he joined as an air policeman and also trained as security police. Norris got his nickname when he was stationed at Osan Air Base in South Korea; one of his fellow airmen gave him the nickname “Chuck.” During his time at Osan Air Base, Norris started to grasp martial art skills. Later on, Chuck Norris’s martial art studio came into existence in his town of Torrance, California. Norris played his first military role when he met Bruce Lee and got a breakout role as Lee’s nemesis in the film “Return of the Dragon” in 1972. Norris continued his media career starring in several action movies and television shows like Walker, Texas Ranger, and The Delta Force. Still, you can see this celebrity that served in the Military in several advertisements.

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8. Zulay Henao

Zulay Henao Military

Zulay Henao Military

We all are familiar with Colombian American Actress – Zulay Henao, who had a prominent appearance in “Army Wives.” However, very few people know that she is an actress who served in the U.S. Army before becoming an actress. Henao went straight to the Army after secondary school. Later on, she revealed that she should seek acting as her profession. She was an actress who served in the Military, so she worked hard to sharpen her skills at the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts. The brilliant and stunning actress that served in the Military brought long queues of movies and T.V. programs like Army Wives(2007) and Takers (2010) with Idris Elba. Moreover, you can excite yourself to watch Zulay Henao in Meet the Black 2: The House Next Door soon.

9. Drew Carey

Drew Carey Military

Drew Carey Military

The comic star from “The Drew Carey Show” is also one of the celebrities that served in the Military. He had served in the Marine Corps Reserves from the year 1980 – 1986. Carey embraced his own brand name team and horn-rimmed glasses, which the audience greatly liked during his administration season. He was born on May 23, 1958. During his high school time, he was a member of the marching band. However, while he was serving in the Marine Corps, he started performing some stand-up comedy acts. Drew Carey’s maritime talent led him to star in some supporting roles on television. It ended well when Carey began playing an “everyman” part in his sitcom, who was employed as a manager at a departmental store. If you have a bit of idea about comedy shows off from borders, then “Whose Line Is it Anyway?” is definitely worth mentioning. Drew Carey – an actor who served in the Military, also hosts the United States version of this famous British improv comedy show.

10. Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone Military

Sylvester Stallone Military

Sylvester Stallone is an actor who played a military role as a Vietnam War veteran in the movie First Blood and Rambo sequels. The famous John Rambo is not one of those celebrities who served in the Military in real life. Even though he was not a draft dodger, the majority of the fan following called him. Stallone left his college in 1969 to pursue his acting career. No doubt, generally, he was eligible for drafting. But what saved him from drafting was his birth date of July 26 and draft number 327, which was never called up. Later, the lottery was also changed so that only a specific aged person would be drafted. However, Sly was born in early 1951, which made him no longer eligible to be drafted. However, you have seen Sylvester Stallone in military actor roles and stunning action films as well, which clearly shows how to fit he is. Stallone is in peak physical condition and he looks like being in his fifties even today he’s seventies.

Summing Up:

Thus, these were the celebrities who served in the Military and some who play prominent military roles. We can proudly say that these famous people from Hollywood did everything that one’s country veterans do. On our part, we are grateful to all of these famous military actors for their splendid services. Undoubtedly, we have many other celebrities in the industry with various experiences in their past. So, which celebrity is your favorite and ideal one as he/she has a specific notable background too?

What do you think about these Hollywood celebrities that served in the military? Share with us in the comments.