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Top 10 Most Expensive Private Islands Owned by Celebrities

Top 10 Most Expensive Private Islands Owned by Celebrities

A-List celebrities are known well for their stardom as well as for their luxury lifestyle. Owning extravagant houses and luxury cars seems to be the passion of the biggest stars. But, these are not the things they spend on. Celebrities have got hefty bank balances that allow them to spend fortunes on more luxurious stuff.

Most expensive private islands owned by celebrities are not new to the world. Stars have been spending millions of dollars to have private islands of their own. After all, they need their privacy, and for this purpose, most of them go to buy islands. Having private beaches, gyms, pools, cinemas, and much farther away from the hustle and bustle of this world makes an island a complete holiday spot.

Fans of these A-List stars are always eager to learn about their luxurious lifestyle and, most importantly, the breathtaking islands they own. So, we have come up with a list and even images of the most expensive private islands owned by your favorite celebrity. Let’s dive in!

List of the 10 Most Expensive Private Islands Owned by Celebrities

CelebrityIsland Name/LocationPrice
Beyonce and Jay-ZIn Strangers Cay in Bahamas
In Florida Keys in Florida
USD 4 million
Eddie MurphyRooster Cay in BahamasUSD 15 million
Johnny DeppLittle Hall’s Pond Cay in BahamasUSD 3.6 million
Tim McGrawIn Goat Cay near Turks & Caicos in BahamasUSD 35 million
Leaonardo Di CaprioBlackadore Caye situated off the coast in Belize USD 1.5 million
David Copperfield11 Islans around Musha City in BahamasUSD 50 million
Mel GibsonIsland of MagoUSD 15 million
ShakiraBonds Cay in Bahamas' northern DistrictUSD 16 million
Richard BransonNekker IslandUSD 180,000
Shahrukh KhanLocated in Palm Jumeriah, DubaiUSD 2.8 million

1. Beyonce and JayZ

Beyonce and JayZ come on the top of the list of celebrities who own islands. The top stars have two islands, one in the Bahamas and one in Florida. Beyonce owns her private island bought by her husband Jay-Z after buying his USD 4 million private islands in the Bahamas. Well, Jay-Z’s net worth of USD 1.3 billion makes it easy to buy two luxurious islands. It is 360 acres and located in Strangers Cay. This stunning island is carpeted with greenery with crystal clear waters apt for scuba diving and snorkeling. And for private gateways, the couple constructed a luxury mansion on the island.

The rapper bought a beautiful island in Florida for his wife in 2010 and spent the 12.5-acre isle in the Florida Keys for her 29th birthday.

2. Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy is one of the richest Hollywood stars, and we are not surprised that he also owns a private island. If we say that his island is one of the most expensive private islands in 2022, it would not be false. The star spent around USD 15 million to buy the beautiful island in the prime location in the Bahamas. This stunning island of Murphy is called the Rooster Cay. The actor bought this luxurious property back in 2007 for that whopping price tag which now is spread over 15-acres with mesmerizing natural beauty.

Eddie aims to develop this pristine paradise island into a complete resort, and we can wonder whether he has plans to make it one of the expensive private islands for tourists; it will unfold with time!

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3. Johnny Depp

Well, when every celebrity owns their private island, how the pirate can be left behind. Johnny Depp’s net worth of USD 200 million allows him to spend fortunes to buy anything he wants. The star Johnny Depp owns his private island right in the Bahamas. Depp has named his luxurious island the ‘ Little Hall’s Pond Cay’ officially. It is wide-spread over 45 acres and came at the price of USD 3.6 million in 2014. It is one of the most expensive private islands the world has ever seen. It is located beside the magnificent beaches in the Bahamas with mesmerizing surroundings with dense palm trees.

This luxurious property of Depp has six beaches, and the star has named every one of them after the names of his family members. It has a water body as well, which is called ‘ Heath’s Place.’ It was named after the late Heath Ledger.

4. Tim McGraw

The Nashville couple bought a private island in the Goat Cay near the Turks and Caicos Islands in 2003. They have built a 15,000 square-foot holiday retreat, along with a lookout tower. The couple has managed to maintain this luxurious property for trips with friends (they loaned it out to Chris Martin/ Gwyneth Paltrow for their post-split holiday in 2014).

The couple told Architectural Design in 2017 that each room is a separate building, allowing them to bathe outdoors or even climb a tower. The couple was selling this luxurious property for USD 35 million back in 2017. However, the news is not confirmed.

5. Leonardo Di Caprio

The Wolf of Wall Street star bought the magnificent island called Blackadore Caye. It is spread on a wild, 104-acre land situated off the coast in Belize. This private island has 36 resort bungalows, 36 estate villas, solar panels, and much more. It is an environment-friendly villa with a great indoor and outdoor experience. This villa has open-air buildings that are surrounded by greenery and pools.

He bought this beautiful island for a whopping price tag of USD 1.5 million back in 2015. Leonardo Di Caprio’s net worth is USD 260 million, and we are not surprised that he owns one of the most expensive islands in the world. The star made sure that the building didn’t suffer due to environmental flaws in its surrounding has and for this, he hired engineers and scientists. The team worked hard to make it an eco-friendly island.

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6. David Copperfield

According to Forbes, David bought 11 islands around Musha Cay in the Bahamas for a cool USD 50 million back in 2006. Later on, he spent a whopping price of USD 30 million to develop it and make it the “the Islands of Copperfield Bay.” With two parts Blue Lagoon and one part Casino Royale, it is a luxe resort.

According to People, a property representative told that anyone could stay in one of its five main five island homes if he/she can afford USD 42,000 per night sling with up to 12 guests. And only one group can rent it at one time. We must say it is one of the most expensive private islands for tourists around the globe.

The guest can enjoy the outdoor theater, a gym, speedboat, team illusions, tennis court, and 40 private beaches when they are not sleeping. Many of the stars have visited this mesmerizing island, including Bill and Melinda Gates, Oprah Winfrey, John Travolta, and Jim Carrey. Furthermore, many celebrities such as Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem, and the founder of Google Sergey Brin held weddings there.

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7. Mel Gibson

According to Telegraph, after the success of the movie “Passion of the Christ” back in 2004, Mel bought one of the largest islands in the South Pacific, the island of Mago, for USD 15 million. It is wide-spread over 5,400 acres of volcanic paradise, and it rises to 670 feet on its eastern cliff. It is entirely infringed by the protective reefs, turquoise lagoons, and powder-white beaches.

Unlike other celebrities, he decided to keep the island for just himself and only hired a couple of employees to take care of his property. Mel Gibson has preserved the island in its natural state. The star runs a cattle farm and is in the process of discussing projects of fishing and farming with the local government.

8. Shakira

The combo of Shakira (Colombian pop star) and Roger Waters ( English songwriter, singer)- the founder of a progressive rock band Pink Floyd bought a mesmerizing island for USD 16 million. The beautiful island is located in the Bahamas’ northern District and is called Bonds Cay.

There are very few females on the list when we talk about the celebrities who own islands, and we are glad Shakira made it to this list. Her island is one of the most expensive private islands in the world, with numerous luxuries. It is wide-spread on 700-acres of land and is just about five miles away from Miami. It has three salt pond lakes and five separate white sand beaches, and much more. Previously, it was developed as a hotel.

9. Richard Branson

Richard Branson is a UK business tycoon and founder of Virgin, also famous for his most inspirational quotes. One of the famous quotes of Richard Branson is ‘If you don’t succeed at first, there’s no need for the F word (Failure). Pick yourself up and try, try again.’

He bought a luxurious and beautiful island back in 1979 for a whopping price of USD180, 000. Before the star purchased this mesmerizing Nekker Island, it was uninhabited. But since he purchased it, many of the biggest stars have visited this property, including Nelson Mandela, Princess Diana, and Tony Blair.

Richard has developed this property to accommodate up to 28 guests at a time having separate luxury rooms for yachts to anchor offshore. Moreover, anyone can rent a space on this beautiful island for USD 15,000 per day. The star says he has spent memorable time there with his family and friends while enjoying coral reefs and beautiful beaches.

10. Sharukh Khan

The stardom of Shahrukh Khan is well known worldwide. The king of Bollywood has an insane fan following in almost every country around the globe. Khan leads a luxurious lifestyle with expensive houses and a collection of luxury cars. But these are not only the stuff upon which Khan spends; he has spent fortunes to own a private island as well.

His island is one of the most expensive private islands in 2022, with a whopping price tag of USD 2.8 million. It is located in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai. It is spread over 8,500 sq. feet and has six luxurious rooms with remote-controlled garages. Last but not the least, Khan’s beautiful mansion on this island has all amenities that are needed for a luxurious lifestyle. It includes a private pool along with sea fishing and also water sports.

Wrapping it Up

These are the top 10 most expensive private islands owned by celebrities in the world. All of them have great amenities that a celebrity needs when he/she wants to have some private time with family and friends.

All of them are beautiful, and it is hard to decide which is more lovable, but since Shakira is my favorite celebrity and I love how she has developed the property, I like her island the most.

Post in the comment section below which celebrity’s island you like the most and why.